Defying the impossible at TED-X KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you can think it, it can happen.

That's one of many inspiring messages for those who packed the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in Kansas City, Missouri Tuesday night.

The TEDxKC event was easily the hottest ticket in town, and many attended for pretty much the same reasons. One of the guest speakers, Jared Ficklin says the crowds are diverse but have a common desire.

"These are people who are really interested in knowing about what the future is or looking for inspiration or they're just interested in people who tell very passionate stories about themselves and things they do." explained Ficklin.

Among the 2200 in attendance, Kate Thusen and Allison Flinn. They work for the DLR Group, an architecture and design firm. It's a field that thrives on new and innovative ideas, so attending the TED event was an easy decision.

"I hope to bring back forward thinking for myself think outside of the box for my firm and myself and other people around me I hope that I can innovate and persuade others to forward think." said. Allison Flinn

Flinn's colleague Kate Thusen says she's never been to a live TED event but is familiar with the message.

" Every time I've seen a video online I've been inspired to try to change something about my own life or to think differently about something." said Thusen.

The fifth year was a successful one. Organizers say this year tickets sold out in just 35 minutes.

For more information: WWW.TEDXKC.ORG

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