Man survives massive home explosion in eastern Missouri

DE SOTO, Mo. (KTVI) – An explosion that obliterated a home in Jefferson County, Mo. miraculously spared a man’s life on Friday. Affiliate KTVI’s Roche Madden reports that a 63-year-old man was working on the home’s electricity and when he turned it on at about 2 p.m, the explosion occurred.

The man became trapped in the basement after the blast and began yelling for help. A neighbor and her granddaughter went to the scene after seeing billowing black smoke and heard his pleas. They were able to flag down a motorist and with the motorist’s help; the man was pulled out from under the home rubble.

He was injured with burns on his arms, hands and face, but those injuries are considered non-life threatening and he’s expected to recover. Investigators are still sorting through the remains and haven’t named a cause yet, but they did indicate that a strong smell of propane was permeating through the air.

More Coverage and Photos from KTVI 

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