Pictures: Kansas City’s Most Wanted

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you have information that could lead to the arrest of the individuals pictured below, call the TIPS Hotline at 816.474.TIPS or text 274 637 and include the code TIP452 in the message. All calls and texts remain anonymous.

Some of these fugitives are wanted due to probation or parole violations. Others have warrants out for their arrest because of charges pending against them. The individuals in the latter category have not been found guilty in a court of law, but are wanted in order to face the charges brought against them.


  • Christopher Williams

    CLEAR BRIAN BETTS. Of your most wanted 70 out of 101 Brian Betts is %100 percent cleared of his warrant a little updated research would confirm this. It is slander to keep dragging someone through the mud once they have cleaned up their life. When can rehabilitation begin and new life start. People report to the police everywhere he goes, regardless of his cleared status. Please do what is right to give this person a fair shot at life.
    UNFAIR SLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tipsperson

    It doesn’t help to call in a tip if NO ONE FOLLOWS UP ON IT!!! Ive called in a tip and no one followed up.. So please stop asking for our help if your not goin to follow through thanks

  • SinceWhenAreIndiansWHite

    Phillip J. Wahwahsuck clearly isn’t a white male. He is easily identifiable as a Native American. If you aren’t black, hispanic, asian, that sure heck doesn’t make you white.

  • George

    Police should have a booth outside of tattoo parlors to just jail anyone who has a facial tattoo. Does anyone who gets one do anything other than crime or gangster rap?

  • Donald Fletcher

    Just saying this cops in kck are lazy as hell the only thing they do is pull people like me over from walking home and than question u for nothing this is why kck is looking bad. Cops go do your dam job right and not pick on the wrong people and find the real crime

  • Edward Scott

    Just once I would like to see Donald R. Funk Wanted for Auto theft – Residential Break in , Forgery . But he hides !

  • EMR

    Was Tiffaney Lindsay caught? She was number one in the list and now she is not there anymore? I want to know because I was a victim of one of her thefts.

  • John

    Twila quit acting holier than thou. Maybe read the post before you comment on it.
    Lawdog not sure who you are but there should be a whole lot of cops on here. To me you all are worthless. Two Lees Summit cops stood and watched while I tried to revive my son. Worthless pos.


    Gail, If your son was so innocent Why is he in jail?? Face reality He did the crime so he is doing the time… That is what’s wrong with society today parents are always going Oh my child didn’t do it when they know their child did do it. I have never been to jail but both of my children have and every time they went to jail they would call me and I would tell them I didn’t tell them to do what they did so they could figure out how to get themselves out, I would never take my hard earn money to bail them out, they are grown adult and they did it not me. I would never say they were innocent cause they did it no doubt in my mind so they deserve what they get just like any other criminal.


    Not everyone in Independence in a meth head either, their are some really good people in Independence, Maybe you shouldn’t say everyone and say some people, think before you open your mouth or type. American Toilet – that is your house because you are no better than the meth heads. You should rephrase what you type or say before you do it, because it does make the good people of these communities angry.

  • Gail Manion

    Never did I say he didn’t do anything wrong, so check yourself. I “SAID” he was doing his time so REMOVE the picture from the list…… Try reading the posts! Thanks


    Just get over it your son is in jail doing time for doing a crime so he deserves everything he gets. So you need to check yourself and read what you posted, stop being contradicting. Stop blaming everyone else just blame he for what he did.

  • Gail Manion

    OK Twila I am done with your feedback….. My son did his time and is now clear of all charges but his picture is STILL listed as wanted!!!!!! Tell me how he is suppose to move on in life and take care of his family when an employer see’s him online as being wanted! Get a life and stop posting to peoples comments, get a real job…. since your opinion does not matter to me!

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