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Mission Driver License Bureau to be open Mondays through Aug. 26

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MISSION, Kan. -- The pool isn't the only place crowded during the summer, you might be surprised to learn it's also the DMV's busiest time of the year. And, in Kansas where extreme wait times over the past year have led to plenty of unhappy customers, it says it's doing something to make your time in line this summer a little bit shorter.

When the Kansas Department of Revenue upgraded its computer system last year glitches caused extreme wait lines. At one point people at the Mission Driver Licensing Station were told they would have to wait seven to eight hours. For the next month and a half the Mission and Wichita Twin Lakes locations will be open an extra day to help avoid last summer's headaches.

The Mission office is one of the state's busiest and is usually closed on Mondays. The Kansas Department of Revenue says it will be open Mondays starting July 8 through August 26 to help alleviate long summer lines caused by crowds of teenagers.

This is typically the time when it says many new drivers come in to get permits and licenses while they're out of school. It says it hopes to serve thousands of additional customers by being open an extra day.

It was in May of 2012 when the state implemented a new multi-million dollar computer system that led to some big problems. Things have gotten better since then but the state has still not doled out the last payment to 3M, the company in charge of the problem. It says it's withholding the money until all glitches in the new system are fixed.

The driver licensing station in Mission and Wichita will be open Monday from 8 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. through August 26.

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