Senior league bowler still rolling at 90

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An old adage suggests that youth is wasted on the young.

One group of seniors from the metro is spending its summer on the bowling lanes -- including one who just saw her 90th birthday.

There's no place Judy Keroher would rather be. She's been bowling for 50 years, and just passed birthday number 90. Age isn't slowing her game down. Judy competes in Ward Parkway Lane's Prime Timers league, which is meant for bowlers 55 and up. Entering her 10th decade, Judy still carries an average of 123.

"It's for exercise and I love to be around the people," Keroher said with a laugh. "We're all pretty old, and that means a lot. We're all just here for fun."

"She doesn't look 90," fellow bowler Don Catron said. "I hope I can make 90, and that I can still bowl when I'm 90."

Judy still counts pins at least two days per week, even though she plays with pain. Judy says she's contending with cancer-related pain in her kidney and bladder, and this bowling league provides her with a source of support.

"We usually bowl within a couple of pins of each other," fellow bowler Ruth Heaton said. "If she's not feeling well, you never know unless you pick it up in some little way."

Judy says she won't seek traditional treatments for her cancer. Instead, she plans to make the most of her time that she has left. That includes spending time with and making great memories for her friends in this league.

Her fellow bowlers say it's her courage that pushes them to keep on living.

"Everybody appreciates the things I do," Keroher said. "I try to be busy and I try to smile a lot."

It's that spirit that keeps her loved ones rolling.

Ward Parkway's Prime Timers league has another group of bowlers planning to start play on Labor Day weekend.

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