Woman devastated after delivery service puts package in trash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BARNHART, Mo. – A mother demanded answers after she received a note from a delivery service company that said they had left her package in an empty trash can.

Missouri resident, Tracy Sole, was extremely upset after she discovered a notice left on her door by UPS stating they had delivered a package to her residence and placed it inside of a black trash can. The worse part was that the delivery was made on trash day, and when Sole went to look for the package, all that was inside her black trashcan was two frozen cups. She suspected the trash had already been picked up that day.

According to Sole the package was especially important because it was a Christmas gift she intended to give to her young daughter. It contained an Android tablet, which she had saved up for.

“I was crying all night last night I came home and I mean I saved for months to get that for my daughter and then for them to just throw it in the trash,” said Sole about the missing package.

Sole contacted UPS, who she said told her to contact the company she purchased the tablet from.

“And I was trying to talk to the guy on the phone, he said ‘you`re going to have to calm down, I can`t understand what you`re saying.’  So I was like you don`t understand but it was awful,” said Sole about the phone call she made to the company.

UPS offers a service that would require a signature during delivery, but for an additional charge. They also train their drivers to leave packages out of plain sight and out of bad weather.

“I don`t care if they leave it by the mailbox as long as they don`t throw it in the trash,” said Sole, who understands that the driver didn’t want to walk down her icy driveway, but thinks they could’ve chosen a better spot for the package.

Unfortunately, the incident has left Sole without a Christmas gift for her daughter.

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  • Diane

    To say, “Unfortunately, the incident has left Sole without a Christmas gift for her daughter.” is a little exaggerated as the UPS should be the ones to replace it and there is still time to come in time for Christmas. I have a note on my front door for all packages to be delivered to the back porch out of site.

  • Holland

    Seriously unacceptable by UPS! They are solely accountable and screwed up twice, once by putting it in the trash and twice by saying she should call the company who she ordered it from! Why? You are the jerks who put it in the trash! I will think twice about using them if they don’t fix this and others should do the same.. A serious lack of judgement was used here.. How devastating for this poor woman..

  • Leanne J

    What I don’t understand is how UPS drivers and UPS are not responsible for these types of things. Why do they always say contact the place you bought it from. So many stories like this. Checking out UPS Facebook page there is nothing but bad stories and all you get is I;m sorry contact the supplier. UPS needs to be held accountable for these types of things

  • Hayley Coon

    So she put out an empty trash can. A ups driver put a package in it & then the empty trash can was emptied again….I highly doubt a ups driver would put a package in a can of trash so I’m confused here… My driver always leaves on porch. If driveway is slick they can walk thru yard. A few odd things in this story.

  • Katie

    I don’t understand.UPS trains their drivers to place packages out of sight and out of bad weather and the driver did not want to walk it down the icy driveway??? Then how did he leave the note on the front door??? And it defeats the purpose of putting it out of plain sight if a “robber” sees the slip and reads the note as to where the package is. Just ridiculous.

  • Traci

    My husband drives for UPS 15 years now. They are not allowed to put things in mailboxes. My husband has had people leave him notes especially if its electronic where to place it. There is more to this story. UPS is so strict and I’m assuming that maybe a helper had done it. Or maybe the employee just wanted to throw is awesome job with awesome benefits out the door.

  • Kitty

    So… how did she get the note? I highly doubt he pinned the note and still put the package in the trash. This is fishy all the way around. I think she’s looking for another free tablet, or someone stole her package and wrote that note. Either way, UPS offers free tracking and she had a general idea of when it would get there. Common sense would tell you to have someone home to get it.

  • Joe

    Something isnt making sense, to me at least.

    She says she understands that they didnt want to walk down her driveway. They left the note on the door which means they already walked down the driveway, and would have to walk back down it to return to their truck.

    Next…….where are the trashcans. Here where I live, we keep the trash cans next to the house until trash day when we set them at the curb, then return them to the side of the house once trash is picked up.

    She is saying he went to the door, no one was there, he either left a note then or returned to his truck. If he left the note there, why not leave the package somewhere close to there? If he returned to his truck to write the note, why would he leave the gift at the curb and then walk back to the door to leave the note?

    I also, just cannot see a UPS driver leaving a package in a garbage can that is sitting at the curb.

    Has UPS admitted to doing whats being claimed?

    • JD

      The news made an error. I know this person and she lives in the country. She has a long steep driveway and in leaves trash cans at end of driveway all the time since she can’t pull a full trash can up her driveway. The note was stuck to her mailbox, not on the door. This happened in the St. Louis area that has received a lot of snow and ice over the last week. When she called u

  • Billy Smith

    Drivers are given a huge amount packages to deliver on x-mass so they are doing whatever they can to get the packages off at the cost of customer service.UPS will always try to weasel out of paying for any packages , do not give up get more press involved and maybe a manager at UPS will do the right thing . Get the number of the locale center the 800 number is a joke!I

  • Dawn

    I think the reason she was told to contact the company she bought the tablet from is because they have to file the claim with UPS for the loss. They contracted for the delivery and the delivery wasn’t made. She has no claim with UPS as she didn’t contract with them for their services.

  • Michael brown

    I thnk the guy had great entensions. Which is awesome. But to out in a trash can by the road is just rediculous. Just makes no sence. But to put in scan next to the house, great idea so no one can steal it. But she said he didn’t want to walk down the driveway. Wasn’t there a ups delivery sticker on the front door. He just made a stupid desicion. And ups should be reliable becouse he threw it away. Even though he had good entensions. I don’t think he should loose his job. Hopefully not. And you get your items replaced before.

    • Joe

      Good work! You are absolutely right. I think the woman is fabricating some of the story, if not all, and she has already got caught in the web she tried to weave. I hope her daughter is smarter than she.

  • Mike12906

    And for the US Postal Service. Three times lately they have just thrown our package on the ground by the side of the road. Threw it out the window of the delivery van–we saw it once. We have a rural mailbox, and they don’t want to come up the driveway. For USPS, you have to call an 800-number somewhere and they type your complaint into a computer. That’s it.

  • TG

    UPS is a amazing company and pretty on key for deliveries
    They try to keep boxes out of plain view as theifs live to steal easy targets they were simply trying to help this lady not get something tossed out its a catch 22 for them sometimes if they left it out and it was raining she would be calling also . Just A unfortunate deal for the customer.. But I’m sure the way our community is she will end up the winner at the end ! Another silly story by fox 4

  • She should have bought off the shelf

    Did the driver document in his own records where the package was left and whether the trash can was empty? It’s getting to where we all have to have video cameras record EVERTHING

  • Wayne

    UPS and FedEx cannot use USPS receptacles, like mailboxes. The reason they had her call the company she ordered it from is that the shipper has to file the claim, she as the recipient cannot do that.

  • Joe

    This woman needs to get a life if she is crying all night over a package that we all know can be replaced. It is stupid to get that worked up about a stupid package. Even the guy on the phone couldn’t understand her because of her wailing. Rediculous!

  • pat

    UPS, United Parcel Service, has a lot of unhappy customers and, no weekend service, and terrible customer service. I’m going to look up the federal agency that regulates them. They have made my life hell and wound up having ME in trouble with the police. You should look at You Tube and the many blogs, some called United Parcel Service su…ks. that document what many drivers do. Mine had a pkg of business papers on a Friday and we were both in my front yard and he refused to give me the pkg. I later figured out that he had stuck a note out of sight on my closed-off front porch and I guess he didn’t want to redo his computer work. Notice was not understandable. It required a signature at time of delivery, although it seems this can be up to the driver, This was around 3 p.m. He screamed that he would call the cops, so I went far away. I made a police report. UPS wanted me to wait and that night go to their distribution center far away in a dark industrial park, told me that if I honked, super would bring me the pkg. I did, and told super I never wanted that driver again and was told he had fixed it so that no UPS pkgs. would EVER be delivered to my house, I would have to go out there to pick up anything. Then he changed his mind and said I was trespassing, I called the police, but ofr that I had made report to was at supper, so new ofr came and only took the super’s story and never explained why the driver would not give me my pkg. I was then told I was being put on a list of those warned about trespassing on UPS territory, and would be arrested and taken to jail if I didn’t leave immediately (had finally gotten pkg.) Then I tried to leave my driveway few days later and same driver was blocking my drive, He first said he’d back up and then, seeing me, called cops and said he’d had trouble with me before. Three officers arrived and detained me while he blocked intersection, demanded to know why I had called them, which I had not, told me he was allowed to park across driveway, said I was on list warned not to trespass at UPS and then threatened to arrest me for something if I didn’t leave my street immediately. I had ordered something from Amazon and seller had agreed to deliver to my neighbor’s name and address, but did not. So now I can’t get pkg, and they have to hold it a certain number of days in distribution ctr. before they return it without chg. UPS actually wrote incorrect info about both deliveries on their tracking websites. I emailed city atty to find out that it is NOT LEGAL for UPS to block driveway., When UPS called me, it was early a.m. and I was sleeping. She insisted that I come out to pick up pkg and I said no way, said if I made a complaint then they would make it so that nobody on my block could get UPS, said she could track where driver had been by GPS but would not Would not tell me why I couldn’t get first pkg.. Pkg had been sent out for delivery and still on truck second day. Blame Amazon for using them for their Prime service. They are helping to put the USPS — post office– out of business. And yes, no other carrier is allowed to use the mail box. I’m sure that there are good and honest drivers, but no job should be allowed to break the law in order to meet company standards. I have a p.o. box that I’d love to use ,but nobody uses the usps.I don’t know if it’s the
    Dept of Transportation, interstate commerce (if it exists), or what, but this company needs to be closely examined.

  • Kenya-Robinson

    There was a write up about UPS, where one of their drivers had delivered a flat screen television. Little did he know, that the address where he delivered this television had camera’s and he was caught; tossing this t.v. over a fence, in which, there were no animals, and he crushed the t.v. He actually threw the t.v. over the fence, from what the footage of the camera showed.

  • Tracey Sole

    Hi everyone! I want to clear this up a little. UPS has apologized to me. The package was placed in the trash can. The note was in my mail box next to it. (I’m not sure why FOX 4 reported the notice was on the door. FOX 2 in Saint Louis got the story correct) My trash can always sits by my curb, because I can’t drag it up my driveway (it’s steep!) when it’s full. Therefore, I just bring my trash up the hill to it as I collect it. The trash can was empty when the package was put in there, because I could not get my trash up my driveway on the ice. I guess he thought the empty trash can meant that they had already picked up. It was not his mistake that made me call, it was the UPS’s inability to handle the situation. I called them that night and they put me on hold, then they hung up on me after sitting on hold for about 20 minutes. So, I called back and sat on hold for another 10 minutes, which just made things worse because I was already upset. Finally, they answer the phone and tell me I need to call the company I ordered it from. So, I called the company. They said an investigation runs 8-10 days and the tablet was backordered. They said they could not give me a time frame on when I would receive a new one. It was not the company’s fault, it was UPS’s fault and the should have taken care of it without the runaround. Now, UPS is going to be getting a new tablet for my daughter… before Christmas! Its a shame they couldn’t have just done that in the first place instead of making me go through all this! Thanks to all the people who offered to get her a tablet or money for one. While I refused all offers, I would like to suggest that your donations be made to toys for tots! When I say “I saved for months,” I mean I have a Christmas savings account. I put $30-$40 a month into the account so that when Christmas comes, I can splurge on my daughter and my son! I also, take some of the money and have my kids pick out toys to donate. I am fortunate to work for an amazing company, and I am able to support my kids just fine. The idea was not to get money, it was to get UPS’s attention so I am able to get the tablet that ordered and make things right. UPS is doing just that, and everyone that I have spoke to since has been wonderful! I am going to request that this driver, though he has made a huge mistake, not be terminated from his employment. I know I am not an HR employee of UPS, but maybe my opinion will matter. I can guarantee he will never make that mistake again. I appreciate Fox 2 helping me with this matter. I also appreciate that UPS is doing what they can to make it right! I’m not a mother that “forged a tip,” but I am a mother that wants my child to have the Christmas I was planning for her. Anyone with kids can understand that.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • M Jax

    If you can afford to color your hair, you are not poor. seems she is overstating the situation.

    If you want your package delivered to your home, and it’s so important that you “cry all night,” THEN BE THERE FOR THE DELIVERY.

    It seems the story is lacking MUCH detail, that is pertinent to the story.