A man charged in two rape cases may have more victims

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY -- A Kansas City man is charged with kidnapping and rape in two separate cases and now a victim's advocate says there may be more. Two young women have come forward to tell similar stories involving violence and sexual assault.

A 49-year-old Kansas City man is currently behind bars, charged with two counts of kidnapping, rape, attempted rape, sodomy and sexual abuse. According to court documents, in both cases, Michael Cain offered the women a ride and once inside the car, Cain displayed a Taser and threatened violence if the women didn't comply.

"His MO has stayed the same from the cases we have seen here, that we've done, it's the exact same thing so he's really not a very smart guy," said Carolyn Cordle, the program director for local non-profit, COVERSA, which counsels victims and collects evidence in sexual assaults.

It's the use of that Taser that stood out to Cordle.

"When I read that report, I knew immediately this was not his first time.  He was too careless if you will.  Brazen," she said.

Cordle said COVERSA deals with around 250 victims of sexual assault each year and has handled a couple of the rape cases involving a Taser and Cain.

"I knew then we were probably dealing with serial [rapist]," she said.

In the first case in October, court documents say a 22-year-old woman was picked up by Cain at 22nd and Prospect, blindfolded and taken to a home on James A. Reed road where she was raped. Cain then gave her his phone number and dropped the woman off.

In the second case a 19-year-old was picked up behind a hotel on Linwood. The teen told police she tried to fight Cain when she was tased in the face and both legs -- before a woman passing by came to her rescue.

Cordle believes more victims will come forward -- and given the chance -- she'd say to Cain:

"DNA is better than him. And victims are stronger than he is, that's what I would say to him," she said.

Cordle said she hopes attention to cases like this helps bring down the stigma attached to the reporting of rapes. In turn, she hopes the prosecution rate for rape cases in Jackson County goes up.

Cordle also said currently that rate stands at around four percent. In court documents, investigators note that Cain was arrested by Grandview police in March 2013 for a similar investigation. Cain in jail on a $250,000 cash only bond. His preliminary hearing is set December 11th.

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  • Joe

    What young woman in her right mind would accept a ride from an old man at 22nd and Prospect? People need to be smarter than that. I am sorry she was raped but what she did was really stupid and when people do stupid things, bad results may come of it. I hope she gets the help she needs and I hope he gets raped in prison.

  • Jamie Haman

    Joe Joe Joe. Where does the article say he offered her a ride? It says she was “picked up.” Here is what makes language interesting….does that mean he grabbed her off the street? Does that mean he “offered” her a ride” or does it mean he was someone she knew, who was picking her up after work? After working out? Or after shopping?

    Good to know you hope she gets the help she needs, and sad to read you hope he gets raped.

    What we know is that YOU blamed the victim for a rape that was violently and forcibly done! YOU called her behavior “really stupid” when you don’t know what happened other than she was raped.

    Nor do you say one thing about the vicious criminal in this, the man who raped her. You don’t say he was wrong, you don’t say he is bad, you don’t say a dammed thing about him, other than to hope he is raped in jail or prison.
    Tell ya what, make sure you teach your boys what the word NO means.
    That will do more to prevent rape than any thing else on the planet.