Man says police officer threatened to kill his dogs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City man says he’s been terrified since an encounter with police on Monday evening. He says officers came to his home in southeast Kansas City looking for people he’d never heard of and when he refused to let them inside, things turned ugly.

Eric Crinnian, a lawyer,  heard a loud banging at his door Monday night, he was instantly alarmed since a neighbor’s house was robbed a few weeks ago, so he grabbed a crow-bar.

Crinnian said three police officers were outside his house.

“I open the door a little bit wider and he sees that I have something in my hand, so he pulls his gun, tells me to put down whatever I’ve got and then come out with my hands up, so I do,” Crinnian said.

They wanted to know where two guys were, and Crinnian later found out police believed they violated parole.

“I said, ‘I have no idea who you’re talking about I’ve never heard of these people before,’” he said.

To prove it, he said police asked to search his house, Crinnian refused multiple times.  He said they needed a warrant.

Then he said one police officer started threatening him saying, “If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it, we’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs, who are my family, and then we’re going to ransack your house looking for these people.”

“If that’s the case and those are the things that were said, I would think those would be inappropriate,” said John Hamilton.

John Hamilton is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Park University and former police officer. He said having a warrant is always the best way for police to search a home, and while the threats aren’t illegal, they might violate a department policy.

“I just think it’s a dangerous way to do policing, because it makes it tenuous when you appear in front of the court in a case like that,” Hamilton said.

Crinnian said he’s never had a problem with police before in his life, and he still has a great amount of respect for the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department.  However, he also said he wants the situation investigated, so he filed an Office of Community Complaints Report.

A spokesman for the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department says he can’t discuss ongoing OCC reports and they are investigated internally.

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  • K. says:

    This is disgusting.

  • Chris says:

    Why would the police threaten him like that? I can’t believe they said: “If we have to get a warrant, were going to break down your door and shoot your dog.” It’s not that hard to get a warrant. The 4th amendment of the Constitution is in place to protect the innocent against abusive police searching.
    Why not just get the warrant, then come back, ring the doorbell, enter the house peacefully and search the house?? Why the door busting and shooting of dogs?? That’s psychopathic behavior.

    • because many cops are still subhuman

      • there was a time when children knew the police were there to protect and serve, and if there was trouble, the police were your FRIEND. Sadly, this is no longer the case. They are devolving into jack-booted thugs, and even as an older white-haired lady, I have second thoughts about “safety” and “police” used in the same sentence… Don’t you love the weaponry the feds handed down to the state and local level for their use? I sure don’t.

    • John says:

      It’s routine for cops to threaten people like that because they don’t have probably cause to get a warrant. The only way they can legally search the house without probable cause (barring an emergency) is to get the man’s permission. The guy would not giver permission, as is his right, so the cops attempted to coerce him with with lies and threats.

    • TE Finnegan says:

      Cops are low-I.Q., indoctrinated/programmed, PSYCHOPATHS! This is totally normal behavior for them.

      There job is not to protect the Rights of individuals. It is to serve the State and “just follow orders”.

      You heard in the video, it was said that the threats were NOT illegal !!!

      What if I was standing in your yard and threatened to bust down your door, kill your dogs, and ransack your house? Would it be illegal? YES!

      So why, when they put on their special costume, do they get extra, or SUPER, Rights that supersede yours & mine?

      • submoa says:

        Thank goodness I live in a small town with no police force, but plenty of well-armed homeowners and an excavator every half mile. We don’t dial 911.

      • shovelDriver says:

        If you read it again, what is says is that an ex-cop says those threats are not illegal. Do you actually expect an ex-cop to (1_) know what the law is and (2) be capable of standing up against the Blue Wall of Silence to point out that cops are criminals?

    • Kev Ro says:

      Many police officers are outright sociopaths. If they don’t get their way now they throw a temper tantrum in the form of threats or even violent acts. I love the internet and cell phones, its a lot harder to cover up these crimes against the people these days. Can’t wait for google glass to take off.

    • shawn says:

      Because cops no longer respect our rights. Our rights are just a burdon to them. Look around. This is not unique.

    • SteveP says:

      Cops serving warrants don’t politely ring doorbells anymore. Warrants are served by heavily armed and armored TWAT teams made up of violent psychopaths making “dynamic” entries with much shouting, cursing, and property damage.

    • Thomas Rice says:

      He should have said go get a warrant,

      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized

    • Constantine says:

      Cops around here make violent threats like that all of the time. Unless they think they are being taped or that you might be someone with stroke they will bully you.

      • submoa says:

        Not where I’m from – if they make a threat about coming back and battering down doors, killing dogs etc, they know most of us won’t be home when they return. We’ll be at their house.

    • It’s called coercion. Police are trained to lie and use whatever is at their disposal to get what they want. The most typical threat is “We’re taking your kids”. Now there’s a sure fire way to get a mother with 68 bucks to her name to comply.

      Remember, ACAB.

    • agrippamom says:

      Really? You can’t believe they said that? Are you so insulated that you haven’t been paying attention at all? They shoot your dogs for merely BARKING OR GROWLING at them while they’re on leashes, tethered, 20 feet away, on the porch, in a cage, in their backyard on the OTHER side of the fence, running away— need I go on? They do it in front of kids, in crowds of children, and sometimes a child is forced to lie on the floor handcuffed and watch his / her dog be gunned down and then slowly die while bleeding to death and suffering over a 2 hour period. Are these the people you don’t think would say that? Wake up: this happens almost every single day in this country. Thank the militarization of the police for this one. The overreaction of the so-called Patriot Act and hiring way too many vets who act more like thugs, along with an us vs. them mentality and ‘neutralize the threat’, when ‘neutralize’ means ‘kill the family dog’ and there you have it. They aren’t the cops I grew up with and knew: they’re a bloody nightmare, and the sooner you and everyone else wakes up to this, the sooner something can be done about it.

      • I bet if you check it out that a lot of cops were trained in the military and carried on that endeavor after they discharged. It’s the only thing they know and some of the things they were trained for and allowed to do in the military they carry on in civilian work.

    • Barb says:

      They are power mongers and need to prove it since they feel real big with a gun and kill animals. All a users abuse animals first.

    • Jordan says:

      I can understand your disbelief. I’m a traffic signal tech, I work closely with law enforcement. I hear conversations that aren’t meant for public ears. In my experience 2 out of 5 cops are nothing more than thugs with badges. I hear them talk about deliberate brutality and unfair intimidation tactics. Some officers are good people trying to make a difference, while others are almost untouchable psychos……..

    • Raine Carr says:

      Evidently you don’t know about all the attacks on the 4th Amendment…. NDAA, Patriot’s Act, long address raids, and the long history of police getting away with shooting dogs by claiming “it charged me”. One thing that the police are not accustomed to dealing with is the fact that people are willing to stand up and call them out on what is not right, and recording them.

    • Alan says:

      They did it because he wasn’t doing what he was told. Haven’t you been paying attention? The US is well on it’s way to being a police state. If you don’t do what you’re told in a police state, they hurt you. And they keep on hurting you until you’re either dead or you stop acting like you still have rights and just do what you’re told.

    • Sherry Jones says:

      Probably because the cops figured they didn’t have enough probable cause to get a judge to sign off on a warrant. Or, if they really believed the people they were looking for were in the house, by the time they got a warrant the people would be gone. Either way though, threatening his dogs like that…… I know if someone threatened my dogs like that I’d go ballistic

    • Patrick Henry says:

      You need to research police brutality/ police state. It is happening waaaayyy too many times.

    • George says:

      You obviously have no idea of corruption or a corrupt Police Force. I live in a small town and if the Police think you are a threat to their corrupt monopoly they will and attempt to do whatever they can to harass you or worse. Many times they use their little drug addled snitches. They stand around the convenience stores getting info from snitches and oversee the drug sales. They know who uses, buys, and especially sells drugs within the town. They abuse every oath they have ever taken to uphold the law. You are lucky that you are unaware of how many Police Officers who see their jobs as power trips can be. I totally believe this man because I have experienced it on a smaller level but have seen it happening around where I live all of the time.

  • J says:

    It’s about time that we the people rise up against these fucking pigs that try to ruin our way of life.

  • Dat Sneefa says:

    Police have become nothing more than the US Taliban

  • a interesting dilemma. to believe a lawyer or a cop?

  • Greg McGowan says:


  • greg noga says:

    Obama is president. Constitutional rights are now merely suggestions. Nothing wrong here…. Oh, please remember to keep voting in democrats, ok? Oh, threaten me in my own house and my trigger finger might get jumpy, cop or not.

    • John Eight Thirty-Two says:

      Really? You’re blaming Obama for this? Wow.

      This is a local cop in Oklahoma. He almost certainly voted for Romney, like most of his fellow Sooners. Do you think he didn’t act like this before 2009? Do you think he would have meekly gone off to seek a warrant if Romney had won in November? What changes in federal regulations, or executive orders, do you think made this officer’s behavior possible? (Do you think this officer’s behavior was lawful?)

      You’re, um, a _special_ one, greg noga. Don’t change a thing, you little dickens!

  • Having a warrant is always the best way for police to search your home.

    … File that under “No shit.”

  • Brooke says:

    So, curiosity’s got me…what would happen if you told a cop you were going to shoot and kill their dogs, how would they react? Same way?

  • Ken Browning says:

    Many peoples pets are like this mans, their children. the real question here is to ask that cop how he’d feel if someone were to threaten to shoot his children.

    I just lost all respect for the KCMO PD if that is their policy. Treat people like dirt and that’s how they’ll treat you.

  • Will Farrar says:

    For those of you claiming this is a one time thing. Search “Swat team kills dog” on YouTube and you can see 15-20 instances of this happening in the last 5 to 10 years. And those are just the ones on tape. Americans need to wake up to this insane police state that has been bought and paid for by the money men. This year at FireFly Festival the EMS had on flack jackets and looked like they were serving in IRAQ. Nothing to see here at a peaceful festival where 10s of thousands of people come together and watch music, never a fight. The EMS people I asked all said it as bought by Homeland security money and not one wanted to wear the getup. Shooting dogs and anything that gets in their was is SOP in a police state. History repeats itself over and over and over. Americans better smell the roses and soon.

  • D. LaChance says:

    What they said should violate policy. If it doesn’t, the policy needs to change. The officer who said that deserves to be fired. Until that starts happening, I don’t believe this behavior will change. All the lawsuits in the world will not affect the bullies and psychopaths because they don’t have to pay the damages; the taxpayers do. However change the law so they really can be permanently fired, and that will make a difference to them, especially if the law precludes a police officer who has been fired for abuse of power or misconduct from being hired by any police or sheriff’s department in the state.

  • Raine Carr says:

    The fact of the matter is that it is typical procedure for the cops to “neutralize” all dogs when they raid a residence. You can search numerous videos from the officers’ own cop-cams themselves to hear them planning to kill the dogs. You can see videos on how they shoot too close to people (children/newborns) just to kill the dogs who are obviously of no threat, and seem to enjoy or even joke about hearing the dog screaming in pain as they try to escape, terrified and bleeding to death alone. To me, that act in itself shows me that there is something wrong with the perpetrators of these crimes, especially considering that many of these dogs are harmless, or even contained (there are many cases that the dogs are on chains, and in a few cases in crates, and of no threat). It doesn’t matter if your dogs are in a fence, chained within the fence, a few cases chained within the residence, or crated. It doesn’t matter how many “Do Not Disturb”, “No Trespassing”, or “Beware of Dog” signs you post. It seems to be the trend that those signs apply to everyone but law enforcement.

    What is also truly disturbing is the comment in the newscast saying that it “might violate department policy” if the officers did indeed say those things.. ?!??!? What? There should not be any “might” about it. Those are clear threats to an individual that they had no reason to have suspicions about, beyond not giving in to their bullying.

    I truly feel that when a police officer shoots a K9 citizen, that the case should go before the citizens to decide if it was justified or not, for it is the citizens that bare the pain for the disturbances caused by these acts, and it is the citizens who foot the bill for not only the officer’s wages, but also for any payouts that are awarded.

    Way to go, Mr. Crinnian. There is no reason that you should have to submit to a home search without a warrant. No warrant? No enter! There is no such thing as “If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about”, just as you don’t have to let them in if they have no warrant, despite their bully in the form of threats. Perhaps the best thing this man could have done was to publicize this threat (and, if it indeed took place, that is exactly what it was). Personally, with the intact trends prevalent, I have decided that I will do everything possible to never have to call a police officer to my residence, endangering my beloved pup. Ours is an armed household.

  • Mark Cortis says:

    I have several personal stories along these lines.
    As one State Trooper once told me, “The law
    Is whatever the F I say it is and F the poor civilians
    Who don’t like it!”
    25s stop and search without cause under the pretense
    Of guns and drugs, fugitive recovery etc. are
    At epidemic proportions. How will we
    Ever stop it!

  • Sigel says:

    This police department is out of control. Killed unarmed 16 year old, questionable shooting at a sports event, threatening citizens in their own homes because they can’t read an address correctly. The mayor should deal with this instead of the stupid fluff comments on his twitter account about where’s the best place to buy a bow tie. He should be asking, where’s the best place to find some replacement cops!


  • Yankee Clipper says:

    Just remember most law officers are no longer your friends, they have been trained to treat everyone as violent criminals. If you don’t believe me, check out their target profiles on their ranges. You will see the profiles are of ordinary citizens, mothers with children and so on, not the bad guy profiles they used in the past. This is done to desensitize them to shooting everyday citizens who would resist their unconstitutional acts.

    They have no right to force their way into any one’s home without a warrant and if there is no resistance to their entering, then they have no right to kill pets that are under control.

  • LeChat says:

    The police are not your friends. They are the armed enforcers of a corrupt and broken system. They are more dangerous to the public than drug cartel members and armed street gangs because they have the power of the State behind them. Be advised.

  • No one covers this topic better than reporter Radley Balko… He has tracked every instance of pet shootings by the police in the past decade.

  • David says:

    If a cop shot my dog, or threatened it, that would be the last day he would ever spend as a fully functioning human being.

  • it’s a sad day when you have to own a gun to protect yourself from not only criminals but the police sworn to protect you.

  • Imagine, it’s not illegal to for the police to make terrorist threats? Muck fe.

  • There is absolutely no situation on God’s green Earth that a cop will not make worse.

  • John Smith says:

    I think a polygraph test is in order. If that officer made those statements I believe that he would be better off in the fast food profession. Making threats to a lawyer, classic.

  • Public Servants (ie Police) no longer see themselves as such. They serve a different master.. The Globalists and the Elites. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are obstacles to their tyranny and they will do whatever it takes to force you to abandon your rights. This includes lies, intimidation, threats and violence against you. Always hold your ground and don’t ever give up your rights. The most important are your 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights. If you don’t remember what they say, look them up.

  • Josh says:

    Threats are illegal, actually. The cops gave everything needed to be charged: How they were going to do it ( shoot the dog ), means to do it ( pistol on hip, additional guns in car ), when they would do it ( when they got a warrant ). If true, then that officer is guilty of a misdemeanor or felony depending on the state.

    Second; the warrant would be unjust as they’d need evidence / probable cause. Denying a search is not just cause for a warrant meaning the home-owner could stand his ground and defend his life, and his familys’ lives with any means necessary to prevent greater bodily injury or death to fall upon him or his family.

    Of course we don’t know whether or not this is true; but it falls into the same category as resisting unlawful arrest / kidnapping.

  • Wayne (Author of 'Destruction of Freedom') says:

    This happens more often than you think. A 60 year old friend of my parents had his house totally destroyed by the DEA who had the wrong house back in the late 80s. A neighbor called him while he was at work. When he approached the house, he was ambushed, handcuffed and forced to lay on the sidewalk outside of his house. In the meantime, the officers ripped a/c registers out of the ceiling, custom book shelves out of the walls, and ceiling fans out of the ceiling. Naturally, they found nothing, he was released. When he asked who was going to pay for the damage, the officer said sue us and got in his car and drove off.

  • Why is it when people make threats to LEO’s, they’re hauled off to jail. when LEO’s make threats to people, it’s ok and nothing happens? Riddle me that.

    “A spokesman for the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department says he can’t discuss ongoing OCC reports and they are investigated internally.”

    What is really said- We have cops investigating cops and this will fade from sight and nothing will happen. Perhaps what really needs to happen is a citizen panel of NON-police should hold the inquiry and do the investigating. Fair is fair and we pay the bills and we would like to know.

    The cop who threatened this man forgot where his paycheck comes from- the threatened man’s wallet. Buck up or shut up, Barny.

  • Hermicide says:

    When are the police going to realize that the average law abiding citizen now considers them the enemy. They aren’t peace officers anymore. They are special forces wannabe’s with inferiority complexes and cool toys who think they are fighting a counterinsurgency in our own country. It’s a scary turn of events.

    • john Doesky says:

      This thread should be a wake up call to the police. 58 responses to date at it’s 57 to 1 against the police. I’d wager if this story was reported 20 years ago those numbers would be reversed. I’m a die hard conservative and my attitude has also shifted 180 degrees over the last 20 years to pretty much consider the police the enemy and someone to fear. This is very bad for America and the police better wake up to the fact that they are losing the support of the whole spectrum of America including the majority of law abiding average Americans.

      If I was news reporter this thread is the REAL story.

  • JoeThePimpernel says:

    By way of an apology they will kick in his door and kill his dogs and do everything else they said they would, then send him a bill for the damages.

  • Threatening someone–and his pets–with violence in order to force him to give up his constitutional rights isn’t illegal??? Who in the name of God hired this clown to TEACH law???

  • Pete D says:

    Scary how the new police attitude is growing. It is a DHS kind of attitude and your rights are rapidly being take away. All over the country we have more and more shoot first ask questions later.

  • shovelDriver says:

    Not illegal for a cop to make threats under Color of Law? Not illegal for a cop – or anyone – to threaten to bust down doors, to kill animals, destroy property, etc, just because someone dares to assert rights?

    People may want to question this attorney’s qualifications. Why, even the FBI, on its’ website, publicizes that “it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency.”

    Got that?

    It is a federal crime.

    Now, when will we see a report that the local police chief, or the Sheriff, and the FBI, and the District Attorney, local and federal, are all anxiously piling up in the court to put a stop to the egregious abuse by cops?

    • John Smith says:

      “Now, when will we see a report that the local police chief, or the Sheriff, and the FBI, and the District Attorney, local and federal, are all anxiously piling up in the court to put a stop to the egregious abuse by cops?”

      When we start seeing cops in body bags and an armed populace in rage.

  • John Smith says:

    Yep. Your typical rogue cops that make all the other cops look bad. They should be fired and the pensions dissolved.

    Basically the cop said… basically… I am the law, obey me, I have authority. if you don’t respect my authority and do what is told of you – there will be repercussions.

    This kind of behavior in my opinion is unacceptable. The cops should have done their job and got a warrant before they arrived and if they have no probable cause then they should respect his 4th amendment rights – just as they would want someone respecting their rights as well.

    Back in the day there was respect between police and the populace for which they served. More and more in today’s time we have an ever escalating militarization of our police and total disconnect between their attitudes and the services required of them.

  • daveugber says:

    hahaha….that’s “YOU flashed”… perfect!

  • I say “Shoot to Kill” these fucking Pigs. Plain and Simple.

  • Michael Lear says:

    Next time you vote for public safety think twice. Thats what ya get

  • ResponsibleGunowner says:

    Armed criminals with badges are no different than armed criminals without badges. If these so-called Officers Of The Law tried entering my house without a warrant while brandishing deadly weapons and threatening lethal force against me and my loved ones, they would meet with appropriate counter-force.

  • alvinjh says:

    Please please please SUE THEM.

  • Bert says:

    Holy, sheat.

    Is this what passes for “police” today? Nut jobs?

    You know, every decent cop, should get together and run these clowns out of the service. Else, they will just be labelled losers too. The only way for them to avoid this is to clean their own ranks. But that would take guts. See the problem?

  • These cops should be fired, possibly sued and “Blacklisted” in the local paper as “Ex Rogue Cops” or worse……. It’s because of these few that makes those in the force that are doing there jobs and not overstepping their boundaries appear to be just as corrupt as those that are.

  • This was nothing more than a pissed off cop who was having a tantrum. Most people dont say no .. they are too afraid to. Id be hiring a lawyer and suing them.His behavior was inappropriate and unbecoming of an officer He needs to be suspended from the force

  • Donna J. Anderson says:

    So much for the LAND OF THE FREE!! Where have our rights gone?? And I know what he means about his dogs being his family. This is just terrible. Talk about bullying.

  • Allan says:

    Call the mayor’s office and tell them how you feel about this:

    And the governor: (573) 751-3222

    Tell them how you feel about the Kansas City police department investigating itself against allegations of threats and coercion because someone dared to know his constitutional rights.

    Tell them how you feel about living in a police state with no accountability, where the police can threaten your home and family with no consequences.

  • WmEB says:

    Note to self – Never visit KC. Thanks KCPD & Fox News!

  • Gary says:

    He’s not showing up on the Missouri bar list of attorneys…if hes lying about being an lawyer…what else is he lying about?

  • JenR says:

    For those of you still under the misimpression that law enforcement is there to serve and protect, review the hundreds of thousands of news reports since 2001 about jackbooted badge-wearing psychopathic thugs killing, in the throes of bloodlust, old people, homeless, mentally ill, children, and of course dogs. If after that you still have the rainbows and butterflies trust in LEO then you might want to visit a few survivors of Europe in the late 1930s to educate yourself as to what the future holds for Americans.

  • JayGoldenBeach says:

    We the People must stop deifying the police.

  • FreeOregon says:

    To change police behavior, disarm the police. One result is you will attract peace officers to the profession, people who know how or want too learn how to persuade without threats of violence. A second result is that the thugs previously recruited will find the profession less satisfying, since most of them have no courage without a weapon.

  • gindjurra says:

    On the contrary, the threats not only ARE illegal, they are felonies.

    Federal law (18USC242) makes it a misdemeanor level crime to violate someone’s constitutional rights (such as the right to refuse a warrantless search) under color of law. Making threats of the use of a dangerous weapon escalates this to a felony level offense.

    There’s a related federal law as well, 18USC241, that makes a conspiracy (by, say, three police officers) against rights even without threats of violence a felony for all the officers involved.

    Threatening to destroy property and abuse family members if the victim exercises his constitutional rights is illegal pure and simple.

  • The big deal is that you don’t know when they’re coming and most of us have day jobs. They’ll come when you’re not home and just state the dogs were aggressive. With today’s tech every police officer should have to wear a camera while on duty.

  • 6. says:

    And we can tell that you are intelligent by your razor wit… your superlative use of sarcasm illustrates that in spades. I especially like the bit where you used a false premise to compare the above’s personally passionate disapproval of currently applied policies within our constabulary to innocent, or at least undeserving victims, that may seem rather indiscriminate and perhaps brutal; with a lack of intelligence on their part in the comment in question. That is deep sarcasm at it’s finest. You strike me as the sort to see the brilliance that is mocking those we perceive as inferior to ourselves, due to our inflated egos and over-inflated sense of self-worth. Well played! After all, it would take a true idiot to believe your satire were genuine.

    “For no one with true intelligence would mock those with less.” -Churchill

    Or am I mistaken?

  • daveugber says:

    you, 6., are mistaken…primarily because use flashed a BUNCH of fancy words around, but never really said much…grammatically-speaking, your rant was acceptable, but the message was muddled in undefined pronouns and baseless descriptions of the observations made…i would suggest that you redefine your argument using specific examples and more proper nouns…

    the police in question should be put behind a desk or fired…

    we are – as a society – at the tipping-point, where we will either have a renaissance of liberties or a revolution. The current psych-profile tests given to prospective police winnow-out people with consciences. Read the questions on those tests. They specifically put contrary questions to try and filter liars, cheats and crooks, but at the same time, are actually forcing anyone who takes them to lie which makes the testee a cheat and a crook…there is no possible way to ‘pass’ one of these pshyc tests without either being a borderline sociopath and dishonest, which has led to (after a generation) a police force full of young posers who are less-intelligent, lacking in empathy and more-easily corrupted…

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