Paralyzed dad in jeopardy of losing Medicaid

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LONE JACK, Mo. -- A married father of two in Lone Jack is facing a painful decision about his healthcare and it has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act.

41-year-old Trent Borland is in danger of losing his Medicaid beginning November 1st, even though he is paralyzed from the shoulders down. An operation to remove a cancerous tumor from his spine in 2012 left him paralyzed.

"I have no movement or feeling below my shoulders," said Borland.

He's lived on Social Security Disability and a pension ever since. He uses his pension to pay for Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance for himself, his wife and his two daughters. Medicaid only covers Trent and it pays for a home caregiver to work 30-hours a week.

"She does all my bathing, my exercises, feeding, just everything," said Borland.

Borland's wife Stephanie doesn't work in order to help care for Trent. Last week the Missouri Department of Social Services sent Trent a letter that reads he's "no longer eligible" for Medicaid unless he pays $765 a month for the program.

The Department of Social Services says Borland's pension makes him too wealthy to automatically qualify for Medicaid. The state says Borland's pension means he can afford to help pay for his Medicaid but the Borland's say if they have to pay for Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, they'll only be left with a $1,000 a month to live on.

"We're just put in an impossible position," said Borland. His wife Stephanie added, "It's hard the system is just broke, and it doesn't take care of the families that need it."

Stephanie contacted her State Representative, Donna Pfautsch, who had Stephanie testify in Jefferson City this week before a House Committee on Medicaid.

"If there's something we can do for this family we're going to do it," said Pfautsch.

FOX 4 contacted the Department of Social Services but their spokesperson did not respond to our questions.

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