Worlds of Fun sends some bank accounts on roller coaster ride

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Many Worlds of Fun customers saw their bank accounts take a major dip this week. One man tells FOX 4 the park overcharged him $1,500 after visiting the park on Father's Day.

This affects Visa and MasterCard holders, both credit cards and debit cards. Worlds of Fun admitted there was a big problem with its nighttime batch processing on Father's Day and as a result a lot of credit cards got overcharged.

The park won't say how many customers were affected, only saying it affected some but not all of the several thousand people who visited Worlds of Fun on Father's Day.

One man who showed his bank account statement is now down $1,400.

Worlds of Fun said credit cards were charged multiple times for the same transaction. In one instance it was $17.51 cents, over and over and over again.

Another dad, Benjamin Walker, said this has been a huge inconvenience.

"My family has been inconvenienced by the overdrafts, my bank account has been put into the negative. I’ve had a $165 dollars in overdraft fees, it's just really frustrating, I have six kids at home," Walker said.

Walker said his bank told him it could be a week before this is all fixed.

But Worlds of Fun said they hope to have everyone made whole by tomorrow and they will pay any overdraft fees that their customers incurred.

Worlds of Fun became aware of the problem yesterday and said all the erroneous charges have been reversed but may not post to accounts until tomorrow.

Walker said he bought 11 family passes this year which cost more than $1,000.  He's not so sure he'll do that again next year.

Worlds of Fun says any guests who've been impacted by this computer glitch can call the park at 816-454-4545.

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