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Using hammers, robbers steal from Plaza jewelry store in broad daylight

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police located a suspect vehicle, believed to have been involved in a Plaza jewelry store heist on Sunday, a few blocks from the Plaza.

Three years ago robbers got away with about a million dollars worth of diamonds, rings, and black pearls from the Vinca jewelry store on the plaza. On Sunday, robbers hit the store again, but this time in broad day light.

Police say two men came in the front door of the store around 3:30 p.m. with hammers and smashed a few display cases. The owner, Simon Zouien, was the only person at the store at the time and told police he fought off robbers. While police found the getaway car, they have little suspect information, as there are no surveillance cameras in the store.

One eyewitness said she didn't know what to do when she saw the robbers.

"I was really dazed. It's a safe city right? In broad daylight things are happening," said Ramaa Bhasin. "You see it in the movies and stuff, but I've never seen anything like this before."

Bhasin is visiting Kansas City from California. She says what she saw on Sunday afternoon won't affect her view of the city and residents tell her it's safe here.

"I was just checking in with a guy and asked him if this was a dangerous part of town," she said. "He goes, 'No way, it's never happened before it's very rare.'"

Police remained on the scene for hours trying to find any leads. No one has been arrested yet. The robbery on Sunday happened one month to the day when the statute of limitations ran out on the 2010 robbery.

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