KC rapper gains notoriety for Chiefs-related lyrics

Posted on: 12:25 pm, December 20, 2013, by , updated on: 06:03am, December 23, 2013

KANSAS CITY — As the Chiefs prepare for the playoffs, there’s an artist whose success has been closely tied to the team. A locally produced rap song about the Chiefs is becoming more popular as the team continues winning.

In Kansas City, Kan., he grew up as Mitchell Irving, selling CDs of his music on the street corners. Now living in Los Angeles, he’s called Irv da Phenom. And this is his second song about the Chiefs on You Tube and iTunes.

Video of Irving’s first song, “Red-And-Yellow,” became popular on the streets in 2011, when the team wasn’t nearly as good as it is today.

This year, after the team’s undefeated start, Irv’s “Kansas City Do It Big” is gaining fans across the nation, showcasing Kansas City and Chiefs fans in a positive light.

The Wyandotte High School graduate says he has a lot of pride in where he comes from, and he says the Chiefs are a unifying force for everyone in the metro area.

“It’s not just about the Chiefs, it’s about hometown pride,” Irv said. “I love Kansas City, so I always want to represent, let the world know that we are awesome.”

Irv says there’s a lot of talented rappers in Kansas City whose work often goes unnoticed. He hopes the Chiefs success on the field will help new listeners recognize the talent in this town.

Irv’s father attends Chiefs home games and brings copies of his son’s songs to give away to fans.

If the team makes it to the Super Bowl, Irv say he’ll parachute out of a helicopter in his next music video.

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  • NeSe says:

    Why would KC Fox News condone such. Yes its great that he is repping for his home town and yes the young man has talent. But did you listen to the lyrics? You are the same station thats talking about stop the violence but then in the song RED N YELLOW he talks about the violence in KC….walk up ppl and fall off the BANDWAGON! Use your talent for good young man and it can talk you alot further. This song would have been dope with the tweeking of a few lyrics that were unnecessary and brought nothing but negativity to the song.

  • Norman says:

    u’z a hater NeSe. this Norm Williams. and we gone hold down Mitch till da end. get us on the map Irv from Mark Twain to the big Game. u’ve came a long way bro. hold it down for the town.

  • Jesus Kornis III says:

    IRV DA PHENOM! Toyota Mode!

  • jd says:

    I agree with Nese on the fact that the song is nice minus some of the violent lyrics in red&yellow. Id just play Irvs verse and the hook. Much better job keeping the content clean in KCDB.

  • Jeff says:

    irv is in the video with a well known drug trafficker who is currently under federal indictment…pathetic fox 4..

  • DMGRebel15 says:

    Finally getting noticed irv! Yes.. Goodluck irv da PHENOM!.. Time to take it in 2014…PHENOM!

  • i know Irv says:

    i know irv….dudes deserves some notarity, he is deep in the rap game for years, much love irv da phenom

  • Nuroc Music says:

    Irv Da Phenom is no where near anything negative and stands on a very positive movement threw his music!
    Catch Irv Da Phenom Live Jan. 4, 2014 @ the opera house!

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