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KCMO Fire Dept: KC firefighter shot and killed by KC police officer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City, Mo., police officer shot and killed a Kansas City, Mo., firefighter early Sunday morning in downtown Kansas City, according to the Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department.

Sources said Anthony Bruno, the firefighter who was shot and killed, got into a physical altercation with a cab driver outside of the Marriott at 12th and Wyandotte around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. According to sources a KCMO police officer, who was off-duty at the time but still in uniform, tried to break up the fight when Bruno took off. After a brief chase the two ended up at 13th and Baltimore.

Allegedly Bruno resisted arrest and was on top of the officer, hitting him in the head and face. The officer, who has been identified as Donald Hubbard, fired two fatal shots before passing out, according to sources with the police department, who said the officer was still unconscious when backup arrived. Hubbard was hospitalized with serious injures. He was released on Sunday. The extent of his injuries are unclear, but a source said it's possible he suffered an orbital fracture and other broken bones to the face.

Bruno and his new wife had been at their wedding reception earlier Saturday night. The couple married a couple of weeks prior but held the reception this past weekend. Sources said Bruno's wife was with him and still wearing her wedding dress when the incident occurred.

KCFD Chief Paul Berardi said in a written statement released Sunday afternoon:

It is with a heavy heart that I am confirming that Anthony V. Bruno, a Kansas City firefighter, was the casualty of the officer-involved shooting that occurred early this morning in the 1300 block of Baltimore. Although specific details of the incident are still being gathered, KCPD Chief Forte’ and I have already spoken a number of times and will continue to remain in contact.

Friends and family of the Kansas City Fire Department remember Anthony Bruno of Fire Station 17 as a courageous and dedicated firefighter who had been with the department since 2008. He was a third-generation member of the fire department. Bruno leaves behind a father, a retired deputy fire chief, his mother, two sisters of the home, and a new wife.

FOX 4 learned of the deadly shooting early Sunday morning, but at that time neither the fire department nor police department were ready to confirm the connection between a police officer shooting and the shooting of firefighter Anthony Bruno.

At about noon Sunday, Battalion Fire Chief and spokesperson James Garrett, confirmed Bruno was the victim in the deadly police shooting near the downtown Marriott.

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  • Apes

    The media doesn’t have all the facts. When all the facts come out you will be sing a different tune. I wouldn’t tell a teacher how to teach. I wouldn’t tell a fight fighter how to fight fires. And so on. People need to stop running their big mouths and quit telling cops how to be cops.

    • Constitutionalist

      You’re wrong, the people do need to tell cops how to be cops. They have obviously confused Baghdad Iraq with main street America. You must be a cop or a cops wife.

  • MJ

    I’m sorry for the young mans family. This is a difficult time but by everything that has came out, it is the young mans fault his family is grieving now. Not the police officer. The officer was a brave man for reporting to the call looking to assist. Unfortunately he now has to live with the physical damages and even emotional damages that come from taking anothers life. My prayers go to the officer, his family and the young mans family. This shouldn’t have happened.

    • Constitutionalist

      The operative word here is LIVE, that is something only one of them is going to do. Always justified, always making the “correct” split second decision with their firearm. Whatever happened to talking and calling for back up, defusing the situation instead of escalating it to a shooting event? Oh yeah, they’re never found to be at fault or using bad judgement. Perhaps we should call them Gods instead of cops.

  • Alynn

    From what I understand……(piecing together all the news stories and sources). Firefighter was drunk, following his wedding reception–wedding was actually on Nov 16, not the night of. He fought the cab driver who called 911. UNIFORMED Cop was off duty from KCPD but was ONDUTY in his PD uniform working security at the hotel with his radio and heard the call of the cab driver being assaulted–right by where he was working. He attempted to break up the fight. Drunk FF ran, cop went after. FF then turned on cop, smashed cops head repeatedly into the ground, broke jaw, nose, skull of cop, gave him a brain bleed and he is in ICU……and people are saying he had no right to defend himself?? As an officer, he is bound to stop a crime that is happening at his location (the attack on the cab driver). He WAS IN UNIFORM. FF should have never attacked either man, and should have respected the cops uniform and not ran. I am sure the FF was a wonderful man-when sober. But, alcohol causes people to make wrong decisions.

  • chrystine

    Shame on the news organization for posting the headline “firefighter” killed along with a picture in uniform. It is sensationalism. The man was a recently married man, having a wedding reception. A picture of him in wedding attire would have been more appropriate. He was not killed in the line of duty. It is extremely tragic but his career isn’t relavent. If I am ever murdered I would hope no one writes a story “Iraq war vet killed” just because it was somehing I had done once and makes a nice headline.

    • mamaofalotoflittles

      I think what some “lay” people don’t realize is that police officers work off-duty jobs all the time. They aren’t working for KCPD at the time, but they are hired by local businesses (Marriott, target, grocery stores, auto parts stores, the stadiums) they wear their uniforms, they are still the police. It’s not like the officer was just trolling the city wearing his uniform on his own personal time looking for a fight to get into. The police do not want to shoot people. My husband is an officer and has had to shoot a dog that was attacking him before when he went on a call and he was devastated abt it-seriously people. Police officers are human beings with families and children of their own. They are not heartless robots!

      • Jim

        People have a entitlement attitude these days, along with a Misconception on what a police officer does. Yes!! Most people believe they are robots that should just stand there and take a beaten by a high or intoxicated idiot and not defend himself. Or let someone smash there face in to the ground and see where the chips fall. Wrong!!! Police officers stop crimes and help good people. That’s there job!!! Also go home to their families or loved ones. Not let the chips fall by some thugs actions who likes to seriously assault people. My guess would be the nepotism got that man his job with kcfd. You just don’t start assaulting people and running from the police in adulthood, alcohol or not. Obviously this guy has a history of that type of behavior. I bet his family being on the fire dept helped him get out of incidents over the years or made them disappear. It’s sad!! The off duty f/f is a professional on or off duty, he should of acted like one. I’m glad the police officer is alive and will recover with out brain damage

  • david

    I am a police officer in a whole other state this is a sad day for both agency’s. But all I ask is please have respect for the investigation no one knows excatly what a police officer goes through but a police officer. Monday night quarter backing is not fair and its not right. Police officers are never off duty if something happens abd im off duty abd I dont act and someone around knows im a police officer and did nothing I am held liable. The public employes us to act when we need to in and off the job its the oath of office that I took along with thousands of others. In respect for all wait until the full investigation is out before you start to judge thats all I can say. I am sorry for the pain at both departments.

  • Matt Copeland

    LAW ENFORCEMENT is The profession’s license to use deadly force in a fist fight (especially having that right to use a gun in a fist fight) but I can’t figure out why a Firefighter (a pillar of the community hailed as hero’s also) having his wedding reception go that far to end up in a fight with a cab driver over the fair-amount escalate into violence & run from his fellow community service servant (a Police Officer) and end up fighting him violently? Sad situation. 3rd generation firefighter, and the Police Officer attempting to arrest him. “Guns at a fist fight” Sad it had to end up in the death of a man that saves lives. My question is “What was really being said, and how it was being said, to make a man go that far out of the norm (according to the version of the living -once again). This wasn’t a man that just all of a sudden “lost hope” “didn’t care” “a violent history” -no just got married and had a great career. Just don’t always believe the version of the living verse the untold story of the dead.

    • Frankie

      I am confused by your logic, you always insinuate because some members of law enforcement have done less than honorable or illegal crimes, that all members of law enforcement are bad people. You then turn around and make the argument that because the other guy was a firefighter and some firefighters have saved people’s lives that this guy was a hero and uncapable of having a bad temper or doesn’t act himself when intoxicated or that he wasn’t already pissed due to what happened with the cabby. Police officers save lives too bud. Your logic seems to just keep circling in a non-sensical line. Every person on this earth is an individual and different person, to try and group anybody by their job title for good, bad or indifferent is plain stupid. You weren’t there but you just keep fishing and making stuff up to foster your thought that all police officers are spawns of Satan. Give it up man.

    • Bill Hammer

      Matt, you are an idiot! Plain and simple. The fact that this guy was a firefighter has absolutely no bearing on this incident. Do you think the cop took the time to ask him…”Oh, by the way, are you a paid firefighter”? Maybe he did just before this guy started pounding his fists into the cops head. This was not a fist fight, as you would like to call it. The cop never had a chance to throw a punch. If Muhammad Ali started punching the life out of you, would you call that a fist fight?

  • Derek

    The officer was clearly in uniform, and threatened for his life, authorizing deadly force. On or off duty doesn’t matter. It sounds like the firefighter got by due to his family connections and thought he was better than the law. Everyone always thinks they can get away with anything, including beating a uniformed officer!

  • Jeff Morgan

    Parrotbay – Shoot to kill and Shoot to stop are NOT the same things. Shoot to kill means just what it says. Shoot to stop means you shoot until the threat stops. That means if you shoot at center mass and hit him accidentally in the arm and the threat no longer presents itself, then your job is done.

  • patrickking

    If this POS acts like this on his wedding night, who knows how he conducted himself for years beforehand. Bottom line, he assaulted multiple people and wound up dead. I’m ashamed to have him labeled a ‘fireman’. People have no respect for authority and no accountability for their actions. Anyone defending this punk has issues of their own. Pray that this officer heals up quickly and gets back to work soon.

  • LovelyBones

    I am a wife of a KC MO police officer. My husband has been involved in shootings with the department before and I firmly believe that he should come home to me each morning. If he had decided to work last night, he would have answered this call.
    It’s extremely sad that this happened at all, but the officer that shot this man gets to go home to HIS family, which may not have been the case if he did NOT use deadly force.
    Officers and Firemen have an unspoken duty to uphold their character on OR off duty. You are role models to people in your city. If Anthony wasn’t violent to begin with, this would not have happened. As far as I am concerned, the police officer did his best to dissolve the situation peacefully. Thank you, liberal media, for making our police department look terrible, once again! I bet you will thank them when you NEED them!

    • Family

      Jase you are out of line and need I shut your mouth! My cousin wouldn’t lay a hand EVER ON A WOMAN! You are a piece of garbage for saying that about him!!!!!! You don’t know him personally so keep your mouth SHUT! You people all make me sick!!!!!

      • Jonathan

        I am sorry for your loss. I hope you find the strength to stop reading the garbage comments by idiots on here, nothing good will come of it for you or your family. I know many police officers and many fire fighters from the Kansas City area. Nobody on here knows the full story and assuredly never will through media outlets like this. This is a tragic situation all around for both brotherhoods. As much as they give each other grief, they ARE on the same side at the end of the day. I pray that this incident does not affect the relationship between the KCPD and KCFD in a way that will cause harm to Kansas City in the long run.

  • Teri

    This is a very brave officer who was being brutally beaten and the suspect beat him with a chair to his face. The officer was in critical condition and still faces more surgery. I feel bad for the families loss but people do stupid things when they are drunk !


  • nyupstate

    Seriously…??? I am shocked at how many posters are either defending the defendant (he is not a victim, victims DO NOT assault police officers) or bashing the police officer.

    To the bashers: are you a police officer? we you trained like they are?

    This defendant was assaulting a cab driver then assaulted a police officer causing serious physical injury.

    Why was he acting this way, on his wedding night no less… Shouldn’t this have been a happy day and not a day to assault people???? I would love to know his B.A.C. and if he had any drugs onboard.

    A firefighter did this? I would be embarrassed if I was a KCMO firefighter….

    Shame on the media writing the headline. He was not acting as a firefighter, he was acting like a scrote….

    And I would like to hear from other firefighters to see how they feel about this. I would bet most don’t appreciate the title of the story…..

  • unfortunate for everyone

    I am a retired police officer from a large police dept and have been involved in a shooting. With that being said no one puts on the uniform and thinks boy I sure hope I get to pull the trigger on my firearm today. But they do think I wonder if today will be the day I don’t go home.
    facts: this event could have been prevented if the deceased had controlled himself and never ever mounted a police officer and commenced to beating him. The officer had a right to protect himself and I guarantee he went through every level of the use of deadly force before having to result in the use of. Just imagine for one minute the deceased was not a FF and was rapist or a robbery suspect. Would you think differently? In my career of 20 years I saw bad cops bad firemen bad public officials and just because they held a position of public trust didn’t mean they were above the law. The real losers in this event is the family of the deceased and the officer and his family. Please put yourself in the shoes of the deceased family when you take to bashing him and please put yourself in the shoes of the officer who has been forced to take another persons life it’s not easy and may fully recover emotionally from this event aside from his injuries. My thoughts go out to the officer his family and the family and friends of the deceased

  • perky

    People can go back and forth. People have been permanently impacted. I wonder if the Taxi driver regrets trying to run the meter up and making the deragoatory comment that set the events in motion. Maybe if anything comes from this, he/she will think twice about trying to take advantage of a person who he perceives to be trashed. See, the FF was trying to pay his freinds cab fare home. The taxi driver had kept the meter running, instead of reseting it. So, though Anthony may have over reacted and things escalated way too quickly, if the Taxi driver had been honest from the beginning, a good deed never would have escalated to the point that a policeman was severly injured and a Fire Fighter was dead.

  • Chrisie

    I guess all off you who want to call names and bash on either party involved have never made bad choices in your life!! What has happened is a tragedy for everyone involved!! Get off your soap boxes and shut your mouths!!!!! People make mistakes every day, doesn’t give you the right to bad mouth them because you think you’re better than them!!! I bet each and every one of you have done something in your lifetime that would be frowned upon!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this tragedy!

  • JAD

    From what I gather a human being was under the influence and upset from the decision of another human. This led to an altercation which most have witnessed or even taken part in. The driver made a decision to called the police. The off duty officer working as an officer in uniform came to the call as a requirement of his job. Whatever conversation and action took place resulting in the deceased to take off. The officer ran after as required with his job. Something…which none of us know occurred at that point to cause a physical fight between the two. At that point the officer who was in danger chose to grab his gun an shoot to defend his life and unfortunately a life was ended. Those are the facts that we know. Each decision made by each person involved led to the end result. Everyone involved must own their actions. The cabby, the deceased and the officer. Which one person is to blame is too difficult to really decide without knowing exactly what was said and happened step by step. On one hand the deseaced could be victim to a manipulative lying can driver who gave the officer reason to peruse and put the deceased in a threatening situation causing him to defend himself and lead to his death. Or he could have been an overly aggressive man who was only stoppable with leather force considering his state if mind at the time of the event. Point being…none of us know these facts. None if us were there, in the situation, or can truly say what we would have done has we been in the shoes of any of the people involved. Everyone is of course untitled to their opinions, but let’s be honest…how can you make a rational opinion when you do not know all of the facts?

  • JAD

    From what I gather a human being was under the influence and upset from the decision of another human. This led to an altercation which most have witnessed or even taken part in. The driver made a decision to called the police. The off duty officer working as an officer in uniform came to the call as a requirement of his job. Whatever conversation and action took place resulting in the deceased to take off. The officer ran after as required with his job. Something…which none of us know occurred at that point to cause a physical fight between the two. At that point the officer who was in danger chose to grab his gun an shoot to defend his life and unfortunately a life was ended. Those are the facts that we know. Each decision made by each person involved led to the end result. Everyone involved must own their actions. The cabby, the deceased and the officer. Which one person is to blame is too difficult to really decide without knowing exactly what was said and happened step by step. On one hand the deseaced could be victim to a manipulative lying can driver who gave the officer reason to peruse and put the deceased in a threatening situation causing him to defend himself and lead to his death. Or he could have been an overly aggressive man who was only stoppable with lethal force considering his state of mind at the time of the event. Point being…none of us know these facts. None of us were there, in the situation, or can truly say what we would have done if we had been in the shoes of any of the people involved. Everyone is of course untitled to their opinions, but let’s be honest…how can you make a rational opinion when you do not know all of the facts?

  • Wayne Finn

    It says that he was being assaulted and used the firearm. He has suffered serious injuries according to the story so if you are being beaten to death or fear of being beaten to death then lethal force is clearly an option. He may not have had his taser on him but in a situation like that a taser may not have been effective. There is a lot to take into consideration in these events and without being there it’s hard to judge.

  • Outside observer

    This whole incident is a tragic event for both sides.
    The officer did not wake up this morning hoping
    He’d get to “smoke” anyone. The young fireman
    Didn’t wake up hoping he’d drink too much get into a fight with an
    Officer. Police are not trained to shoot to wound. It’s easy to point
    fingers and second guess. We have days and weeks to pick apart an incident that took seconds to unfold. Prayers for all involved is appropriat

  • snottyscottie

    Though you have a point about their pain there’s nothing wrong with a healthy discussion. As long as articles have comment sections people will continue to comment…whether polite or not.

  • Sai

    don’t blame his mistakes on other people. he was wrong and assaulted both the police officer and cab driver. just for the record fire fighters are hired to save people’s life not attack cab drivers and beat up cops

  • SheepODoom (@sheepodoom)

    So they teach you to Jump a suspect & then shoot & kill them? Something is NOT right with his version of the story.. What cop engages in a foot pursuit even off duty BY THEMSELVES? This something you folks are taught? You taught to treat the streets like a War zone where everyone is the enemy that is not wearing the same uniform as you? If YES then I do NOt want you on the force… you pose a greater threat to MY safety than any criminal.

  • Bryan

    You’re lying. You didn’t talk to anyone at any police academy. Because nowhere in this country are any police taught to “shoot to detain” that’s a phrase you made up. When we shoot our weapons it is center mass to stop the threat. That usually means killing. Also we can shoot unarmed people if they are assaulting us in a manner we will lose our life or,….wait for it…..serious injury. This officer is in icu with a brain bleed and broken facial bones. That’s a serious injury. If you were truly told that bs by a law enforcement professional, they need a new job because that’s not the case. Not even close. Check your facts lady.

  • Brandy

    Sai, your very judgemental about this firefighter. Was you there? Do you know all the facts? A FF should not go around beating ppl up but I don’t have all the facts, so I’m not going to ASSUME what you say is truth. Also the off duty cop should not have gone to that call. He was not fully prepared to do his job. My heart goes out to BOTH families.

  • Terry Roberts

    It’s a mess and who is to say or not if the cab driver was actually assaulted? What was taking the regular on duty cops so long to get there ? If the off duty cop stopped to talk to the cabbie, did he call it in? To many questions and to many cops have this shoot first ask questions later mentality lately.

  • Vicki

    Brandy, the officer was in uniform and armed working in an off-duty capacity. That means, he was hired as security for the business who hired him (in this case, it sounds like the Marriott). He heard the call go out. As a police officer, he has an obligation to respond. Police officers are never truly not working and not required to act. He should have been there, had every reason to intervene, and was fully prepared to do his job. I hope for a speedy and complete recovery for the officer. I’d hate to be in his position right now as I’m sure he didn’t want to kill anyone. The firefighter was in the wrong…PERIOD. His own acts dictated his demise. Keep your hands to yourself!!!!

    And to Tony Evans…you’re clearly a total idiot.

  • pamela

    If this deadly shooting were an anomaly, then maybe I could defend the PD. In the past weeks there have been 3 unarmed suspects shot and killed. Maybe KCPD needs to work on their de escalation skills. Last I heard, fighting was not a Capital offense. In KC I guess it warrants the death penalty without the benefit of a trial

  • JayB


    I see you mentioned about how tragic it was that a guy who risked his life to save people was shot and killed, which is very true that it is tragic. But have you stopped to think that the officer who risks his life every day and multiple times a day did what he had to, to save his life. The officer has over 50% of the bones in his face broken and was found unconscious. Is he supposed to just let someone beat him to death. Had that been another police officer that did this to the injured officer, I am sure he would have done the same thing! I hate that you people judge these men when you have never walked in their shoes, and most of you don’t have what it takes to fill their shoes anyway. Good people make bad choices, sometimes very bad choices hat change and affect many lives! This whole thing is a tragedy. My thoughts and Prayers go out to both families!

  • JayB


    I am guessing that you must go out and risk your life everyday, and you have a full understanding what its like to be in these situations because you have chosen to risk your life for the better of others. Because if you haven’t then you have no idea what you are talking about!

    I would say walk a week in an officers shoes and see what you think then, but I don’t think you could make it a day. Its called the thin blue line for a reason. If you don’t know what the thin blue line means you should look it up. The upper black square represents the good people, the bottom black square represents the bad people, and the thin blue line in the middle represent the men and women that stand between the good and the bad. this job is done because you want to serve and protect the innocent, not because you get rich doing it.

    You can bad mouth police officers on here, but I guarantee that you are the first one to pick up the phone and dial 911 when you are scared, hurt, or in trouble, and you expect that officer to do what he needs to to save your life, but you don’t expect him to do what he needs to to save his own life. That just doesn’t seem right at all Nancy, maybe you should handle your own emergencies instead of calling the police if that’s how you feel about police.

  • dubya

    Tresha, you are 100% correct-as a former state police officer and federal agent-deadly force is warranted when you or others are in imminent danger of losing their lives. from the little information provided in this article, it doesn’t sound like this officer had much choice-a bad situation for all, but since this officer was reported to be seriously injured and unconscious when other officers arrived it sounded like he did what he could to stay alive. interesting to see what shakes out in the next few days.

  • mamaofalotoflittles

    Exactly! My husband is also an officer. I think more is being made of this story bc this guy was a firefighter so the media is trying to make this a cops vs fire story. During this altercation however he was not working as a firefighter. The police officer WAS working as a police officer and was seriously assaulted by this man. The police officer did what he was trained to do to secure his weapon END OF STORY!

  • Jules

    Pamela-do you realize we live in a high crime city? We don’t live in mission hills. Evaluate the “clientele ” the KCPD interacts with on a daily basis. Think long and hard abt that. We’re not talking abt joco soccer moms…

  • B

    Some departments actually issue each officer their own take home taser but each is different. Larger departments probably do not seeing that te expense would be high versus having just enough for on duty officers or deputies. I’m sure the officer will be cleared because tere is no way one could know whether the beating was going to stop or potentially cause serious injury or death. That factor alone would fall under this being self defense.

  • chrystine

    Did you read the story prior to commenting? The cop was beaten so badly he passed out from his injuries. He has multiple facial fractures. He didn’t “shoot first”. He was clearly defending his life.

  • Anthony Moriglioni

    apparently steve, you have never heard of protect and serve… you are right… you have a responsibility to protect yourself… what would you say if an officer watched your wife get raped, then walked over and just arrested the perp…. i bet your tune would change then…

  • Hinikuna Dansei

    Even in a major city it can take up to 5-10 minutes minimum for the police to arrive. In that time anything can happen. A lot also depends on how many officers they have working, what other kind of calls they have going on at the same time, and where the officer/s going to investigate are coming from. Obviously something had to happen to get the officer involved.

  • mj

    Exactly. It is a terrible outcome for the families, but when a person – I don’t care what their job is – is attacking a person (police or not) to the point of passing out with a facial fracture (which takes a HARD hit), self defense kicks in. Why it has to be about FD vs PD I can only blame on politics.

  • chrystine

    I just want to express my condolences to the families. We who are reading a story cannot be quick to judge – we were not there and even eye witnesses don’t always have accurate recall.

  • Debo

    Very well said and your words should touch everyone who reads them very deep in their heart. It is an incomprehensible tragedy all the way around and you are so right……sometimes even the ones we love made bad decisions and choices…..because we are all human. Both families will have deep emotions about this and indeed will evoke strong emotion in all of us who are hearing of this.

    May your family find a way to heal from this and your beautiful words about remembering the happiness of the night fill every heart that is struggling through this….I surely hope that either family will have to endure prolonged pain from the media coverage and will find forgiveness for everyone involved. So very sorry for your loss as well as for the other person involved as I’m sure he will carry his own personal pain from this both emotionally and physically.

  • Brisco

    You ask how I would feel if it was a member of my family?
    Well I’ll tell you.
    If a member of my family gets drunk and assaults a police officer or anyone else in this manner and they die from the use of force from the defender, I’ll say good for the defender.

    Everyone is entitled to protect themselves, if the attacker dies from the use of force, so be it.

  • Matt Copeland

    How come you wouldn’t be upset if the Media ran the story of Cops that raped women after arresting them, or that murder an unarmed suspect. This society that believes the profession of law enforcement officers are Angelic beings that don’t lie, cheat on their wives, capable of murder, perjury, contentment, take drug dealers money 7 lie amount the real amount, lie on their Reports about events, set people up, impose their racist or sexist ideologies, sexually harass female suspects & fellow female officers, are totally insane and redundant of our society.

  • Jeff Morgan

    War zone? You’re an idiot, Sheepodoom. Officers engage on foot pursuits by themselves all the time. Would it be acceptable to you if they simply refused to do their job until 2 or 3 more officers show up? What if the suspect was beating up your mother. Should the officer wait until more cops show up?

    He didn’t “jump” the suspect then shoot him. He intervened in an assault in progress of the can driver, chased the suspect, attempted to apprehend him and got seriously injured before almost passing out. He fired in self defense. Please don’t spin the true facts to support your irrational rant about KCPD.

  • Hinikuna Dansei

    The cop just witnessed an assault take place, tried to stop the suspect, and the suspect started running away from him. if the cop DIDN’T chase after him in an attempt to stop him for the interest of public safety, then I DEFINITELY wouldn’t want him on my police force.

  • JS

    For all you know, as so much information was left out, the cop may have assaulted him and the firefighter defended himself. When the cop saw he was in a bad situation, he drew and fired his weapon. Don’t spin the true facts to support your irrational ideology that all cops are perfect and more valuable than the rest of man.

    The fact is the only person who could provide the full story other than the extremely biased cop would be… oh wait. No one. And so no one can know if the killing was murder or self defense. I’ve seen the videos of cops committing both. Such as when a teenager ran from cops. They shot five rounds into his back as he ran and a sixth into his head as he lay there. Cops are far from perfect.

  • Stu Cozza

    If the story as reported is accurate, then Bruno may have made more than one bad decision. He was alleged to have assaulted a cab driver, then a police officer who had no choice to defend himself. Inflicting a head injury, intentional or not, can easily cause death. That the officer lost consciousness after firing the fatal shots at the attacker tells me he may have at least some swelling of the brain (and maybe some bleeding) occurring within his skull. Increased Intracranial Pressure, if left untreated, can be fatal.

    The alleged assailant’s occupation is of little or no relevance; there are folks from other professions who commit crimes as well. This person allegedly chose to assault the cab driver and the officer (who had a duty to act, whether on or off duty). Bruno’s career as a firefighter has no apparent bearing on the story.

  • Chrystine Collins-Blums

    Matt, I do not think police are above the law. If anything, they should be held to a higher standard as should prosecutors and judges because they took oaths to uphold the law. I object to the news using the fact that the man who was killed was an off duty fire fighter. It makes it no more or less of a tragedy. As I stated, I am curious to know whether excessive drinking played a part in the situation. Sometimes people react badly when they’ve had too much too drink – I know I’m stating the obvious but there it is.

  • Frankie

    First of all, the media does report every single one of those stories. Second of all, I am not sure what any of those incidents have to do with a police officer responding to a crime and getting his face bashed in responding with a gun. I don’t hate all fast food workers because some have spit in people’s food. I don’t hate or fear my mailman because some have gone in and shot up post offices. I don’t dislike firefighters because some watch a person’s house burn to the ground without doing a thing because they didn’t pay a $100 yearly fee. Maybe all of these examples are because I can apply logic and know that not everyone with the same job title is the same person, but I guess you don’t have the same luxury…

  • Joe

    It may be sad for the families of those involved but it has no affect on me. I don’t know the people but I am disgusted by they way the cop shot the guy when he is trained to use other methods first. Why didn’t the cop just wait for back up? Apparently, he thought he could take the guy down but when he learned he wasn’t tough enough, he pulled his gun and killed him. That isn’t the way cops are supposed to do their job and people should stop making excuses for his poor decision to kill.

  • David

    There was an assault in progress, that is why he didn’t wait for back up. If he did this, then someone like you would probably say, “that uniformed police officer just stood there and watched this guy assault the cab driver! The cop did nothing!! He’s got a gun and other tools and he just stood there!” People like you criticize the police NO MATTER WHAT they do.

  • Hinikuna Dansei

    Joe, you’re ignorant. The man was obviously getting beaten very badly considering he has a broken orbital bone and other facial injuries. That’s serious bodily injury, which in Missouri is assault in the 1st degree. Concussions and possible internal bleeding could have killed that officer. In that case, deadly force is appropriate and he was perfectly within his rights to protect his own life.

    Cops are not on the same level as professional MMA fighters or Jet Li. They cannot be expected to somehow magically disarm or stop every single assailant out there with fancy wrist locks or side kick out a knife. That’s the movies, and has no basis in reality.

  • Derek

    The police officer did what he was supposed to do. An officer is not supposed to give up without backup because a suspect flees. Nor would a uniformed officer ever wait for backup to do the right thing and stop the disturbance. The suspect made all the wrong decisions and he paid the the ultimate price. You can’t take it back, the officer was simply reacting to the situation presented by the subject. The media and the police haters are the only ones at fault here. The media should have titled this something like “uniformed officer breaks up disturbance, engages in foot pursuit, and shoots violent suspect before blacking out from sustained jnjuries”! Or in easy to understand terms “officer shoots and kills dangerous suspect”! Notice, I never mentioned “firefighter” or “off duty”. They don’t matter! That’s has nothing to do with what happened just what the media presented. .

  • Hinikuna Dansei

    So the cop should have just sat back and watched the same fate happen to the taxi driver and do nothing? Cops are legally obligated to take action if they see a crime in progress, whether they’re with 100 other cops or by themselves. Waiting for backup could take 10-15 minutes, the entire time that taxi driver is getting beaten, maybe even killed, and the attacker could flee the scene. For all we know that cop could have saved the taxi driver’s life in that same incident.

  • Hinikuna Dansei

    I agree, and well said. It’s a tragedy all the way around. Though I am currently siding with the officer, I also feel bad for the family who just lost a loved one. It sounds like alcohol and bad choices combined to make this terrible event take place. l am praying for both families.

  • Shirley Steiniger

    Excellent words. My prayers for both families and the community as a whole. The entire story will come out and people will slowly mend. We need to pray that others will learn a lesson from this so history doesn’t repeat itself. Pray that those families find some peace during the holidays and the coming months, it is going to be tough on them. The community needs to come together and help them mend and stand behind BOTH families equally. The young man that lost his life made a mistake, a grave error in judgement, the Officer did what he had been trained to do. I pray that they find a way to find peace in all this and that the media leave them alone so they can.

  • Constitutionalist

    I completely agree, NEVER call the the police. Even for a 911 call, you may wind up dead from your “rescuers”. And yes, i also reserve the right to defend myself with deadly force even from a cop. There are laws on the books stating just that. Check the precedent setting case in Indiana.

  • SW

    Yep. You said it better then I could.

    Now can all of those who replied while knowing little of what happened go back and apologize for their idiotic speculations about the severely injured cop being the bad guy?

  • Thomas (@Redneck_Me)

    I agree Steve. Even as an ardent fan of those who serve and protect (seems the KCPD doesn’t do that) I have noticed that the KCPD has a policy of closing ranks and protecting each other whenever a shooting occurs. KCPD has a motto, We are always in the right, even when we are wrong.

  • Constitutionalist

    With the wild west shoot ’em up attitude of “cops” all over the country. I definitely reserve the same right to shoot until the threat lis ended, and that includes any cop. Citizens are being shot to death over traffic tickets, entry of the wrong house, or simply for being homeless. Read the news on the internet or watch Youtube. The cops are dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs.