Touching vigil held for baby boy found in trash truck

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A community came together to pray for a baby boy found dead in a trash truck and to offer comfort to his unknown mother on Friday night. Alert workers spotted the baby's arm sticking up out of their trash truck on Monday.

Concerned citizens tied balloons to trees and placed several stuffed animals in memory of the baby that strangers now call "Baby Campbell." It was a touching memorial to the baby boy.

A small group of concerned citizens first huddled in a circle, held hands and prayed near 30th street and Campbell in Kansas City, Mo. They're on a big mission, knocking on lots of doors, canvassing this neighborhood and passing out fliers. They hope to discover information about that baby boy.

"I organized this vigil, one because it hit my heart. I'm a mom, a grandmom. I work with children, I love children," Pastor Octavia Southall said.

Pastor Southall of Remnant Ministries Church and her members nicknamed the infant "Baby Campbell" because sanitation workers found him on Campbell Street. They desperately want to find the baby's mother.

“I want mom to know that we don't hate you. We want to love on you too and I'm asking that mom, if you see this, come forth.  Friends, family, boyfriend, husband, whomever, come forth and give the baby the honor that he deserves," Southall said.

It's been almost a week since the baby was discovered. The Jackson County Medical Examiner said the infant's mother gave birth in the third trimester.

One vigil attendee, Shelly Lynn, came to "Baby Campbell's" vigil with her three little girls.

"There was help out there for her. I'm hoping they find her and I hope she can get help,” Lynn said.

Another attendee, 14-year-old Rhema Blakey expressed shock at what had happened.

"I don’t see how someone can just leave their baby it's a piece of trash," Blakey said.

This diverse group of students, ministers, neighbors and about a dozen Kansas City police officers stood united in spirit and in prayer hoping for answers that will help solve the mysterious case of "Baby Campbell".

“That hurts immensely when you see a baby hurt, or a child hurt it hurts everybody," KCPD Captain Darren Ivey said.

Pastor Southall said starting next Saturday her group will canvass the neighborhood on a weekly basis until police get solid leads about the "Baby Campbell" case.

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