Belton restaurant apologizes for sign about scalping Redskins

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELTON, Mo. — An outdoor sign at a Sonic Restaurant in Belton offended some who saw it, and has renewed calls for The Washington Redskins to change their name.

The sign was only up for about 15 minutes Sunday before the words were removed, but it was long enough for someone to snap a picture. It began circulating on social media sites.

The sign said:

Once the owner saw the sign, he told the employees to take it down and apologized.

The picture of the sign was posted in Native Citizen News Network, courtesy of Cody Blackbird. Blackbird reportedly called the restaurant and said the person he spoke to seemed to ‘care about the issue.’

Patrick Lenow, Sonic’s Vice President of Public Relations, released the following statement:

“His passion for his hometown football team and a reputation for creative remarks on his message board resulted in a lapse in judgment and he regrets allowing the remarks to be posted. The owner has reinforced with his employees the boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable.”

In October, Redskins owner Dan Snyder addressed the controversy over his team’s name and reiterated his┬ástance that it should not be changed.

For more on his letter to fans defending that decision, click here.

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  • Mare

    This Sonic is on the way to the main drag in Belton. They always have fun messages. When oohhh when can we live in a society that doesn’t have the “FINGER POINTER” and the “TOO SENSITIVE ONE”…bunch of cry babies. Get over it. It’s so stupid it’s funny now.

  • Joe

    What is wrong with those people? They apologize but they should have known better before they even put up the sign. I hope people let them know their displeasure by not eating at that Sonic. Someone needs to be fired immediately. If they are so stupid as to do this, I cannot trust they won’t do something to the food they serve…thinking it is a joke.

    • Gary_USMC

      You would fire a sonic person for something stupid like this? No warning? Nice…how about applying that same logic to politicians and their law breaking, lying ways? They “should know better” too shouldn’t they?

  • Joe

    Xavior & Mare: White people have treated most minorities badly. The slaves have been freed but the Native Americans are still stuck on reservations without opportunities, poor schools and some of the worst land that doesn’t grow much. It is time to show them the respect they deserve and that Sonic sign is wrong on so many levels.

  • Bob

    Joe, I take offense being a “white” man about how white peolpe treat minorities. it is this kind of stupidity that continues to full the racism card. Time to pull your head out of the sand. There is just as much reverse racism as well.

    • Joe

      Bob: I am also white and if you don’t understand the pain we have caused so many minorities, you need to educate yourself. We enslaved the Africans, we killed the Native Americans and put them on reservations, we rounded up the Japanese during the war and put them in the dessert in camps, and the list goes on. These things were all done by white people and we cannot deny it. Now we are treating our neighbors to the south, who are looking to work so they can feed their families, as if they are less of a people than we are. We let some work in the fields for very low pay so we can have cheap fruits and vegetable but we treat them like animals and don’t want to give their children an education nor medical care. Not all white people are responsible for these actions but many are and our politicians are definitely responsible. White people need to lighten up on those who are not white and treat them as equals. Ask any black person if they feel they get equal treatment as the white people and the answer would be a resounding “NO”! They would be telling the truth, too.

      • analbags

        Joe: I get sick of people saying that we enslaved black people. NOO!! we didn’t. It was our ancestors so why should we have to pay for their wrong doings? We can’t help it. Unless someone invents a way to go back in time, we are stuck. No modern day white person can help it. I feel like we are getting punished for something we didnt do.

  • David Juiliano

    I wonder how many people offended by this would of found it funny had they heard it at a comedy show instead. It’s just a play on words. No one is actually talking about actual Indians so it shouldn’t be offensive. People need to grow up.

    If it takes something offensive to you to make you stop eating unhealthy fast food then you have a lot more serious problems in life to worry about.

  • sonic employees mom

    That was my daughter in that picture. She did not make that sign up, she was told what to put on the sign. She came home, told me what was put up and asked why people were getting upset. People afraid my daughter will spit in your food because she was doing what she was told at her job? People are to sensitive, and just look for anything to stir up drama. I told my daughter tgis is a good lesson on freedom of speech, and how its only allowed if someones feelings dont get hurt.

    • Not A Sonic Employee's Parent

      What a wonderful teaching opportunity you had to explain why this type of message is offensive and why the freedom of speech encroachment argument isn’t applicable in this situation. (Hint: it would have been applicable in the scenario if the government mandated the removal).

  • Olivia Shelley

    I opened every Mornig at that sonic and the stones would call up an tell me what to put on the sign so I don’t understand why they are saying the employee did this the OWNERS did it they are bad people !!!

  • sonic employees mom

    To not a sonic employees mom, my daughter lives by the motto peace, love, unity and respect. She would never say things that she thought would offend another race. But whether it was the government or the outcry of offended people, if those were her words she has every right to say them. It was a sign directed at a football team, not at a race of people.

  • Randy

    It’s words on a sign, get over it PC crowd. The sign was a joke and as I’ve said earlier the complainers don’t you ever laugh at a Polish or Blonde joke ever again. Even Blondes laugh at jokes about them. This is absolutely stupid for even offering an apology for nothing was said except a JOKE. Absolutely stupid issue.

  • cindy stoverink

    Very sad Sonic thought this was fuuny because it is not.I have Chickasaw heritage and this is not Indian thing it is about respect for all cultures.You would not use the N word on your sign now would you? I hope someone has learned from this.

  • Diane

    Would it have been funny if the team was called the Blackskins & they would have put “chain them up, feed them watermelons & put them on a plantation”? These people are ignorant stereo-typing Native Americans!

  • gs

    I am sure that all the commenters who are saying “get over it” or ” tosensitive” are caucasian. You couldn’t possibly begin to understand this issue in the least as there has never been racial slander at this level against caucasians in this country.
    o the mother of the Sonc employee, if your daughter really believes in PLUR, she would have understood immediately why the sign was offensive.
    It’s sad the amount of ignorance here.

  • Veronica

    Sonic is a bad place not just in that state here in North Carolina too. They have problems about racists. My husband works there and one of his managers calls some of the black workers monkeys. And also one of the managers walk around all day calling peoples n***as just becauses she date a black man. That’s not cool. Everybody hears it. They don’t do nothing about it. It was just said the other day I’m surprise her father lets her date a black man. I’m surprised he not dead yet.So what he saying if he got a baby girl, she better not date no black man. Some workers got offended by it and ask what is that suppose to mean he said he didn’t mean it like that. Yeah Right. And if any body wants to know why I still work there I got my reason.