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Iced coffee recipe

Want to beat the summer heat?Kenny Corhs, from Cafe Trio, gave us some great iced coffee recipes to help you stay cool!

Dizzy Dean
1.5 oz -Dizzy 3
1.0 oz -10 Cane Rum
2 dsh -Aztec Bitters
0.5 oz -cinnamon/nutmeg simple
Splash -Shatto Dairy half and half
shaken, served up

Iced Trio 52
3.0 oz -Concentrated Chilled Roasterie Toddy
0.5 oz -Grand Marnier
1.0 oz -Baileys
1.0 oz -Kahlua
2 dsh -whiskey barrel bitters
stirred, served over ice

Boulevard Orange Fizz
6.0 oz -Chilled Roasterie Coffee
4.0 oz -Shatto Dairy Chocolate Milk
1.5 oz -fresh orange syrup
1 dsh -Orange Bitters
topped -soda water
built in the glass and swirled

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