Arrowhead Stadium: home of the…Chiefs?

Posted on: 11:38 pm, October 19, 2013, by

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A true sea of red fan knows how the national anthem at Arrowhead Stadium ends, with the home of the “Chiefs,” not “brave.”

But this Chiefs tradition dating back to the 90′s, could be going back to what it originally is if a Facebook group called “Arrowhead, Home of The Brave,” has anything to do with it.

“We just felt that the times like they are now, things have changed since 9/11 and ‘brave’ extends past our military and past our first responders,” John, a page administrator, said.

“John” wants to remain anonymous because he said this isn’t about him.  He said it’s about the brave people in this country today, not just military and first responders, but those fighting other tremendous causes.

“I just know that me and some of my friends, we feel good to get this off our chest and it’s creating some good discussion online,” John said.

Fans are chiming in on the Facebook page.  One person writing, “Just sing brave … that’s the way it was written.” Others writing, “I don’t see the harm in yelling “chiefs” … it’s something that enhances the game day experience …”

Fans Fox 4 spoke to on the streets were split also.

“I don’t agree with it.  I think it’s a Chiefs tradition.  I think it should stay that way,” Sean Olson said.

“I don’t think it’s any disrespect to the service people. It’s just, I think it’s more to help kick start the football game for the Chiefs fans,” Skip Zey, a Chiefs fan said.

But John said one of the problems for him, is the song is kick starting games at other venues like Kauffman and Sporting Park.  John said it waters down the meaning and others think, it is time to make this move.  Johnna Schernikau said she used to say “chiefs” but not anymore.  Why?

“Age, maybe just getting older and you just kind of appreciate what your service people do for you,” Schernikau said.

Arrowhead, Home of The Brave has gotten more than 600 likes on Facebook. John said they started the page last Sunday. He said he knows he probably won’t change the minds of 80,000 fans, but he is writing a letter to the Chiefs organization next week, anyway.


  • Bo says:

    Sensitive John, it is about you. Show your face and stop the patriotic b.s….. It’s a football game. Horrible news piece.

  • Anonymous says:

    John so believes in the honor and integrity of the word ‘brave’ that he chooses to be anonymous.

  • R Edwards says:

    Many “entertainers” mutilate the Anthem with “their” renditions and you find a beloved tradition offensive, instead of missed or incorrect words.
    Read comments from other players in the NFL about the effect this has on them, it is well known they would like something like it in their stadium.

  • Bud Sidener says:

    Silly. As a veteran, I don’t think it is a big deal and is no disrespect to anyone. Busybody people are always so concerned about things that don’t really matter and hurt nobody.

  • N Minick says:

    Students yell CHIEFS at my son’s local high school events, it’s got to make you wonder if “this Chiefs tradition dating back to the 90′s” has these kids born in the 90′s not knowing the correct word. I thinking finishing the song with the correct word then yelling CHIEFS would be a great idea. As for “John” staying anonymous, can’t blame the guy, if you’ve read the threats and idiotic comments on the facebook page, it would make you shake your head.

    • me says:

      seriously? if your kids dont know the words?!??? we must live in mid america! john, show your face if u care enough to be on the news!! i have to go puke!!!!

      • liz williams says:

        Your telling john to show his face when u didnt even have the guys to show urs or put ur name on here. So u dont have no room to talk “me”

      • liz williams says:

        Your telling john to show his face when u didnt even have the guts to show urs or put ur name on here. So u dont have no room to talk “me”

      • Bo says:

        Hey “me”, how is this still sowing up on my email? Get a grip! We weren’t on the news, including you! Just scarry john! Story is a month old… Get grip!

  • Chris Truby says:

    ohhh geeez… dont we have better things to worry about like renaming the washington redskins? leave our traditions alone, we already gave up the tomahawk chop…

  • odd2ann says:

    Home of the BRAVE pause GO CHIEFS both sides are heard

  • jj says:

    i think that it is fine it is a new age and i for one believe it is the hame of the cheifs at arrow head stadium

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