Former Chief serving as volunteer coach at local high school

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Every pro football player honed his craft in the high school ranks.

That includes one former Kansas City Chief, whose playing career is over, but he’s donating his time to a local high school. When this coach gives an order, players listen closely.

“We don’t want to peg-arm,” he tells one defensive lineman.  “You want to quickly jerk so you can make your moves.”

Damion McIntosh speaks from experience. He’s spent a lifetime shoving players around the football field. McIntosh spent two seasons playing on the offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs, and a decade in all playing in the pros.

“Boom! Tight! Go,” McIntosh shouts.

Now, he’s into year number three as a volunteer coach, helping out at Lee’s Summit West High School, where he’s teaching the Titans how it’s done in the big league.

“I just enjoy giving the kids a chance to learn something,” McIntosh said. “Having the chance to enjoy competing even though it’s through them and not me directly. It’s a team environment, so I feel a part of it.”

Mcintosh moved back to Kansas City after his playing days ended in 2009. The former Kansas State player teaches everything from footwork to fortifying life lessons.

“He’s going to be the first one to rip ’em, but he’s also going to be the first one to pick them back up and push them in the right direction,” Lee’s Summit Head Coach Royce Boehm said.

“Coach Mac’s” voice is loud and clear, and it draws a certain respect in Lee’s Summit West’s workouts. After all, Damion played 10 years in the National Football League, and these high school players say if they want to learn, all they need to do is listen.

“He can’t be making anything up,” Titans Offensive Tackle Alexander Grantham said. “He knows what he’s talking about, so we always take his advice.”

“(High school players) will become men, one way or another,” McIntosh said. “I try to help mould them in the right direction.”

“‘Coach Mac’ is ‘Coach Mac’,” Boehm said. “He’s one of us.”

Maybe that’s because his experience is helping build theirs.

McIntosh played with a total of four NFL clubs, including the Chargers, Dolphins and Seahawks. He doesn’t receive a nickel for his time as a volunteer coach.

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