Kylr Yust tells judge to ‘Eat a steak for me’ at sentencing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The former boyfriend of missing Belton teen Kara Kopetsky will spend nearly 4 years in prison after being sentenced Friday for a drug trafficking conviction.

Kopetsky's parents believe Kylr Yust knows what happened to their daughter. Yust, 24, was convicted of receiving designer drugs, which produce effects similar to Ecstasy, in the mail with the intent to sell or distribute it.

On Friday, Yust told a federal judge to: "Eat a steak for me," when the judge asked him if he had anything to say before being sentenced.

Yust was Kopetsky's boyfriend back in 2007 when the Belton girl left school and hasn't been seen again. Although Yust has never been charged in Kopetsky's case, she and her mother, Rhonda Beckford, filed for a restraining order against him shortly before she vanished. That order was granted by a judge after police started looking for Kara.

Now that Yust is going behind bars for another crime, Kopetsky's parents are hopeful new information about their daughter's disappearance will come to light.

"We're hoping that when he gets into the federal system that maybe he will feel comfortable enough maybe with his cellmate, maybe one day he will say something to that cellmate, brag about what he did to Kara and maybe that will lead to answers," Beckford said.

In the years since Kopetsky's disappearance, Yust has been placed on two years probation after pleading guilty to abusing another girlfriend. According to police reports, Yust claimed he had killed former girlfriends and said he could dispose of body parts by feeding them to pigs at a family farm. He also has been arrested for animal abuse but the charge was later dropped.

The Beckfords want Yust to know they are not going to go away. They will continue to show up when he's in trouble with the law, as May will mark the seventh anniversary of Kopetsky's disappearance.

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  • frankie

    i am a very very close personal friend of kylr and for the people who dont know him personally only what the peole know of him from the media shouldnt be too quick to judge.. good riddance ky ill be here still my friend

  • tt

    I knew both of them kara and kylr and Im glad he is in jail. Either way he is getting what he deserves. He may have gotten away with murder but in the end he is paying for his sins. I honestly hope they eat him alive in jail.

  • Jly

    This has really bothered me since I saw it on TV on Disappeared. I didn’t know this guy abducted her two weeks before and she had to jump out of his car to get away!!! The find Kara website gives that detail. I feel bad for this girl. If you look at her pictures each years her smile gets smaller and smaller until it doesn’t exist.

    I hope the police are monitoring these comments. The people defending this guy appear to know more about him personally, so maybe they know what he did with Kara!

    I keep praying for her family and hopefully they find her soon! :*(

  • Lark

    This kid sucks. I sat next to him in class. He bullied the crap out of kids in school. He’d talked some seriously offensive stuff about his girlfriends before at various points. Didn’t know about the animal abuse though. Heard about the strangling through the grapevine.

    Kid’s a suck individual. I wish you the best of luck, Kara’s family. My heart goes out to you.

  • jcborgy

    If Kara was a rich Johnson County girl this would have been solved by now, I’m betting. I really don’t think the police did thier best work on this one. Years after Kara went missing they found a body that was between Kara’s house and the school. The body was there when they initially searched for Kara, evedently they didn’t look that hard or they would have found that body at least. But, what do I know?

    • HH

      I completely agree with you and I have since they found Kelsey. I went to school with K.S. and they found her so fast. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly I am glad that there was justice for K.S. but I’m angry that the same effort wasn’t put in for Kara. She was just like I was in high school. It’s upsetting to think about how if I went missing, just because of how I dressed back then or acted, that they wouldn’t have searched as hard. So sad…

  • Cheri

    Who was the pregnant woman he strangled and was there any charges brought from that? How can you strangle someone and have it be common knowledge and yet still not be charged with it? Did the victim live or is she “missing” also?

  • dangle

    He plead guilty to the frivilous charge of animal abuse for the simple reason to get out of jail. He had no lawyer and was basically screwed I know because I too have had this delimma. Due process in some or most of these missouri state courts are corrupt and for the most part about money. However, only god can judge this if he took part in this crime that he hasnt even been charged for. They also fail to mention the several other suspects that have had violated basic human rights in the investigation.

  • Km

    I actually lived with Kylr for a little while. He slept on my couch. And I’m sorry, but he is absolutely insane. You never truly know someone until you live with them. Candice, the “go go dancer” actually came over a few times and she was very sweet. Kylr on the other hand? He has some MAJOR anger issues and definitely likes to take them out on other people. I wouldn’t doubt that he killed Kara at all. Not even a little bit.

  • jw

    I knew Kylr a while back. I hung out with him…alone…a couple times, which wasn’t very smart on my part. But yeah, he is not stable, I found that out the second time. The first time we hung out, he seemed super cool. Just like a regular guy. The second time, he was a little more out there. I went to his house and we smoked but I’m absolutely positive there was something laced in it. I found out from a coworker that he had like 5 kids from 5 different women. I asked him if that was true bc I thought that was kinda crazy and untrue. He got really defensive and super angry. Good thing I asked him through a text, lol. If you ask me, I wouldn’t put it past him to do something like this…the Kara disapperance, I mean. He’s one strange and angry guy who needs God in his life. I’m a much different person than I was back then, so it’s not like people can’t change but for him, I think it’s a lost cause.

  • In the know

    I’m quite knowledgeable the case. Sad people would stick up for Kylr. First he admitted to taking out Kara. Second, he actually didn’t pass the polygraph, that was inaccurate. The Belton PD lied to the public. I’ve been investigating the case for 5 years now and have put many hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the case. The dog made a hit on that drug house in Belton with Kara’s remains, it was on the news with Russ Ptacek. $80,000 is a lot of money.

  • ead

    What was his home life like? Was he abused? etc. Children don’t grow up hating or abusing etc. Their taught by their parents. Love is unconditional. Each and everyone of you, look into your own life. If you found out your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother killed someone would you turn your back on them?? I think not. I have a friend who is spending her life in prison, for helping her brother kill her husband. Her husband stabbed, choked, raped her. (domestic violence). Her fingerprints were not on the weapon (knife). But she is my best friend. She is a Lifer, Some cases women don’t spend time in jail.
    You’re innocent til proven guilty, but then your peers can find you guilty, because they want someone to pay.
    I hope Kara’s parents get the person or persons that took their daughter.

    • Freethinker

      No you are wrong. It’s not always the parents fault or how they were raised. I was raised by animals, but made it my life’s mission to be nothing like them or treat anyone as they did me. Kids can meet that one friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and suddenly forget everything they’ve been taught by their parents, think their grown ect. So stop blaming parents. Surely this guy killed that girl and the police department dropped the ball because they didn’t care. I can’t imagine what her parents are going through, but my heart deeply goes out to them.

  • Blue Candi

    I feel for karas family but blamming kylr for her disappearing isnt cool. No facts say he did it. Just because hes her ex, hes tatted up, hes different, everyone jumps on his back. Why not go find the real reason she went missing. Help her come home. Stop blaming someone else when you were not involved with their relationship. I know Ky pretty well and he feels pain for kara.’

  • YoureDone

    Whoever the Amy and Frankie Pages you guys are sick I know both those women and they would never say something like that on social media. As for Kylr that dude is a sexual demon who wants nothing more but control. If you can’t do your research and see everything points to him youre something else. Dudes made of trust fund money. He paid off bpd and im sure others to shutup.