Flash flooding a primary threat as rain persists in KC metro overnight into Friday

Is Raspberry Ketone a magic diet supplement?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The supplement Raspberry Ketone is flying off shelves because advertisers and dieters claim it will help melt away flab with amazing results.

Is there finally a magic pill that helps you do what's so difficult- drop the pounds without constantly thinking about it?

"You would have to eat approximately 90 pounds or even more of raspberries to get the equivalent of what is in these capsules," said Megan McGaughey, St. Luke's Hospital Dietitian.

McGaughey says Raspberry Ketone Drops and Pills help your body regulate a hormone that breaks down fat cells faster.

"I don't think this is the end all be all solution for weight loss however if this helps not even just motivation, but if it really does help kick-start someone into losing weight then absolutely I would recommend it," she said.

Watch FOX 4 Katie Ferrell's report to find out what one teacher from Kansas City, Kan., who says she has tried nearly every weight loss product out there, thought of the product.

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