Bitter cold not stopping one local trash business

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- The city of Kansas City, Mo. delayed trash pick-up by one day due to the weather on Monday. Many schools and businesses decided to remain closed, but not everyone let the bitter cold impact business.

"Just get in and get it, and move on to the next, get in and get out of this mess," said Fred Gulley, who is a garbage man.

Trash pick-up is delayed until Tuesday for Kansas City, Mo., but Ted's Trash Service in Independence kept its doors open.

"Long as you got layers on you're ok," Gulley added, who has been collecting trash for more than 30 years now. He and his son, Jeremy, said it doesn't matter, rain or shine, freezing or not, they do not miss a day.

"Same day, everyday thing for me on the back of that truck just working," said Gulley’s son, Jeremy.

"Our number one priority is keeping our customers happy so, our customers provide all of our employees with jobs, so we try to provide them with the best service in town," said Dusty Ferrell, the general manager of Ted's Trash Service. He said the company has missed only two days in 53 years.

"We'll try to continue to keep servicing without interruption," Ferrell added. Despite the dangerously low temperatures, he doesn't see the need to stop serving the public.

"The roads aren't that bad, the city has done a pretty good job keeping the roads clear, so we haven't had any problems so far," said Ferrell.

The trash service employees bundled up knowing full well they had to work on Monday, despite the many cancellations in the area.

"We make sure they all layer up, they all have gloves, they all work together as a team trying to get done early," Ferrell said. "They're out there working their tails off trying to get the job done."

Gulley said he doesn't mind working in whatever Mother Nature throws at him, because he knows his customers are appreciative.

"They come out and talk to us, give us Christmas gifts and everything. They're good customers," he said.

Again, Kansas City, Mo. trash and recycling services have been delayed by one day due to the cold. If you typically have your trash picked up on Monday, it will now be picked up on Tuesday. Instead of working Monday through Friday this week, the trash services will run Tuesday through Saturday.

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