Be ready for winter: Enter the Snow Blower Sweepstakes

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UPDATE: We have picked all of the winners for the Snow Blower Sweepstakes!

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FOX 4, together with Lumax Power Equipment, is giving away FOUR snow blowers in the coming weeks!

Can you imagine…. NO MORE manual labor using a simple shovel in the freezing cold?

The prizes are Ariens Compact 24 model Sno-Thro with a retail value of $799.

As many of you have probably heard, many meteorologists are predicting a brutal, bitter winter. (Farmers’ Almanac, too!)

The Sweepstakes begins on November 4 and ends on December 1.

We’ll draw our winners on or about the following days: November 11, 18, 25 and December 2.

(Congratulations to our winners! Cathleen and Julie, both from Olathe,  Patty from Pleasant Hill, and Ed from Kansas City, Mo. They are set for winter!.)

One entry per email account per day! Good luck.


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  • Arline Henderson

    We would love a new snow blower as our 20 year old blower broke last season. My husband is unable to shovel snow by hand for any length of time since his glioblastoma brain cancer diagnosis. It just wears him out to quickly. Good luck to all those who enter.

  • Carol Scheuerman

    My husband and I are on set monthly income and we both have health
    problems he with neuropathy in his legs and feet and also back problems.I have had kidney problems and general wellness issues. winning a snow blower would be a true blessing.

  • robert nichols

    Robert Nichols, My COPD keeps me from being outside for too long and a snow blower would help with my back problems also. I would love to win a snow blower cause we have a large driveway and it took 7 hours to manually shovel it. my girlfriend helped also and is only 5 foot tall and 56, I am 57 with alot more health problems too!

  • john martin

    I would love to have a snowblower, Iam 70 years old and have had both knees and both hips replaced also had back surgery. It would really help with clearing my driveway to get out and go to the nursing home to see my wife each day.

  • Peggy Clark

    I would love to win a snowblower. I am 75, my husband is 85 and disabled. It would certainly be a blessing to me, BUT I am sure that it will be a blessing to whomever wins it. Thank you for your generosity in awarding these snowblowers.

  • Brandon Akins

    This is a great contest and if I were to win I would donate portions of my time to helping all the people on this bulletin with health conditions and I would not charge them a dime! It feels great to help others who are unable to do for themselves. Season’s Greetings!

  • Gary Calcara

    I am happy for the chance to enter this contest. I am 61 years old with back issues and enjoy helping others. My wife and I have four neighbor women that have driveways on slopes and if I am fortunate to win, I can help them by shoveling their driveways in as well as my own. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity!

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