Father upset with terms on school’s sexual education poster

Posted on: 9:45 pm, January 14, 2014, by , updated on: 11:10am, January 16, 2014

Warning: This story contains terms that some may find offensive or inappropriate, reader and viewer discretion is recommended.

SHAWNEE, Kan. – A father said if his 13-year-old daughter hadn’t taken a picture of a questionable public poster and shown him, he’d never have known the content. Now that he knows, he’s not happy.

Mark Ellis says his daughter goes to Hocker Grove Middle School in the Shawnee Mission School District. She was so shocked by what she recently saw on a poster at school, that she took a picture of it home and showed her parents.

Her dad initially assumed it was a student prank, until he called the school and found  it was part of the curriculum.

“Why would you put it in front of 13-year-old students?” he asked.

He thought the poster, which lists things like “oral sex” and “grinding,” might’ve been a prank until he contacted the school principal. He was told it was a teaching material. But Ellis is now concerned that what’s on this poster is being taught to his daughter in school

“It upsets me. And again, it goes back to who approved this? You know this had to pass through enough hands that someone should have said, ‘Wait a minute, these are 13-year-old kids, we do not need to be this in-depth with this sexual education type of program,’” he said.

District spokeswoman, Leigh Anne Neal, says the poster needs to be viewed in the context of a bigger curriculum, which she calls abstinence-based for students in middle school.

“The poster that you reference is actually part of our middle school health and science materials, and so it is a part of our district approved curriculum,” Neal said. “However the item is meant to be part of a lesson, and so certainly as a standalone poster without the context of a teacher-led discussion, I could see that there might be some cause for concern.”

She said that the approved curriculum is in line with what other schools around the country do as well.

“The curriculum it is a part of, it aligns with national standards around those topics, and it’s part of our curriculum in the school district,” she said.

But Ellis thinks if that’s the case, the curriculum needs to change.

“This has nothing to do with abstinence or sexual reproduction,” he said. “I would like to see that this particular portion of the curriculum is removed from the school.”

And if the curriculum doesn’t change, Ellis plans to remove his daughter from the sexual education classes.



    • Lacy LaPlante says:

      I totally agree with you! You don’t have to go into graphic detail, but parents should talk to there children at an even younger age, about their bodies, what people can and cannot do to you, how to say no, what to do if anyone touches them anyplace that makes them uncomfortable…and by doing this, yes it’s way to protect them from sexual preditors, but it also opens the door for “the talk”. Only give them the basics at this point. You know your child and what they can handle. Then, either or child comes to you with questions it you bring it up every so often and add a little bit more information, until you feel you’ve covered everything. However, these days, your kids are going to out-knowledge you by the time they are 12 to 14. And I guess if you’re not one to do these types of things , then I would hope they would learn it from school rather that the alternative, real life.

      Granted, this is just my view. And everyone is entitled to their own views. Some people just need some present-day, real life experience if they want to keep their kids safe, without grandbabies, std’s, and so on. Ignorance is not the answer people!!

      • enness says:

        Hi Lacy,
        I agree, but I think there’s even another way to start with very young kids without even needing to talk about physical stuff. Check out the Marshmallow Experiment. When they followed up with the kids from that experiment later in life, the ones who were able to delay gratification were doing better in all kinds of life outcomes. They also figured out that kids could be helped by teaching them strategies or techniques for holding out until the 15 minutes (which seems like an eternity to a little kid with a tempting sweet in front of him) was up.

    • overed says:

      Obviously she didn’t teach you what the caps Lock is for.

  • Greg Crowe says:

    i agree with the dad, in that parents do need to know what is being taught to their kids. take time and spend a day with your child at school, just make arrangements with the school beforehand.

    • April says:

      Greg, you fail to understand that in the new FERPA laws, a parent is not allowed to sit in the classroom during instructional time. Common Core is very strict on people not knowing what is being taught and is very clever about how they word things so the parents may not catch onto the brainwashing that is going on. The teachers are to explain things to the kids instead of reading out of their texts. They even have scripts to read from in some areas of the country. This way you as a parent really don’t know what your child is being taught unless they come home and tell you.

      My son is obsessed with Litter. Because in his Social Studies book it talks about the Gov’t is their safety and that everything needs to be clean and how Gov’t agents help to keep the country clean. It repeats throughout the book about things being clean! The Civil War is not in his Social Studies book at all, but he was taught some messed up stuff about it! When he was done being taught about it; his understanding of it was that if you are from the North you are a bad person and if you are from the South you are a good person! I and my 2 older children were born in the North and the other 3 people in my household were born in the South. So, he copped this attitude with me that he didn’t need to listen to me or be nice to his siblings because we are Bad Northerners! Let me tell you I had to straighten him out really quick on that.

      My son is also a 1st grader and is already been taught about how plants reproduce, and that plants, animals, and humans are all grown or born from an egg! His Science book continues throughout the book repeating how things reproduce and how animals and plants need their space. This is all Common Core stuff. I was already informed by my son’s teacher that soon (next year) they will not even teach the children to print anymore and spelling will not be done either. This is because everything will be on computer and there is spell check! The director of the school informed I and my husband that 8th graders will pick their careers at the end of the year and that ALL their High-school courses will be aligned to his career that they chose. The catch is, is that the child will have to choose from a list that the gov’t has given for that school. Each career will have a number next to it and that is how many students can choose it. Once those slots are filled no one can choose it. This seems great, but the horrible thing is that those children will be stuck in that career that they chose in their 8th grade year for the rest of their lives!

      • alexandria says:

        April, I scarcely know where to begin. I suspect you are one of those who still plays an adult version of telephone. I hold a PhD in education and, while I am absolutely NOT a fan of the common core, almost every point you’ve made here is absolutely false.

      • Shon says:

        Common Core has nothing to do with sexual education. Every state has guidelines that must followed. In fact, most schools ask permission prior to the discussion of such things on that poster. For example in middle school when discussing sex ed. the kids must be separated by sex. Also, parents/guardians can come and sit in the classrooms. They do have rights at least in my state. They cannot interrupt classes but they can come and observe. Schools are public property.

      • april777 says:

        Shon, Read the new FERPA Laws. They are Federal Laws. Your School cannot decide to not follow the law. IF you go to http://stopccssinnys.com/Library.html you will find ALL the CC curriculum standards for every subject including the National Sexuality Education Standards. Some states are farther along in CC than other states. You can say that CC is only Reading, Writing, and Math, but it is not! My County right now has already budgeted to buy the CC History and Science books for the next school year, because CC is suppose to be fully implemented by 2015. They are also trying to get those books ALL Electronic. I have documents that prove that CC is also Social Studies (History) and Science. I got those from that same location above. Just print off the last pages of the subjects standards that tells who created them. My first grade son’s Christian Private school has already implemented the National Sexuality Education Standards! A Christian Private school! They take the standards and up them too they said!! Read what a 2nd grader is suppose to be able to know by the end of the year. Everyone needs to look at theses. The FERPA Laws are on that website too. They use to be on that page, but they have moved them.

  • Rick T says:

    13yr olds shouldn’t know? thats why there are 13, 14 15 yr olds pregnant. Mr Ellis needs to pull his head out of the sand. no one is saying they are ready to have sex, but they are ready to learn about the consequences of sex. I don’t believe there are any live demonstrations or even discussing positions or anything of that nature.

    • Carl P. says:

      If and when I feel my children are ready to learn about it then it is MY responsibility to teach them! NOT the school’s!
      They are paid to teach READING, WRITING and ARITHMETIC!! PERIOD!!

      • Michael says:

        You are correct, they teach about periods in sex ed also.

      • Brandy says:

        Reading, writing, arithmetic…period? Yes, they don’t need to know anything else…let’s keep our kids ignorant….FYI: Arithmetic or arithmetics is the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics…..

      • C says:

        Ok I do believe Parents should teach their children sex ed but there are some parents that don’t teach it to them. SOMETIMES parents would rather have their school teach it then have to do it themselves. Kids are exposed to a lot of things …just look what is on tv now a days. sex is every where. If they are going to teach they also need to teach Sexual abstinence.

      • Rich says:

        C., Abstinence needs to be taught by parents.

        Almost every sex ed program that teaches “abstinence only” fails miserably. The results are no different than not teaching sex ed at all. Comprehensive sex ed that gives the kids ALL of the facts and lets them make the decision for themselves about when to start having sex have been proven to be the most effective in prolonging the start of sexual behavior in children. The ONLY “abstinence only” program that I could find that made a difference, took ALL moral judgments about sex out of the curriculum. Unfortunately, most “abstinence only” programs are almost completely based on moral judgments which is probably why they fail.

        But parents have a big influence over their children. They can teach the importance of abstinence. But they need to, and should, have better reasons than “because it’s wrong!”

  • Meagan says:

    It seems dangerous that a parent is not longer allowed to parent their child according to what they believe is best for their son or daughter. How easily so many have given up this freedom to raise their children according to their own decisions. It is NOT the place of a public school to make such important decisions in terms of influencing a child’s thoughts and actions regarding something so important and influential as sex, especially without a parent’s knowledge or consent. This is foremost a question of freedom to parent.

    Many have argued that children are having sex younger and younger so it’s ok to have this type of information pushed on them…but where is the cut off there? Should this be presented to 10 year olds? 5 year olds? Just because sex is happening among students at a young age, doesn’t mean that’s a good thing that we must be forced to embrace. If 13 year olds decided they were old enough to drink, it doesn’t mean our junior highs should start offering bar tending classes.

  • Tom says:

    A courageous father. A diseased culture.

  • I-parent-my-kids says:

    Well just because parents these days don’t want to take responsibility in parenting therefore resulting in all this teen sex and pregnancy, doesn’t make it okay that it happens! Lets not put a bandaid on whats really the problem. It starts by teaching at HOME and should be SUPPORTED by schools.. and in that there is a fundamental of sex ed that should be taught not entail every variety and detail out there… its just NOT necessary at this age.. Its discouraging to see the perspective of the roles and responsibilities of parenting become so transparent and noncommittal. All these “kids already having sex” doesn’t mean all kids need to be ruined younger and younger.. its the group punishment thought process and good kids shouldn’t have to suffer because someone didn’t read the parenting manual… it comes with responsibilities!!!

  • Danny says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! So kids go to school today so they can be taught how to have sex. I am 31yrs and a guy. When I was in school we were taught the affects of getting a girl pregnant at a young age and how it could change your life. That lesson came in high school.

  • Melanie Good says:

    I am shocked that so many are ok with this poster. Of coarse sex ed is a good thing to learn, with abstinence promoted. This being on a poster just seems to promote all kinds of options. It’s over the top, and unnecessary. Safe sex can be taught, without an “in your face” poster listing all the fun options!

    • Yes, sex end should start at home, some kids don’t have parents that care. Yes, this content was very inappropriate for any age child. The school district is at fault for approving that. One thing I noticed from most responses is the idea that the biggest concern in children having sex is pregnancy. I taught abstinence based sex ed in our school district. Parents came to the school and were shown all the curriculum, then had to sign permission slips. There were age appropriate curriculum for each age level, pre middle, middle, and high school. It was geared to open conversations at home. A very good program program, and was received well by students, teachers, and parents. It was taught not by the school teachers, but a highly trained outside agency who required certification along with multiple background checks. We saw a reduction in teen pregnacies the first year it was implemented, a greater reduction in STDs, some of which as you know are incurrable. And many kids chose to make an abstinence pledge. Im not unrealistic, do teens continue to have sex in our district, yes, but do they know they have other choices that they weren’t aware of, or confident of prior,yes. We have to make sure what our children are taught line up with our beliefs, but not teaching them can result in a life theatening illness, that they assume would never happen to them. Check out the CDC results for ages 12 and up on STD’s and AIDS. Do i wish all kids waited until they were married to share that special gift with their spouse the first time, yes. Is it realistic, no. But I want them to know its a wise and good choice, and they can resist temptation. Educate them properly about relationship, health, and self confidence, they are capable of making good choices. check out Lifeguard Abstinence Education, you dont have to wait on your school. Be proactive, you can also request your district to approve its use.

      • I did look into it, and no thanks. I do not want my children to be preached at by religious ideologues, and would prefer religion kept their nose out of educating children. Show me an abstinence only program that isn’t being supported by a religious institution and I may be more open to it. However, I will choose to educate my children with science and actual facts without a skewed religious viewpoint.

        Stop trying to corrupt children with your beliefs. They are yours, not theirs.

    • Sally Delwiche says:

      Well stated. I agree with your thoughts. I support sex education, but feel it was inappropriate to leave the poster on display.

    • GetOverIt says:

      Ouch. Nobody wants coarse sex.

    • FifthGeneration says:

      Perhaps the poster should have been kept in the class room instead of placed prominently on a hallway wall.

  • Blake says:

    Lol went there last year. Never saw this poster. Must of been for a new class that they are offering. Shouldn’t make people angry learning about how people Are expressing

  • Alyson says:

    So proud of this girl and her Dad !!! This is wrong on so many levels.

  • I totally agree with this father. The curriculum needs to change. Ask the principal if she would like her 13 year old child to be taught this. It is inappropriate for any age group in a school setting.

  • Laura says:

    What I find most interesting in reading the comments is from the kids who claim that they take this class or have this teacher at school. Has anybody else noticed that theyve labeled the class as “fun”? Not informative or even educational. Fun.
    I think that tells me all I need to know about the class. At 13 you SHOULD squirm in your chair at the topic of sex. Because you have no business participating.
    Secondly these are not “sex” topics. This goes far beyond sex education. And the parent isn’t saying his daughter shouldn’t be educated. But its not the schools priviledge to educate her. I’m glad the daughter was appalled at the poster. That tells you he’s doing something right and she recognized it wasn’t appropriate for her! Go dad! Go girl!

  • I am willing to bet his daughter already knew all of those terms and what they meant…..catch up dad!

  • We can thank the liberal school teachers as most of them are pro choice or pro, it’s ok to murder unborn human beings. Let us not forget Bill Clinton saying oral sex is not sex depending what your definition of is, is. I believe sex education should be taught by the parents in the privacy of the child’s home.

  • Doc Kimble says:

    If you give a child two lesson plans to work on, one on the subject of English, and another on the subject of Sexual Feelings, which one is he or she likely to focus on? Of course, we all know the answer to that. If kids are getting poorer and poorer educations these days, the answer is obvious to me. If you have a class of 30 in which only two students are disruptive, you will not be able to have much of a class. You have to send the disruptive students out of class, and then the other students can continue their education.

    If you have a class in which all of the students have had the same Sexual Feelings Class TOGETHER, how many students do you think will be DISTRACTED, and NOT focusing on the lesson in the class being taught at the present moment? The above list of “ways to express sexual feelings” has on it “sexual fantasy.” How many students are focusing on “expressing sexual feelings” through sexual fantasy during an English class after they’ve been taught in a CO-ED class that “fantasy is a way to express sexual feelings”?

    Sex Ed in schools should be banned from school curricula the same way disruptive students in class should be banned from classes. Children are taught about non-genital ways of expressing love by their parents, and the moment genital sexual expressions of love are to be taught to children are as individual as the parent and the child, and therefore MUST be taught by parents, NOT in a CO-ED “Sexual Feelings” Class in public school.

  • Krystal says:

    This is a violation of parental rights. First of all, parents have the right to opt out and teach sex ed at home. This poster overrides that right. Second of all, a change that major in a controversial topic should have been made known to parents in advance. The school district seems to be forgetting who these kids belong to and who is responsible for making the decisions regarding the kids. We as parents need to step up. We give our rights away so easily.
    If the school is truly trying to support parents in this, why not give parents the tools to teach their kids about it? A better answer to this would be to have a parent class, showing them how to talk to their kids about sex.
    I also do not like what this poster does to the kids psychologically. If you had a poster like that hanging up at work, you would consider it stepping over the line. Who should be made to think about these things over and over? This seems like a form of sexual harassment.

  • Jon Bowers says:

    Well, yes most 13 year olds already know about this stuff. I remember stealing a playboy when I was like 12. There is free porn all over the internet now. I just dont think the schools should be going into such detail. The parents are the ones who should be teaching, but too many “parents” dont know how to parent these days.

    Either way, im putting my kids in private school when that time comes. A carefully selected private school. One that does not have to be so politically correct.

  • JustTheSevenOfUs says:

    Any parent who believes their 12 or 13 year old has not heard all these terms (and much more) in a public middle school from their peers is taking a very naive perspective. The bottom line is the school is being forced to teach our children about the more awkward topics because they have to keep hundreds of raging hormones in check on a daily basis. The schools would view this topic unnessary if parents were doing a better job of keeping the lines of communication completely open with their adolescent children during one of the most confusing, frustrating, and helpless times of their lives. A parent who truly believes their child is so innocent at 12 or 13 would benefit from an honest chat with a few of his or her teachers. Teachers know our kids as well or better than we do sometimes!

    We have five children ages 17, 15, 12, 9, and 4 months old. It is hard to imagine our 4 month old baby boy will someday be his girlfriend’s parent’s biggest fear; but our only daughter is 15 and we are all too familiar with these fears.

    In my experience, keeping the lines of communication completely open has been our best line of defense. We take advantage of family movie night where some teen always has a crisis to tell our kids (when age appropriate) what’s up before they get caught off guard or get the nerve to ask one of their friends a question regarding relationships, sex, or drugs. When my 12 year old learned of the sex ed class at the end of 5th grade he came home and told me, “Uhhh, you have to tell me all that stuff before that class because that’s embarrassing! I am not asking my Health teacher about any of that stuff.” He was relieved when I told him it was more about puberty than sex because with two older siblings he already had seen the effects of puberty and it was a non-issue.

    Open communication can put a parent in a tough spot when you get told of something that you disapprove of. However, the fact that our children tell us what they know, ask us what they don’t know, and tell us what they’ve done (sometimes) gives us the same level of insight into their lives as we had when they were innocent little kids tattling about who did what over something trivial and we can still read them just as well because they haven’t shut us out. Terrible problems do arise, and we are able to guide them through it, prevent some problems from becoming serious, and basically guide them through adolescents learning lessons from both their victories and failures!

  • Amanda Woodmansee says:

    Wake up people! kids are becoming sexually active at a very young age. If you think they are not going to learn about it, you are dead wrong. I would much rather my child learn about it in an educational sense then learning it from some misguided adolescent. Don’t get me wrong children this young should not be sexually active, but the reality is a big majority are. So please educate these children so they understand how to be safe and protected.

  • JustTheSevenOfUs says:

    I really can’t comprehend how a parent can use the excuse of not knowing how to talk to their child or not having the tools to do so. If you raise your children to have a voice they will eventually use it on you and through that you can clearly understand the maturity level of their thought process. Then, you know when to discuss all these things with them or they use that voice and discuss things with you first!

  • Seriously, people are getting offended by that?!

    Kids know all of that way before they are 13, and the sooner they are taught about sexuality, sex and the consequences of it the less risk of teen pregnancies and sexual exploitation by for instance older students.

    And everyone saying its the parents right/duty to teach it, well then TEACH, you obviously have not fulfilled that duty and have no plans of fulfilling it since you demand that your kids are not taught.

    Teaching them about sex, sexuality and everything around is not the same as telling them to go out and have sex, it’s also teaching them about consequences, right and wrong and about waiting for the right time.

    I was 9 maybe 10 when we had the first “sex ed” classes (mainly focused on the onset of puberty, the changes that was starting but also some basics about what sex is, that’s its okay to be curious about our bodies but to be careful, to look out for sexual predators and how to spot and avoid them, “bad touching”, saying “no” to anything that does not fell right (and that “no is always no” and all of that). And after that we had classes every year with increasing “depth”. Most kids around me had their sexual debut around 15-17 with schoolmates +/- ~2 years of age, i had mine at 18. Sure there was a few teen pregnancies, the youngest i know of was 13, but guess what, most of those where the kids that had NOT been taking part in the sex-ed classes…

  • Be A Man says:

    I agree with this DAD 100%. This is one of many reasons why we homeschool our kids. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that this news article comes with a warning, (Warning: This story contains terms that some may find offensive or inappropriate, reader and viewer discretion is recommended.) yet the poster does not?

  • Mary Fisher says:

    I would remove my child from the school. Some real questions need to be asked here. This is not just a sex ed class but is apparently being taught in core classes like health and science. Dad is not naive, he’s saying it’s inappropriate. Yes, some 13 year olds and even younger know all this stuff. Some 13 year olds also steal and murder, but that’s not being taught. Parents have a right to know and object to what is being taught to their child. The school reports this is part of approved curriculum. I suspect it’s new because of the new core curriculum.

  • Lorna says:

    Children need to be taught this earlier and earlier, as our world grows increasingly carnal. If your kids are not taught about sex at a young age, they will be sexually molested and victimized, and YOU will be to blame!!

    Teach your kids about all forms of sexual activities, being as blunt as possible. Let them know exactly what sex is, why it occurs, and why they should not be engaging in any activities of such until they’re of a certain age.

    Remember, if your child is molested and was not informed of sexuality prior, you are to be put to blame!!!

  • Surskiri says:

    Only in the western world can you allow your children to eat pork at home and then go to school to learn how to be sodomized.

  • Brent the pizza boy says:

    GLP sent me here. I laughed at the article and moved on.

  • Melissa says:

    I think it’s important to teach our kids how their bodies work, as well as teaching them about cause and effect. If my child had a question about sex, I’d be happy to answer it. They need to know about their bodies and about the consequences of potential choices as well. That being said, to me, this list looks like it’s begging to become a checklist. And frankly, I don’t know a single middle school student who is physically, emotionally, financially ready for some of the consequences of the items on this list. I’m sad that our society glamorizes teen pregnancy because I don’t feel that most teens are ready to become responsible parents.

    By all means, teach your child about sex, reproduction, love, pregnancy, stds, relationships, etc. They need to know. But they don’t need a checklist of sexual positions to try. Especially not feeling their teachers.

  • mama2three says:

    The issue at stake here has more to do with purity and innocence more than anything…it seems that based on th assumption that “they already know”, this youngsters are being hypersexualized unnecessarily…the bottom line is that the schools have to introduce the young people to this type of information sooner rather than later so that the public school children are properly “socialized” since they are mixed in with members of the opposite sex during a very pivotal time of their sexual/social development. Just because someone is aware of something doesn’t mean it needs to be condoned and endorsed as something that should or could be done…purity and innocence says that even though you may be aware of something doesn’t mean you act on it…for Purity’s sake, you keep yourself pure by not participating…so glad we Homeschool as well…so, this is the socialization that so many are concerned that homeschooled kids need? No…thanks…

    • Mike stone says:

      I’m curious , you didn’t say what age or gender your home schooled kids are but for argument sake say one is a 16 year old girl.

      If she came to you and asked you to get her on birth control. Would you ? If she asked you if sex felt good what would you say ? If she asked you if it was wrong to give her boyfriend oral sex what would you say ? If she told you she felt like she was ready for sex with her boyfriend would you tell her she was wrong ?

      Most parent would not be comfortable with , or open to real conversations with their kids about this . Especially when their kid is a girl , because girls are more often than not seen by their parents as being too young , innocent , or in need of perfection .That is why schools should and need to do it .

      Sex before marriage does not make someone tainted our not pure , not does it make them have bad morals .Waiting until marriage does not make someone ready for sex . Having sex when they choose to , for themselves , not their partner , parents , or God makes them ready.
      Sex and our kids is not an easy subject for anyone . Especially our kids . As parents and adults it is our responsibility to educate our kids about sex . Educate them about the bad and good things . The fun and the responsible . The way we think it should be and the way it really is. We need to talk to them but more importantly fee them to trust us enough to talk to us . Most importantly as parents we need to understand and accept that their sex lives are theirs , not ours.

      99.9% of people have sex . So obviously it is not bad shameful or wrong . No matter how much Religion and morals tries to make it so .

  • mama2three says:

    This awarensess has to also be why so many female teachers are able to victimize many of the boys like we see today…smh…hot for teacher

  • DAwn says:

    I’m going to say the daughter must have been somewhat shocked or offended to take the picture and show it to dad in the first place.

  • mell says:

    as a mother of a 14yr old girl this father needs to wake up this is sexual education at the basic naming of acts that are performed..,While I agree that it may be confronting it is reality….abstinence is something that is a choice and should be taught as a choice along side sexual education it is not abstinence education..,parents need to realise that they need to continue the education on at home to allow a child to make this choice.

    • Carl P. says:

      It seems to me that anyone that thinks that schools should be teaching this sort of thing just doesn’t want to have to do it themselves! They’d rather farm it out to the local school district so they don’t have to have any uncomfortable conversations with their children!

  • Alexis says:

    I completely disagree with her father. Students need to know about this. Its just a poster. Its not promoting it or anything like that. I dont know why everybody is over reacting. Most parents that say they are going to talk about it with their kids rather than the teacher never do it so thats why kids get curious and look for other ways like the internet and their friends rather than asking their parents because there parents never discussed anything like that.

  • When the values of the bible are booted from our schools…and the social values of secular teachers replaces it … we get a how to navigate the sexual landmines lessons … responsible love and abstinence take a backseat

  • Rb says:

    Good for the school for teaching these things. These parents on here need to calm down and relax and take a look at reality now a days. I will gaurentee most of your children listen to music with more sexual comments than the poster and have texted or seen worse texts than the poster. I know none of you know Everything your children have said and done. Those who say they will teach their children about sex what about those who don’t talk to their kids or you don’t say enough to your children about sex? I will also garentee that 13 yrs old isn’t so young anymore when it comes to sex. I have done a questionare before asking others of all ages how old were they when they lost their virginity and to my surprise most of them said around 12 yrs of age an 13 yrs old. We need to show them more of consequences of what can happen because of sex. Bring ppl in who have had children young, got stds, and those who got bad reputations an teased because of sexting or having sex with the wrong person. Please parents don’t be so blind to what’s really going on today. We all need to make a stand to teach our children the importance of having sex and not having sex.

  • Rb says:

    Shame on those who are against sex ed now a days! I gaurentee these teachers have heard your children have sexual conversations in the hall and most likely heard dirty words come out of their mouths that you would be surprised your child said! So quit being blind to reality and what’s really going on with your children and their friends! You parents so against are one of the reason kids are out there being bad because you are to blind to see what is really going on with your children!

  • Lee says:

    It’s a shame how people accept corruption of children like this. As well for those who are saying kids are exposed to more stuff like this anyway nowadays I just have one thing to say-That’s a crying shame if your the type of human being to accept and settle with these time of educational detours they made. I agree with Amy in a literal sense. Majority of the ones that are accepting this or saying its something that shouldn’t be taken heavily were probably the ones who participated in these acts at that age, probably younger. Oh what a sad world we live in in these perils of times.

    • mrs bkwrm says:

      Girls used to get married at the ages our kids are attending middle school. It was common and routine. IOW, the good old days weren’t all that good. I don’t think educating kids about these things is terrible and I did not become sexually active until I was twenty-one and married. Ignorance does not protect kids. It leaves them vulnerable.

  • Unbelievable is all I can say, unbelievable.

  • noone says:

    you perverts deserve what is coming

  • I’m no Billy Graham but I’m nearly as shocked by some of comments from would be parents as I am by the poster itself. It is no wonder that we spend more money per child than any nation in the world and get such terrible results. Our kids no doubt graduate knowing more about sex than any kids on the planet and cannot add fractions, read and write proficiently, or even name either of own their US Senators. I hope you people are proud.

    • GetOverIt says:

      It starts with the parents. Blame everyone else if you like, it is the typical reaction by those without responsibility.

    • Giuliana says:

      Oh whoa! James Herbert Harrison, perhaps God does feel this way (Just for a moment I will entertain your fantasy of awareness of how God feels about us *all*) and if I entertain it, I will add these comments: first, you are not Him. Therefore, your judgement is ludicrous, incredulous, and also, it’s frankly against a Christian belief, furthermore it’s socially rude that you’ve resorted to name calling! Stupid? Really? Please cite evidence of how they are “stupid,” and I suspect you will hang your hat on opinion and nothing fact based (because you can’t prove “stupid” it’s a value-laden term) . Second, “The US spends more per student than any other nation” is because of one fact alone–it costs more to live here, and salaries are 70% of educational spending. Honestly, it should be about 90% in my opinion because every pencil, book, and other material should be paid for by their parents or guardians. Because you have “the right” to a free public education, doesn’t mean that you should sit back in your recliner chair and play God–judging everyone.

      Meanwhile, attend church and witness the rituals, the people being led-verbatim and physically by one leader. Observe the cult- like activity at church. Best to keep your focus pointed toward your children who, clearly, you’re more qualified to educate. If you said one derogatory word that you’ve said here, in class you would be gone. If you teach them better, well…then, by all means–teach them.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sexuality, like everything else is an aspect of science and life. Don’t educate kids and they will educate themselves. Provide them with the information to describe and define what they already feel and see and they will hopefully make better decisions. By withholding the education, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Human Sexuality is not a decision or a choice; it IS. Keep your head in the sand, Dad, your kiddo will figure it out without you or the school.

    My daughter attends this school and I support the school and the education. People and teens are not heathens. Kids don’t see these terms or get the education and then become “brain washed” to perform. Saying Sex to a kid doesn’t lead to Sex just like talking to a kid about suicide isn’t going to cause your child to kill themselves. This is education. And, this isn’t about parents doing the Sex ed at home. Frankly, there are a multitude of adults who don’t have accurate information about sex. (Such as homosexuality is a choice.) Our schools are doing what they are charged to do and that is to educate!

    I support Hocker and it’s educational initiatives!

  • Maureen says:

    I am tired of the defense “they are already doing it, talking about it”. I am around 14 year old children all of the time, in many circumstances and they are not talking about it and they are certainly not doing most items on this list. Once they have taken this class, they will be talking about it and on their way to doing it once it is presented as acceptable or as “everyone is doing it”. Self fulfilling prophecy anyone? This is the role of the parent. Stop assuming that the parents aren’t capable of determining when to have moral discussions with their children. Teach biology not promiscuity.

  • Robin South says:

    Ugh… lets just bubble wrap kids and keep them under lock and key until they are 18… yeah that’s ‘Really’ going to help,,, The world is filled with enough stupid people that can’t act right around other people because they have been sheltered!

  • sturdyfrogs says:

    I agree with the dad. The curriculum needs to change ASAP. I find it disturbing that there are so many who shrug off these concerns and the explicit nature of exposing the young to this kind of content (which is an obvious endorsement and promotion), and in school curriculum no less. I don’t care if one thinks “well, all the kids are doing it” and the school are the so-called “experts.” That is a poor, lazy excuse not to take action, not to parent, not to take responsibility, not to make a stand and do the right thing. The poster is completely unsuitable for these children. This “poster” is completely unsuitable and shocking, and doubtless the rest of the classes contain much more such material. I highly suggest careful selection of a private school or homeschooling rather than this filth

  • Shireen Gooch says:

    Mark, Kuddos to your daughter for taking the picture and for you to take the time to question the poster and speaking out! Hopefully more parents will take your lead and become more involved with what is being taught through Common Core or whatever their state is calling it. I am now.

  • Daniela says:

    I think it might’ve gone too far, but there’s still a point. Even at that age, kids are exposed to far more sexual content than what they were even ten years ago. Perhaps in a class setting, with the teacher going over this, it was deemed appropriate. It really depends on what they’ve already been taught in previous years. Perhaps sending home a parent briefing package would’ve been a smart move, too, so that parents could discuss the topic at home with their kids or been aware before this sort of thing happened.

  • Vanessa H. says:

    Ok, I’m not a parent, but I remember having sex ed in 6th grade, which was about eight years ago. Before taking the class, parents were to get a permission slip from their child that stated what would be learned, by who, and if they signed the paper, it gave the parents permission to allow their child to participate in the class.

    They taught us:
    1. What happened when you hit puberty
    2. How babies are made
    3. Sexual diseases
    4. The dangers of having sex to early/when you’re not ready
    5. What are Birth Control and Condoms?

    That’s it. I do think that this list was a little overboard. As an adult, I can honestly say, I didn’t learn positions, different types of sex (except missionary), about sex toys, lubrication, etc. Until hit high school. In most of society, children did learn (even when I was in middle school in 2007) knew about all those sexual things, But not every child did (like myself) because I was sheltered.

    I saw 16 and Pregnant when I was 16 and thought “Why are they doing those things when they don’t even have a job, have finished school, and aren’t even married? And why are the parents raising their child’s child and not give them a consequence?”

    Maybe I was just smart and had common sense? Maybe my parents taught me right? Maybe I thought of my future more and had a goal to go through college and get a good job so I can support my children that I’d have at a later date? Maybe all of the above.

    I’m not staying those who kept their baby when they had an unfortunate teen pregnancy aren’t smart. Some probably used protection and it was an accident. But I think that this is an epidemic. Children (especially those who are at least 0-16), shouldn’t be having sex. Though maybe my age rage is off, it might be too high for some of you.
    (Note: I put 0-16 because I know some children that are nine are having sex, and I don’t know if anyone else knows of anyone younger then that. So, I put as wide a range as possible so I don’t sound like it’s ok for a six year old to have sex, because it’s not.)

    Now, on with my main argument. Just because MOST of society knows about all the sexual things, it doesn’t mean all of them do. It could because of the parents religion, culture, parenting styles, and ethnicity. So, before saying “Stop being overly protective. She probably already knew about it anyway.” Think about how many religions fully believe in sex before marriage is bad, and at times, the family will reject you if you do so before marriage. Think of the cultures that may believe that having sex too early will destroy their childhood and experiences they are suppose to go through before making such a huge step towards adulthood. Think of those parents that shelter their children and only want the basics told to their children, nothing more.

    There are other people in this world that don’t live like most of society. Maybe in some areas, your society is the foreign one?

    Just something to think about. Just saying.

    • Vanessa H. says:

      By the way, sorry about the spelling mistakes.
      *Until I hit

    • alexandria says:

      If you know a child 9 years old that is “having sex”, you are an accessory to rape. Children cannot consent. Any sexual act with a child that age is rape. Call the police or Child Protective Services. Now. Do not wait another day. Children that age who are hyper-sexualized are usually victims of molestation. It is not normal. It is not because they’re bad girls or boys. It is learned behavior that is absolutely age-inappropriate. Call now to save that child.

      • Rich says:

        Alexandria, your statement presumes that the 9 year old is having sex with an adult. If the male is also a child, it would only be rape if there is a larger age difference than state law allows.

      • alexandria says:

        I actually teach a course concerning child abuse for educational personnel via our state department of education. Nine year-olds cannot give consent in any state I’m aware of, even to other nine year-olds. Often reporting this will lead to finding the party who sexualized such young children in the first place, stopping adult on child sexual abuse. It has to be reported and yes, in most states, knowing and not reporting is a crime.

  • Alex says:

    Public school is the devil bobby

  • If it is so necessary from the liberal perspective that we give our children this full exposure to sex education since they are getting exposed anyway, why not have weapons education in the same way. Place shooting ranges in school. Teach children how to load and unload weapons. Teach them how to put rounds center mass. Head shots. Two in the chest. One in the head. Teach them how to disarm felons with weapons. No. It’s the same logic you use for graphic sex education.

  • Pruda says:

    Home school kids are significantly less intelligent. Home school girls grow up to be porn stars.

  • Jacob Aud says:


    Moral Values That Truly Enrich

    In 2008, researchers in the United States interviewed hundreds of young adults about their views on moral values.
    “What’s disheartening is how bad they are at thinking and talking about moral issues,” said David Brooks in The New York Times. Most felt that rape and murder were wrong, but “aside from those extreme cases, moral thinking didn’t enter the picture, even when [they were] considering things like drunken driving, cheating in school or cheating on a partner.”

    As one young person put it,
    “I don’t really deal with right and wrong that often.”

    Many viewed the matter this way:
    ‘If it feels right, do it. Go with your heart.’

    Is that thinking wise?

    The human heart, while capable of great love and compassion, can also be ‘treacherous and desperate.’ (Jeremiah 17:9) This sad reality is reflected in the world’s changing moral landscape—a trend the Bible foretold. “In the last days,” it said long ago, “people will be selfish, greedy, boastful, and conceited,” as well as “unkind [and] violent.” Also, “they will hate the good” and “love pleasure rather than God.”—2 Timothy 3:1-5, Good News Translation.

    Those realities should move us to question our own heart, not blindly trust it! Indeed, the Bible frankly states:
    “He that is trusting in his own heart is stupid.” (Proverbs 28:26)

    Like a compass, our heart needs to be calibrated with sound values if it is to serve us well.

    Where can we find such values?

    Many look to the Bible itself, appreciating both its wisdom and its candor.

  • TJ Gibbons says:

    What no one here seems to understand is that the government doesn’t view our children as “our children”. They view our children as their property. Liberalism is the culprit in all that is bad in our country. This is just another example of government and the liberal teachers union determining what they want their property to see. It’s none of our business.

  • Sweet Marmot says:

    I am bothered that hugging is on a list of ways people express sexual feelings. I hug people all the time that I’m not sexually attracted to, because I do NOT see hugging as a sexual act. In fact, I’ve always thought people who did see hugging as a sexual act were dirty minded, and disgusting; putting a damper on the caring and compassion in the world.

  • One more reason to homeschool – as if we needed another.

  • graeme sutherland says:

    The NWO Masonic ellite have a satanic agenda it is evident in the media, pop music, news, and hollywood, to make the younger generation totally sexually immoral as it helps to destablise the family and society, so the state can take control they are also peadophiles!

  • graeme sutherland says:

    The NWO masonic ellite have a satanic agenda is to make the younger generation totally sexually immoral as it helps to destablise the family and society, so the state can take control they are also peadophiles!

  • Humanism / self. Gratification, perversion, immoral……….SIN. This is rebellion against Godliness. Rebellion against YAHOVAH God. Amein.

  • Patti says:

    Seriously this dad should take his child out of this class. If he is so disturbed by the topics. Don’t make the school systems change their curriculum. There are so many teenagers that become pregnant at a young age. To take away sex Ed would be a disservice to the kids. Not every family is comfortable or even cares to confront this topic and because of that children DO lose their childhoods. Keep on teaching, teachers!

  • April says:

    This is NOT appropriate AT ALL! I understand teaching the basic SCIENCE of hormones, conception and prevention. It is NOT up to the school to teach our children every possible way to have sex. What the hell are they thinking? The school system needs to remember what their function is and that is to teach core subjects, such as: math, science, english, etc.. The rest is up to families to decide what is appropriate regarding – sex, religion, lifestyle, etc..

  • Georgia says:

    If things continue in this direction there will be even more young teen, unwed mothers that have no clue how to raise a child to be a productive, independent citizen. I would much rather see my children have the carefree childhood that all children deserve. After that I would like to see them go through life not having to fight every day just to survive because they grew up too fast. If people do not want that for their children or can not understand that having strangers educate them about something that should be kept private with this much detail at this age leads to a freedom that they have not yet learned how to handle PLEASE think twice before bringing a child into this world. Having a child is alot more than just the excitement and attention that being pregnant brings and the thrill of holding a newborn – it is considering the future that your child will have in every decision that you make while he or she is growing up. That is exactly what this father is doing and he has every right to do so.

  • Ronald says:

    How about giving the parents a heads up before presenting this type of material? The parents could then discuss concerns with educators to ensure that kids are getting the knowledge they need without unnecessarily offending the legitimate sensibilities of others. This sort of collaboration between parent and teacher can only benefit the kids, which should be the only objective, right?

  • Faith Walk says:

    Abstinence is being defined by public schools as anything that does not lead to a pregnancy. They do not care that we are in the middle of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and viruses that are known to be linked to cancers and others that are likely to be linked to other diseases a fate worse than death for some like chronic fatigue.

  • Dad of 7 says:

    Sex ed is a very controversial topic, and schools serve a wide audience. They need to be aware that many of us hold our children to higher standards and for religious reasons we are very sensitive how these topics are presented. For example, some of the items on that list are considered forbidden and immoral for many faiths, and almost all would be considered sinful outside of marriage. Personally I feel the parent should have stepped in and reviewed the material before his daughter was ever exposed to the poster etc. As parents we have to be vigilant and take a more active role in knowing the curriculum you have signed your children up for by sending them to school.

  • StilettoSpy says:

    And THIS is just ONE of the reasons that I put my kids in Christian school. Christian school is NOT perfect but my kids didn’t have to study this!

  • StilettoSpy says:

    THIS is just ONE of the reasons that I put my kids in Christian School. Christian School isn’t perfect BUT at least my kids didn’t have to study this!

  • Sex Education should be taught in schools by professionals & sexual
    Morals should be taught at home by caring parents.

  • I feel sorry for those of you whom are sheltered and think your 13 year old’s that attend a public school do not already know these acts by these words and or much worse! :-)

  • Are you kidding me! I still believe that parents should be teaching their children about sex not the school. I teach my children and I do not appreciate that poster sitting out in public view for the kids to see. If it is a part of the curriculum then parents need to be informed of this ahead of time.

  • Denise says:

    This is a very touchy subject… There is an appropriate age for all SEX talks to children, the materials used, and the content of the materials used and discussed. It should be age appropriate. But, When is it Too Young, for these talks? I’m sorry, But… We now have 9 year olds having Sex and Having Babies. WHY? Because most of the Parents of Today’s Generations are in Denial. The parents of today are, too busy working, or doing their own things, to Properly Educate their Own Kids about Abstinence or safe sex, and the consequences of not saving yourself for marriage. OUR Children, and Grandchildren, Know more and see more than we ever did, at younger ages. No matter how much you bring them up in a Respectable, Christian Home, with Morals and Values. No matter if you have them at church, every time the door is open, and have them in a Church school, or involved in Church activities… There is and always will be Parents out there, that do not Care what their kids are doing, or involved in. You will always have Parents who raise their kids, different from the way you raise yours… Liberals, Conservatives, Progressives, Christians, Atheist, Gays, Etc.. Your Kids will be exposed to things, that you do not want them to be exposed to, and you Can Not stop it from happening. ( Unless you lock them inside your house, and monitor them, and everything they do, 24 hours a day, till they are of legal age.) I agree teaching Abstinence is the Best Way, to Teach them about Safe Sex… But kids will be kids, and they will see it, learn about it, talk about it, and try it, with someone, somewhere, sometime… No matter what you say or do. ,So, Why Not start them out young and teach them first, about Abstinence, then what unsafe, and unprotected sex, can do, and cause.

    From the Early age of 9-10 years old… They can start a simple sex education. Personally I believe once all the kids are old enough to be going through PUBERTY (9-12 yrs old), They should be taught the Consequences of having sex before marriage, and having unsafe and unprotected sex, what it can do… to them, to their friends, and the people around them. How it affects not only them, but the other people around them. Show them pictures of people with Aids, and HIV, how they slowly die from the disease… Show them pictures of sexually transmitted diseases, what they look like, where they grow, and what they effect. When they reach the age of 16, and are in 9th grade, in High School. I think all students, male and female, should have to see a real live footage, film on child birth… from the time of conception all the way through, to the end where the baby is born… Each contraction, each scream, and the blood and pain… Then each student should have to go to the simulation clinic, and be strapped up to the machine, that makes you feel the contractions, the woman goes through, during birth. Pain & Fear, are something that Kids and Teenagers can understand, and relate too. If you wanna Put the Fear of God into them, and Make them think twice, before they just go out, and have unsafe, and unprotected sex, before marriage… Then you better Open your eyes, and your Minds, to today’s generation of kids… This is not the 1950′s. Todays Kids are a lot more smarter, and learn things so much faster, than we did, or our Parents, or grandparents did.. Technology and Sin have taken over, and allowed the Perversions, to become our childrens realities. Gays, Liberals, Socialist and Progressives, have all allowed this Sinful Nature, in our children, to take over, and Ruin our own Humanity, and Futures, for our Children. WAKE-UP PEOPLE… OPEN YOUR EYES & MINDS… BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! Since Most Parents won’t take the time, or initiative, to teach, and to prepare our children for a safe, healthier life, and future… The schools are the only thing that can and will… Time to take an active roll and stand in your kids lives… Start at Home,and be involved, in what the schools are teaching the kids, and at what age, the kids are being taught about Abstinence and Safe Sex!

  • steve says:

    The comments and opinions of people like Jessi, Dale and Fedge are what’s wrong with this country today!

  • Jasia1125 says:

    Yes, teaching our children about these things is our responsibility. Absolutely. 100%. But, if there’s is a sexEd class in school, teaching abstinence, I can see how this could be used to clarify what abstinence means. Some kids will say “well, oral sex isn’t REALLY sex, so technically we’re still being abstinent”.. or “We touched each other, does that mean we broke our abstinence?”.. All i’m saying is, i could see this list being used as a way to better define the boundaries…

  • Danny says:

    If he doesn’t like the public school cirriculm, he needs to pony up and send his child to private school.

  • This is pure sexual harassment of minors disguised as “education”. The limpness test for these sorts of things is … if I can’t present it in an office setting without being sued, it should not be presented in an educational institution to minors.

  • Crystal says:

    This is one of the MANY reasons why my husband and I will NOT have our children in public OR private school! I WILL be homeschooling our children! This is just inappropriate in so many ways! It’s Detestable, Disgusting and down right Distasteful! Shame on you school faculties and your opinion on what’s a relevant and mandatory school curriculum for CHILDREN!

  • Will says:

    13 is too late to start teaching children about these sorts of things. I think having it on the wall is a great conversation starter and I am happy to see the daughter talk to her father about it. The failure happened with the parent trying to shut down his daughters education. His good intentions were misplaced. Reproduction and sexuality is a natural part of human life. We need to be honest with our children about it from day 1 and encourage conversation about it.

  • Speechie says:

    Every parent gets the opportunity and has the right to OPTOUT of sex ed for their student. Why didn’t this parent (who is so emotionally vested in this issue) look into the curriculum before he allowed his student to take the class? This program/curriculum has NOTHING to do with common core. The entire curriculum and every piece of material is sanctioned by the SMSD board of ed and the state board of ed.
    If you are going to put forth and argument, at least get SOME of your facts straight.

    I wonder how many of the parents that commented about this issue actually even KNOW what their students’ curriculum is in ANY class, or what their homework is, how much work their student actually completes or doesn’t do in each class, how their student BEHAVES or conducts themselves in class, or even what their grades are in any class. I wonder if they put as much emotion into supporting their child’s learning everyday and task completion of the work given to them. I wonder how many of these parents EVER discuss the very sensitive issues surrounding sex, vocabulary used about sex everyday on TV programs that they watch AT HOME, and peer/partner pressure with them. I wonder if any of these parents can name 5 of their child’s friends. I’ll bet the teacher at issue can do all of those things for the students in their classes.
    Enough said.

  • Honestly I feel our younger citizens need a new approach to sex ed besides just abstinance, come on people get real did it stop you from gettin your groove on? fuck no it didnt….. however this is a recognized portion of Obama’s common core curriculum and in general the whole plan needs to be scrapped it is fine to preach safe sex and whatnot but dont go into full lucid detail

  • rebecca says:

    Sex ed yes. THIS much detail about it, no. I understood the way our bodies worked and how babies were made, STDS transmitted, etc., by the time I was 13. I learned all of the details later. And when someone at school mentioned doing something I hadn’t heard of before, I asked my mom & she would tell me. And I was totally fine with her waiting until I came to her and asked. But, this much detail on a poster for sex ed for 13 year olds, is ridiculous. That said, I know there is a fine line there on how much is too much in this area (sex). And what age is old enough to know. I wish it were totally left up to parents like it used to be. The problem with that is now we have so many parents that don’t want to talk to their kids about sex and all the things that go with it. They WANT someone, anyone, else to tell them so they don’t have to do it. The parents find it embarassing! >< Stupid. That is the way it is being a parent. Do the job people. That way, when they are exposed to things like this at school, it won't be a shocker, they won't look stupid because they'll know what it is or at least can make an educated guess. Don't let the school teach your child THEIR version of the facts of life.

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    I am willing to bet if there was a release form for this curriculum it didn’t go into any details like this as to what was going to be taught and if you had to get a release signed to be in the class then this sign SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE POSTED IN THE HALLWAYS AT SCHOOL!!! POINT BLANK END OF DISCUSSION … NO!!!!

    What is not mentioned is that PLANNED PARTENTHOOD is involved in the curriculum for “sex education” classes and are funded by the government and their purpose is NOT to actually teach kids about abstinence and sustaining from anything or even sex ed. Their purpose is to saturate our children’s minds with this filth so that hopefully they will become clients of theirs one day and keep them in business for years to come.We can’t homeschool our children these days without interference, but yet we’re expected to send our CHILDREN to school to learn this? Sick and tired of of being criticized how I’m raising my children! Religious or not you should NOT tolerate this crud! Check out this article I’ve been passing around to educate parents on Sex Ed classes these days. It’s titled …

    “Hooking kids on sex: PP starts “saturation process” in kindergarten”


    “If a dirty old man showed these things to a ten year old in a park, he would be arrested. But when Planned Parenthood shows them to kids in a classroom, it gets government money.”

    “PP is funded with our tax dollars to market sex to our children in our schools under the guise of sex education, anti-bullying, diversity, and tolerance. Once sexualized, those children then become PP sex customers for contraceptives, STD testing, and abortion.”

    Use your brains people! This goes WAY farther than being “open minded” in regards to sex ed!! This curriculum is filth and should not be allowed in our public schools!

    James 1:21
    “Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.” AMEN!

  • Reblogged this on South Dakotans Against Common Core and commented:
    Make no mistake about it, the National Sexual Education Standards are coming. Notice the spokesperson said that it aligns with the national standards.

  • Don says:

    “Part of national standards” Common Core as it’s known. We all know that Burecrats in Washington pushing agendas know much better how to “Educate” (Indoctriniate) our kids better than we do. Fight Common Core it is bad to the Core.

  • Brian says:

    Other have made better arguments but just consider that if I had something like that hanging from my desk at work I could be fired or worse. So why does putting it in a school and in front of children make it ok?

  • Debra says:

    I am totally appalled that anyone would think this is ok. This makes me sick. No wonder they took prayer out of school, that might make them feel guilt and remorse for filth, that would never work with approved curriculum. I hate to think what else they are teaching our children and calling it education.

    Kudos for a father who stands up to fight this filth forcing our children to learn immorality. I grew up without these absurdities and survived with my morals still in tack.

    • Debra says:

      These words any other place would be referred to as pornography, wrapped in plastic and placed where a 13 year old couldn’t purchase it. If you call it education it makes porn ok. Something is bad wrong with the governments view on raising children

  • Debra says:

    These words any other place would be referred to as pornography, wrapped in plastic and placed where a 13 year old couldn’t purchase it. If you call it education it makes porn ok. Something is bad wrong with the governments view on raising children

  • Davjohn says:

    This is the school that teaches abortion as a means of birth control, hands out condoms, allows the arrangement of abortions without parental knowledge, and you’re worried about words on a sign? What happened to teaching the truth at home and teaching the kids to close their minds to this filth.

  • Girl23 says:

    Something I don’t see in these comments:

    If he can pull her out of the class, then its not required.
    If its not required, (even if it is) I expect the parent to be more responsible and know the material of the class BEFORE agreeing to have their child participate.

    I don’t even have kids but not being aware of what they’re being taught & not discussing school lessons at home regularly is unthinkable to me.

  • suvine@gmail.com says:

    COMMON CORE IS what they are replacing schooling with, a soviet style of teaching. Your kids are not your own. You didnt make them.

  • ksouthpaw says:

    Kinda funny Fox runs this story with a warning…

    Warning: This story contains terms that some may find offensive or inappropriate, reader and viewer discretion is recommended.

    If it’s so appropriate for kids in school, why would you need to run a warning?

  • Jenny G says:

    To all of you that feel that this is responsible sex education, I ask you this: we are already bombarded by 15 and 16 year olds having babies at an alarming rate because the view is that there are no issues to having sex, and it seems that the only thing that is necessary is std protection. I have personally talked to some of them who are trying to get pregnant to have someone to love them. Sex is seemingly no more than kissing was when I was a teen. The fact that there ARE so many more teen pregnancies shows that teens do NOT use proper birth control even though that has been taught in the schools for years. Now you want the age of pregnancies to go down from 17 and 18 in my time and 15 and 16 now to 13 and even younger. Let’s not only do a class on protection, but let’s explain to them all the things that you can do and while we’re at it call it how people express their sexual feelings? Let’s just say that everyone is doing it anyway so why not and while we’re at it we’ll make it cheap…not something that is between two people who love each other, but just something that happens on a first date now? Never mind morals, this whole line of thinking is LOGICALLY stupid|!

    • Which makes perfect sense, except the statistics are against you. We’ve seen a drop in teen pregnancies every year, and has been on a downward trend since 1990. You want to know why? Proper sexual education and contraceptive education. This whole idea that telling your child to wait until marriage before being sexually active is all well and good, but it doesn’t work. Giving them the information they need to make a proper informed decision is what’s helping to curb pregnancy rates.

    • Giuliana says:

      Education is not an act of condolence, nor is it insurance that kids will actually do something they’ve been taught. Don’t believe me? Look at how many students and adults still misuse homophones and misspell words. How many can’t write a 2 column proof, or a five paragraph essay. All Of the aforementioned items were taught, repeatedly, & presented to them and yet they still do not perform them.

  • Eliot says:

    Posting this on the wall of a middle school, with no moral discrimination even implied, is like giving a child a menu at a restaurant with no age limit on the liquor list.

  • Melissa P says:

    I wonder if they discussed the legal, ethical, physical, and psychological issues of make genital mutilation as well. Most districts do not. http://arclaw.org/our-work/publications/journal-law-and-public-interest-publishes-article-arcs-peter-adler

  • “[T]he approved curriculum is in line with what other schools around the country do as well.”

    CAN YOU SAY COMMON CORE? We need to fight this!

  • dg says:

    The tragic thing about stories like this (and there are many) is that the parent will send their child right back into the dysfunctional indoctrination system that is government school the very next day. The education “professionals” laugh at the parents as they continue to destroy our kids. That’s just as abusive to the child as the original incident. What is it going to take for parents to see this? Exodus is the only solution.

  • William Yaeger says:

    Um…you need to understand this is being driven by a national agenda that includes sex education for national health goals of reducing teen pregnancy AND lowering the rate of venerial STDs/AIDS. So far after 20 years, it hasn’t been all that successful. The experts are now saying this type of sex education with frank and open discussion of real world sexual practices should start as soon as childern (preschoolers) start asking how babies are made… One thing that is changing is that kids have a lot less supervision from their parents at home because both mom and dad work, or maybe the single parent has a job that requires travel for several days at a time away from the house and can’t afford child/young teen care… or the parent has patterns of addictive behavior (clubbing/sex/gambling/drugs/alcohol/etc) that makes them unable to provide responsible,consistent, parenting…or just gives up on parenting the kid when they turn tween, and says the kids today grow up so fast and are going to do what they want anyway…

  • Sex education should only be taught to students that have parental consent. I feel the school/government have gone overboard in trying to control what our kids need to be taught. If parents give the ok, then by all means teach them. If a parent says we will take care of our own, then that should be left to the parents. What I saw on the list and if it was my daughter who was 13 years old, I’d be at the school voicing my displeasure at the school itself. And take the issue as high as I needed to.

  • B White Eagle says:

    Sexual education is one thing, sexual perversion in the class room is another. If this was done outside of the classroom it would be sexual assault and those teaching it would have to register as a sexual predator for the rest of their life. It seems like school districts can get away with immorality by calling it education!!! No wonder people would rather home educate their children the to have them exposed to this!!!

  • Mayzism says:

    What happened to the parental consent forms they used to send home with the kids when I was a kid?

  • Judith Gundrum says:

    It is very important to start teaching your child about good touch and bad touch (I started at 18 months) sex abuse can start at any age and 60% happens from a family member or someone the family knows. Sex taught in the schools should be limited to diseases and the fact that any sex act can pass them. The discussion of sexual behavior should be left to the parent. Though we have a lot of pot head parents that don’t even remember they have children let alone willing to teach there children anything. Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top are all the same thing and part of the New World Order. Fight with all your might.

  • Lew Lambros says:

    I believe once you become a teen then you are all hyped up to get to 16 then 21. The educators at the school probably thought that what was listed on the poster was no worse than what they have been listening to in the hallways.

  • With this type of attitude which deems this ‘curriculum’ acceptable, is it any wonder there’s a PANDEMIC of pedophile sexual predator teachers employed at public schools??



  • Mindy says:

    REMOVE your kids from PUBLIC SCHOOLS! If people would band together and help one another with HOMESCHOOLING then this would never be a problem. HOME SCHOOL your children. The schools don’t care anymore, they are Federally funded, State owned, and they want to make little slaves out of the children. CUT THEM OFF< save this nation. PULL YOUR CHILDREN and HOME SCHOOL!

  • k says:

    I would question the integrity of the Leadership of this school…. probably would take my kids out of that school….

  • jerr says:

    I was 13 the first time I had sex, but I didnt have very good parents I went out to parties with my oldest sisters. I know most kids that was having sex at a very young old was bc they had family problems and was seeking out attention. What this poster looks like to me if u even touch or hug someone u r having some kind of sexual feeling for someone ad thats so not true.. they should just got a poster that was worded better.. now im 25 years old and I have two daughters 5 and a 3 year old and I do believe u should have that talk with them when they r 13. Be careful how u explain urself and maybe show them y u should wait and the reasons why it is for the best, or maybe u could get a young teen mother to talk to thems

  • Jessie says:

    If you do not educate children about these things, they WILL find out about them on their own and they will have NO clue of the risks. Time to wake up folks. 13 year old children do have sex sometimes no matter HOW good you think you are raising them. They need to know what IS sexual contact because they need to know where to draw the line when those situations arise. If no one has educated them, they might fall for lame excuses like “its ok, this isn’t real sex”. You might not like how the school did it. but the fact is we need to get realistic here and understand that if adults don’t educate them, they will find out things on their own without the knowledge that is necessary to make safe choices. Providing education and knowledge is not going to make children want to have sex. Educating them might even make them wait longer because an adult has been honest about the risks. Better they learn about this stuff now than having a nurse tell them about it while they are being treated for gonorrhea.

  • Brendan Greally says:

    By the comments, America, formerly a christian majority is going through a crisis of faith. Most people seem to believe that grooming little girls for teenage and pre teen sex is acceptable. For all ye liberals out there, how is this course any different from informal grooming?

    Leave the child’s innocence alone I say! Hand’s off you immoral vipers!

    • Rich says:

      How is educating children about sex, and the dangers and responsibilities that go along with sex, grooming them for sex?

      While it does depend on the area you live, in many areas if you wait until the child is 13, you have waited too long and are likely to have a child that is a teen parent.

      Look around you. Almost everything in society today is pushing sex on these kids. Hollywood, TV, the music industry, the clothing industry, and just about everything else you can think of selling sex to people of all ages because sex sells products. We complain about Miley Cyrus and the example she portrays, but her music is all over pop radio. This is the world we live in. No matter how much we think life should be like Mayberry, RFD, it isn’t.

  • fyrantx says:

    This ‘free sex’ promotion (not education) = more underage sex = more teen/pre-teen pregnancies = more abortions = more excuses for pedophiles to prey on your kids. Do any of you amoral people who scoff at the idea of abstinence, parental and societal responsibility really think that this actually has anything to do with education? Kids may experiment but that has nothing to do with adults promoting them into sexual acts which is what this is doing.

  • kris says:

    And they ask me why I homeschool. Case and point.

    • Cassandra says:

      That’s “case IN point.” Good luck with your homeschooling, kris. I’m sure all the competent homeschoolers are just thrilled with you.
      p.s. Thanks for keeping your cottage industry ignorance out of the public school system.

  • Josh says:

    For those of you not familiar with the “national standards,” look no further than Common Core (or College and Career readiness as they have since re-branded). We’re currently fighting it in Kansas. A bill will be presented soon that will put a stop to the federal government forcing this down our state’s throat. Here are a few points you should look at (see photo). Don’t let your kids be indoctrinated with this!

  • Josh says:

    Information on Common Core….

  • Shar says:

    Completely inappropriate any way you look at it. This is the very reason why we chose to have our children exempt from these classes. Its not the school place to discuss such things. It is something as a parent I’d rather address with my child myself and I’d be highly pissed off if my children were subjected to this filth at their own school everyday just trying to get to their classrooms. With the level of inappropriate sexual activity that takes place everyday in classrooms all over this country, its completely asinine for a school board to approve of this poster to be part of a curriculum. Just as bad as the offenders.

  • doom says:

    i very clearly remember getting sex ed in elementary. people are way to sensitive! its clear our world is run by sex!

  • Sara says:

    If you don’t want your child exposed to sexual education then take them out of public school. The good outweighs the bad.

  • sunstripe says:

    If kids are having sex at younger and younger ages, perhaps its because they are getting sex ed at younger ages. After all they are expected to practice what they learn at school. That’s why the curriculum needs to be carefully chosen and approved by parents, who know their kids better than some person with an agenda at the school district. The poster was completely inappropriate for any setting, even an adult workplace, let alone a middle school classroom.

  • Giuliana says:

    Oh wow, parents of Middle School kids need to WAKE UP! ALL 13 year olds have sexual feelings (yep, even your little homeschooled “innocent” children) and you can bury your head in the sand as deep as you’d like, & for as long as you’d like, but it’s not going to change that fact! So if you want to know whether they know what grinding is? Trust me on this because I teach middle school, they do! First, they’ve been doing it to their mattresses at the very least, for a while now. Second, by the age of 13, they’ve probably, at the very least, done this on the dance floor while dancing. I think a lot of the above comments are naive, because their parents have a hard time seeing their own children as sexual beings– Especially at around the age of 13– because this change from nonsexual child, to sexual person, happens quickly. Years back, I noticed that young adults even(!!), didn’t consider a lot of these things on the list as “sex”. For example, “oral” sex isn’t “sex”?! Well, It is in my vocabulary. And I’m sure a lot of the adults would agree with me that it is deemed as a sexual act. Given that information, parents should really be pleased, that every time when their children are becoming sexual–literally overnight– that an adult who is informed and is there to help, is providing them with accurate information. Wake up. Trust me, They either know what it is, or they’re already doing it.

  • batboy1@aol.com says:

    My dad gave me the talk at the ripe old age of 11. It was awkward, no at that point I was really not interested, but the awkwardness alone allowed me to not go off having sex until the 18. Just because you hide it from your kids doesn’t mean your kids don’t know about it. Being honest a better route. Take responsibility and teach your kids what being sexually active is, and why it’s a bad idea to be sexually active at a young age… Who knows, you may be able to brag that you actually taught your kids about being responsible people.

  • J Pebcac says:

    When I was in High School in the late eighties, we had several girls pregnant. That’s years ago. The reality is, kids will have sex. And disease can spread through sex. Parents who like to pretend otherwise are doing everyone a great disservice by not giving their kids tools to protect themselves – the same way that parents who refuse to do the HPV vaccine/etc. Why teach about other forms of sex? Because -it happens- and because disease can spread through them just as well.

  • Angel says:

    This shows we aren’t too far from having a Brave New World like Aldous Huxleys book

  • Crystal says:

    I am an educator, and I would never allow a poster like this to hang on my wall. My school district does not support this type of health/sexual education.
    As a parent of 4, I know it is my responsibility to know where my children are 24 hours a day and know what they are doing. My husband and I invite our children’s friends over to our house to play. We don’t let our kids play at other homes and we do not do any sleep overs.
    We are both educators and are fully aware of what kids are up to. Our answer is to be with our kids (we are their teachers at school) and we keep in our home to play with their friends. It might seem over protective, but we aren’t up at night wondering where our children are or what they are up to.

  • rawrsuberfail says:

    This poster is fine .. Maybe if parents quit being so bothered by it and looked around at all the girls pregnant when there only 12,13,14,15 .. Maybe they’d realize sex Ed is okay

    Sure there’s things on the list that’d be sketchy to teach young kids, but then look at what they are exposed too .. Rap and Miley Cyrus are teaching your kids about grinding, twerking etc

    I would be fine with my boys attending that class .. All this fuss from one dad, I think he needs to calm down .. If he’s got such a problem then sit in on the class and see what’s being taught to his daughter

  • Trog Lodyte says:

    I personally would like to demonstrate all of the above with the blonde! Call me :)

  • Ken says:

    And so we homeschool.

  • KB says:

    That poster is ridiculous and it is unacceptable it is hanging up in a classroom. I totally stand behind the child’s father. What is this school thinking?

  • Sherri McKee says:

    I wonder if Mr. Ellis is aware of how many 13 year old’s have STDs, and get pregnant every year. I wonder if he is aware that ‘street’ information is woefully inaccurate, and that leads to negative consequences. It would be great if parents would begin teaching their children about their bodies, and as they child ages , the parents would continue to teach them. It just does not happen. I worked in OB for 15 years. The youngest patient we had was 11. Her parents refused to teach her about touching, about anything to do with reproduction. So, a family member got her pregnant. If parents would parent- great. I came from a time when it just was not discussed. If I had not had some sex ed and human reproduction I would not have had one clue how to protect myself . Let’s teach contraception while we’re at it. The terms on most of those posters are mild compared to what kids hear on the street, TV, on the net or from their friends. Abstinence is great in theory , a failure in reality.

  • white haired granny says:

    Been a nurse for for over 40 years and have seen plenty of 13 year olds in the maternity unit having babies. Most had little knowedge about sexuality and many had thought they couldn’t get pregnant!

    Based on what my granddaughter tells me is discussed on the middle school school bus, these are terms describing activities some of these kids are already doing and many have heard about by the time they get to an 8th grade health class.

    Kids should have access to accurate information. If parents don’t want their kids informed, they have a right to pull them out of class. However, I don’t think they have the right to demand accurate information be withheld from other kids who’s parents want them to be well informed.

    • Anna J says:

      How about giving the parents the curriculum before they teach it to the kids, and let the parents decide if it’s appropriate. That’s what they do at my kids school. I also instill in them that it is best to wait for marriage to engage in sexual behavior. That way there is less chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Of course, that’s hopeful thinking,but at least the information and values are planted in their heads.

  • earthgrl says:

    Most schools have a parent information meeting before the sexual education curriculum begins to review the curriculum. If this school didn’t have a meeting, then that should be addressed. If the school had a meeting and this parent missed it, then that’s on him for not following up. Sex is one of the basic biological needs, and since there are sexually-related health issues that also affect the community, it’s taught in our schools. As parents, we have the right and responsibility to discuss sex with our children, giving them accurate information and explaining our values and beliefs about it. By age 13, kids should have been taught enough by parents that nothing in health class will be a surprise. A basic discussion by ages 8-10 is appropriate, depending on your child’s development. Being informed about sex itself and their parents’ views on sex helps them to make better decisions. We can preach abstinence, but they need to also know the consequences for non-abstinence. Ignorance is not bliss.

  • It would not be necessary to “teach” sex in schools, if morals were taught at home. Tragically, most of today’s parents have been brain-washed when they started in elementary school. They-in-turn teach what they have learned. From generation to generation. (1st. law in thermodynamics ? I think) As a VERY senior citizen I have seen our society go to POT in front of my eyes. As Pogo said (in the comic strip) back in the 40′s (30s or 40′s ?) If any of you are old enough), I have seen the enemy, and the enemy IS US! Sadly, I no longer live in America. I would have staked my mother-in-laws life that the pRESIDENT of our beautiful country would never say “he apologizes” for our country. I voted for President Eisenhower just turning 21. Now you don’t even need to show you are a citizen to vote. Go figure!


  • Lauren Cox says:

    Give me a break. It is a poster of terms that they will be discussing in the Sex Education course.Unless they are showing movies or demonstrating the acts in class,the parent is blowing things way out of proportion. A 13 year old definitely needs to learn about sex. They are at the age where they start thinking about dating and are curious about all the things listed on the poster. If the dad is still stuck on the juvenile terms for all the body parts, that is his right but he had better wake up and start dealing with his daughter as a young women or she is going to be one of the girls who comes home pregnant or with a disease with no idea how it happened.

  • Lauren Cox says:

    The reason schools teach sex ed is because parents went to the school boards and pushed to have it included in the curriculum. Now they are upset because they have a poster with the words oral sex on it? Guess what, they are already thinking about it, all the poster does is give them the “official” term for it. Knowing 4 or 5 words for the act doesn’t make them more likely to carry out the act. Their hormones do that…..

  • Giuliana says:

    Where to start? First, I hope schools are teaching about extremists and their threat, because based on these paranoid comments, we are among the extremists.

    Second, parents of Middle School kids need to WAKE UP! ALL 13 year olds have sexual feelings (yep, even your little homeschooled “innocent” children) and you can bury your head in the sand as deep as you’d like, & for as long as you’d like, but it’s not going to change that fact! So if you want to know whether they know what grinding is? Trust me on they do! First, they’ve been doing it to their mattresses at the very least, for a while now. Second, by the age of 13, they’ve probably, at the very least, done this on the dance floor while dancing.

    I think a lot of the above comments are naive, because their parents have a hard time seeing their own children as sexual beings– Especially at around the age of 13– because this change from nonsexual child, to sexual person, happens quickly.

    Years back, I noticed that young adults even(!!), didn’t consider a lot of these things on the list as “sex”. For example, “oral” sex isn’t “sex”?! Well, It is in my vocabulary. And I’m sure a lot of the adults would agree with me that it is deemed as a sexual act. Given that information, parents should really be pleased, that every time when their children are becoming sexual–literally overnight– that an adult who is informed and is there to help, is providing them with accurate information. Wake up. Trust me, They either know what it is, or they’re already doing it.

    Stop teaching your children to hate, to judge. Be humble. Teach them acceptance of others’ viewpoints. Teach them humility. And teach them about their bodies! Why is this taboo? Ugh!

  • gene aldeson says:

    So many 13 year old girls get pregnant these days that I think it is foolish not to teach students about sex when the students are capable of reproduction but I do believe the choice to have the students in this class should rest with the parents. A signed parent approval form would eliminate this problem.

  • Dan Beyer says:

    Anyone who says that Abstinence Education doesn’t work isn’t thinking logically but is ideologically driven! Abstinence is 100% effective against pregnancy! Logically. Abstinence is 100% effective against sexually transmitted diseases! Logically. Abstinence is 100% effective against early/unplanned parenthood! Logically. Teaching self control is NOT a bad thing, but a good thing to do! Logically. For anyone to say we need to take that tool out of the collective toolbox doesn’t really care about kids and is totally agenda driven. Abstinence Education DOES work when given a fair chance. But this poster has absolutely nothing to do with Abstinence Education. It is yet one more of the innumerable examples of the continual sexualization of our children that goes on every day in our schools. And it’s being more and more promoted to younger and younger children all the time. That’s criminal. And it’s hypocritical from those who claim they want to prevent students from pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases!

    • Rich says:

      Dan, yes abstinence prevents everything you mentioned. The problem with abstinence only programs is that kids don’t abstain. The daughter of my Sunday School teacher got pregnant in high school. The daughter of the family that first invited me to a Baptist church got pregnant in junior high school. The Prom Queen at my kid’s high school was pregnant. Kids need to know how to protect themselves when they decide to start having sex. Because they don’t always wait just because their parents want them to.

      • Dan Beyer says:

        Promoting not so “safe” failure is not the answer! Promoting maturity and self control is. Using your type of “logic” we should also actively promote “safe” heroin or meth use since there will always be those who fail to take the correct choice of action. Eliminating one of the tools that DOES work for those who strive for better quality of life is nonsensical.

      • Rich says:

        Dan, I didn’t say abstinence should not be taught. It IS the preferred method. I am saying that is should not be the only thing taught. Although I do think that morals are something that are better taught at home. Do you really want the public school systems teaching your children what is moral and what is not? Schools should be teaching facts and how to think and make good decisions. Parents and churches should be teaching morals.

        But I see nothing wrong with schools showing the advantages of abstinence. I just don’t think they should ONLY teach “Just say no.” It didn’t stop kids from doing drugs and it won’t stop kids from having sex.

  • pam says:

    Makes me wonder about the teachers that allow this to be displayed.

  • Kris Edler says:

    As a 9-12th grade teacher, I am shocked this is actually approved in our city school district. Whoever created and distributed this in a secondary school should be brought before the school board and fired. Leave this type of education up to the family, where it belongs.

  • TracyH says:

    When I first read the sign, I could immediately relate to this parents reaction. Then I reflected back to my middle school years starting in 1982 and realized the difference being in the acceptance of sexuality today. And the context of the terminology used in this lesson is that of what is happening today and always has, just not used openly. And although I may still find some of these items on the list personally offensive and not something I would choose to engage in, I must acknowledge that it is a normal act for some. Additionally, as parents we have to understand that this is meant to be an informative lesson and it’s intended purpose is not to be one of morals or acceptance but to educate our children on a subject that may be uncomfortable and confusing to them. And generally not something children would want to discuss with their parents, but may be more willing to ask questions and obtain an understanding from someone else and the school has taken on this challenge in an effort for kids to receive an educated explanation of sexuality, not limited to reproduction. I think his daughter did the right thing by bringing this information to her father, as this is something she clearly was uncomfortable with and that is part of the basis of this lesson plan, if something makes you uncomfortable, go to an adult. This has opened the door for them to have a discussion about sexuality on a level that they are both comfortable with.

  • Jonah says:

    Wake up and take the blinders, daddy. Kids are having oral sex in the bathrooms at age 11. Just because your little girl isn’t doesn’t mean other kids don’t need to be educated.

  • UncleJohn says:

    13 year olds already know all about it. The dad’s just upset that his illusion of his daughter’s innocence has been shattered.

    Follow a group of 7th graders around the mall for a few minutes and listen to their conversation.

    • april777 says:

      My daughter is 16 yrs old and she just found out that babies come from an Egg and Sperm! She still doesn’t even know about positions or types of sex! She has known since she was 3 yrs old that no one is to touch her in certain spots unless they are her mom and the doctor IF there is a problem. She knew the reason was because they could really hurt her. That was good enough and I haven’t had any problems. She doesn’t even want to know she said. She said that when she is ready to get married she will ask. She has been educated properly that Dating is for finding your mate and getting married. She said that she is not ready to get married, because she wants to establish a career first. Therefore, she is not going to date until she is ready for that step of Commitment and Responsibility.

  • Clay says:

    In case nobody has noticed, kids can see half this stuff on TV, along with plenty of acts of violence and dishonesty.

    Having sex isn’t a bad thing. It can have serious consequences, especially if you’re unaware of what can happen. Most of us are going to do it at some points in our lives, and that includes our children. We need to make sure that they have the information they need to stay safe, and that includes teaching them what the terms “oral sex” and “grinding” mean.

    • April says:

      Kids are only seeing this stuff if their parents allow it in the house. IF parents would get smart, they would get rid of Satellite and Cable. Besides, there’s nothing on those avenues anyways, what is the point in paying for nothing!? We have regular TV and it barely comes on unless the kids are watching an educational show. IF it comes on for anything else it is for us adults, or because the kids are playing games, or watching kids movies.

      It is the Parents responsibility and most are not taking it! I am informed this from Teachers, Principals, Daycare’s, and hearing how far behind children are from other Parents. Parents send their kids to school sick because they don’t want the responsibility or inconvenience of having to stay home to help their child. Then, the other kids get sick and it goes to other people’s homes who do take that Responsibility!

      I watch parents who give their 8 yr olds cell phones and then send them out to roam the neighborhood because they want to catch a nap!!! They tell the kids to go find someone to play with!!! That is where the trouble is coming from along with other things like schools letting the kids go home way before their parents get home and they have nothing to do until it is dinner time. The parents are at work until 5-6pm and then they have to have the child to some practice during the 6pm-9pm time period! It is ridiculous!

      There isn’t even any family time anymore. This is where we have problems and why parents don’t even talk to their kids about ANYTHING! Then, they don’t listen to their kids when they are trying to tell them something important. Parents are so out of touch with their children, I’d be shocked if they know their child’s favorite color, what their favorite hobby is, or what they want to be when they get out of school! I know when my children have something on their minds!! Most parents don’t even care that their child is there let alone what is on the child’s mind.

      I was informed by a teacher in my children’s school that children are coming into Kindergarten who don’t even know where their Nose is!!! That is pathetic! Kids come in and don’t know how to brush their hair, brush their teeth, put on shoes, know how to count to even 3 let alone 10! We HAD to know more than those things I just listed when I went to school in 1985.

      Remember I said most parents NOT All.

  • Melissa says:

    Good grief

    Kids SHOULD be educated about sex & clearly parents are not doing it. Kids are having sex in high school AND junior high.

    The key is to educate them BEFORE they have sex.

    Get over your problems.

    This father is probably going to be one of the first grandparents since he’s in denial about reality.

  • Marissa says:

    Pulled these stats offline.

    I’ll just leave these here.

    “The main rise in the teen pregnancy rate is among girls younger than 15″

  • Burr says:

    This is NOT education of our children. This is permissiveness and too much information at this age. Bravo to this father for putting his foot down. We are becoming a socialist nation where parents are not allowed to parent, and it is not right.

  • Rick Morrow says:

    Here we go again with the brainwashing of Liberalism and the promotion of spreading AIDS which is killing homosexuals at over 300 per day. Can you get anymore stupid than this? Liberalism kills more people than war ever could. The Lord says the Muslims and the Liberals die everyday trying to prove the Word of God wrong. Only Liberals can be this stupid. God says wrong can never be made right ever.

  • Penny Soto says:


  • LibertyChick says:

    This is all part of the government control of our kids. Hitler did this in Nazi German – his education plan involved desensitizing children to sex so they would reproduce early creating babies for Hitler. Many 16 year olds were reproducing like rabbits to create the next generation of soldiers/breeders.

    The more the government can control the thoughts/ideas/beliefs of kids in school, the more they can control them later. Look at Common Core curriculum – it’s all about programming the kids, and testing them to ensure they answer correctly – including subjective questions. They will then use that data to determine who is worthy of going to college. Since it’s not all objective questions, only those properly programmed will even get a full HS education. The rest will be put into “apprenticeship” programs – a kind word for child labor/serfdom. It’s very dangerous.

    • Rich says:

      LibertyChick, you do realize that virtually every school system in the country has done away with apprenticeship and vocational programs don’t you? Personally, I think they should bring them back. Not every student is cut out for college or wants to go. In many areas, skilled construction workers make more than the employees with degrees.

      Easiest way to take control of people is to convince them that college loans are a necessity to get ahead, when the jobs they get afterwards will never pay off the loans. As the bible says, the borrower is slave to the lender. But this is totally off the subject of the article.

      • LibertyChick says:

        I’m all for vocational training and apprenticeships – chosen by the student. The intention aligned with CCSS is that testing will decide this for the student – this why the excessive number of tests that the government will be tracking the results of for the lifetime of the child – testing capability and buy-in to the agenda. I don’t think this is what the government should know anything about. The quality of education in America has declined since the government got into it, and CCSS will jack that up considerably!

        Here’s some additional information:

      • Rich says:

        I believe that some of the fault for our dropping standards belongs with the educators themselves, although not those still teaching today. During the Vietnam era, many teachers in high schools and colleges gave out higher grades than the student’s work warranted so that the student would not end up in Vietnam. I believe that started the downward spiral and government intervention has done nothing to help since.

        I remember when I was in high school, the state suddenly decided to get tough on education. So we had to write twelve papers in English instead of the six papers that previous classes had to do. The problem was that the papers were not required to be any better. They weren’t graded harder, we just had to write more of them. So we wrote twelve mediocre papers instead of six. Didn’t help us at all. Just gave the politicians something they could point to when election time came around.

  • Allyssa says:

    I think we should all remember here, we are talking about 13 year olds. Year olds who were just 12 years old talking about not having sex. That’s outrageous that 13 year olds are even thinking about having sex.

  • Had Enough With Kansas Schools says:

    The level of details this sign exudes are utterly and completely unnecessary. I will not be subjecting my kid to this.

  • heidi says:

    Dad is perhaps in need of some sex ed. To young you say? I have seen 14 yr olds delivering babies….yes, and not in a ghetto hospital but an affluent one. If parents don’t teach sex ed to their children, the school must. This includes terminology that dad is uncomfortable with.

  • Timothy York says:

    Judging from your grammar, it appears to me your school needs to concentrate more on other areas of the curriculum.

  • Mark says:

    When I was in Junior High (many years ago), there was a 13 year old girl who was pregnant. We all knew what anal sex was at 13 years old, and (evidently) some of the kids were sexually active. The average age at which kids are having sex is becoming younger and younger. And, unfortunately, parents don’t want to believe that their pre-teens already know a lot about sex and young teens are already experimenting with it. If the parents don’t teach it, the schools should.

  • you are wrong, because at thirteen a lot of them are ready to have sex. Now them being in the system, heading towards high school, etc. it is a good thing for them to know. I know back in the day there were several girls who thought it was hot to go park with a high school boy and many a girl lost their virginity at 13 and 14.

  • Sara says:

    It might be outrageous but it’s also happening. I had sex education over 20 years ago. it’s a little more graphic but not much. What’s the problem? Teen pregnancies are down–and not because parents are talking to their kids about sex. Kids talk to each other, not their parents.

  • Then, take the kids and start talking to them when they are 11 or 12. Let them know what they are in for. Quit playing ostrich and help them.

  • Sharon says:

    Love your comment

  • Dufrain says:

    What 11 or 12 year old is ready for sex? You sound like a pervert.

  • Dexter Morgan says:

    It’s a pretty sick culture when adults are arguing that kids should be taught about sex at younger and younger ages. It is not the school’s job to teach kids about these activities. It’s the parents job. If I found out that a virtual stranger was teaching my kids about sexual terms they have no business knowing about at their age, I’d have him strapped to my table. The Dark Passenger has needs, too…

  • Leila says:

    Amy, I could not agree more. Thank you.

  • Kim says:

    I totally agree with you!! My daughter is in elementary school (4th grade) and her school asked permission for her to be taught about ‘safe touch’. I would be irate if this poster was in her school!! Being taught about puberty and birth control is one thing–different sexual activities is another. I agree with ‘Dad’.

  • Mike says:

    Some of the logic being used be so called enlightened people is absurd. The best way to test a theory is to apply it to other situations. Yes there are 13 year old’s who engage in this type of behavior. There are also 13 year old’s who use drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Should we now be teaching them how to roll their own joints or score a hit somewhere? Here child let me show you the safest way to use that needle cause I know you are gonna do it anyway.

    Teaching someone how to do something properly at an age that it is socially unhealthy to engage in is legitimizing the activity and normalizing it. People are sheep and if they feel an activity is acceptable they are more likely to engage in it. After all look at all of the stupid fashion trends and hairstyles that have come and gone. People want to fit in and be accepted. If you are teaching children that their peers are doing something, they themselves will feel more compelled to do that in order to be part of the group.

    Some of the comments here prove how simplistic the thinking in America has gotten.

  • jane says:

    What the real problem is are the parents! Do you really think your kids don’t already know what some of these things are? Some of your kids have even done these things! Do you also have any idea how many teenagers get pregnant every year? While some parents sit at home and say “Don’t have sex until you are married” there are those of us who live in the real world and know that this stuff needs to be taught and if you are mad that the school is doing it before you did it then you are a little behind! You are right these kids are 13 I could go in to detail about what the kids I went to school with were doing at 13 but its not at all appropriate.

  • Dufrain says:

    Well Gee Willackers… If YOU DID YOUR JOB…. You would have nothing to worry about.

  • We homeschool as well. And thank GOD

  • Fedge says:

    LOL at all of you fundies thinking your kids aren’t going to have sex. What planet are you from?

  • Jimmie says:

    I have news for you. It was the home school boy down the street that I had my first sexual exploits with when I was 11.

  • Hahahaha says:

    I’m happy that homeschool is gaining popularity – naive homeschooled kids are by far the easiest to bed when they make it to college.

    Sheltering your children does them a disservice and I am genuinely glad that you don’t recognize that.

  • Bob says:

    You bible thumpers crack me up.

    My kids had to bring a consent form for the parents to sign and return. Maybe more parents should actually read it and take interest in their kids’ school instead of burying their heads in the sand.

  • acoluthus says:

    did the teacher cover the -repercussions- / results of these activities?
    were STD’s covered?
    did he encourage boys & girls to have the strength to say ‘no’?
    did he cover the legal side, since you’re all under age?
    was the topic of rape & force covered?
    it’s a -serious- topic, not a ‘fun’ one.

  • Mike says:

    I am not quite understanding you… Yes it is the parents who should be teaching this. There is more publicly funded sex ed than ever before, and even more underage kids engaging in sex. Show me how the sex ed is stopping this… My parents opted me out of sex ed in middle school and high school. I was protected from this stupidity and didn’t have sex until after high school.

    You do not understand how human behavior is manipulated. Teachers are presented as an authority and their teaching signals that it is acceptable to engage in this behavior. IT is really simple. Tell your kids that if they do certain things there are possible negative consequences. It doesn’t require extensive classes to teach that. Yes for the last time we all know that some kids will do these things at young ages. That is not a sound argument for approving this sort of teaching.

    Here is my poster…

    Ways kids have a good time!

    Cheating on tests
    Skipping class
    Shop lifting

  • Cathy says:

    SAFE!! This sounds dangerous!! & it IS !! 13 yikes. What is wrong with our school system & y is it up to them to ‘teach,’ this!! No no no…… abstinence is the ONLY thing they should teach…..

  • ladyg~ says:

    Maybe you’ve forgotten, but there are these people called, parents. They should be the ones to educate their children.

  • Alex says:

    You really think that school is a safe place to learn this? Absolutely there should be sex-ed in the life of every child, but it should NEVER be outsourced to the public school system. That is solely the responsibility of the parents. Parents are so afraid to have the “sex talk” with their kids that they are willing to let them just find out on their own, in the wrong way, through experiences at school.

    Since when should the public school system do what is the responsibility of the parent. Sadly not nearly enough parents care what is being taught to their children and are not actively involved.

  • Carl P. says:

    It’s not about what children at that age have already heard on the streets or from their friends. It’s about the School District taking liberty to teach MY children things in school that, in my opinion, they should only be taught by their PARENTS at home!
    Maybe I don’t want my children to learn sexuality in school! Maybe I have plans to teach them about it in my own way. Maybe I have religious reasons. Maybe I feel that I have a better way of explaining it. Maybe, in my opinion, MY children aren’t ready to learn that yet!
    Whatever the reason, I send my children to school to learn how to read, write, do arithmetic and learn science and history….NOT SEX! THAT is NONE of any school districts business! THAT is between me and MY child! And public school is NOT the place they should learn it!
    If they want to teach the reproductive system in science class, that’s fine. If they want to teach about the hows and why’s to have sex, they are completely out of their jurisdiction!

  • Eugenia says:

    @David. Teaching biology is one thing. Teaching perversity and lifestyles is something else and not for the classroom.

  • willie says:

    Is this part of Common Core?

  • Rich says:

    You might want to do some research and rethink your position. “Abstinence only” programs have the worst record of all sex ed programs for preventing the children from having sex. The best results come from comprehensive programs that give the kids ALL of the facts without bias, and let them make up their own mind. The children, statistically, put off sex until much older than other programs.

    “Abstinence only” programs tend to have no effect on the children’s sex life at all. I found only ONE that had good results. This program took ALL of the moral judgments about sex out of the curriculum. But its results were as good as any other program. Many kids won’t respond to “God said it was wrong.” Some will start having sex just because of a statement like that. They will see it as a challenge.

    When it comes to abstinence, only parents really have a good chance of being a positive influence, and they need to use it. They need to be the ones teaching the importance of abstinence. You, and your children, will be better off if the schools stay out morality and stick to facts.

  • Rich says:

    You might want to do some research and rethink your position. “Abstinence only” programs have the worst record of all sex ed programs for preventing the children from having sex. The best results come from comprehensive programs that give the kids ALL of the facts without bias, and let them make up their own mind. The children, statistically, put off sex until much older than other programs.

    “Abstinence only” programs tend to have no effect on the children’s sex life at all. I found only ONE that had good results. This program took ALL of the moral judgments about sex out of the curriculum. But its results were as good as any other program. Many kids won’t respond to “God said it was wrong.” Some will start having sex just because of a statement like that. They will see it as a challenge.

    When it comes to abstinence, only parents really have a good chance of being a positive influence, and they need to use it. They need to be the ones teaching the importance of abstinence. You, and your children, will be better off if the schools stay out morality and stick to facts.

  • Leanne Watts says:

    I agree! This should be taught by parents – NOT the schools! Parents know their kids best and what and when they can handle certain topics. The lady said it shouldn’t have been left up after the lesson… I say it shouldn’t have been used at all!!!

  • 987654321 says:

    There is NO way you are a 14 year old kid typing this about your teacher.

  • Sam says:

    They may not be ready to have sex…but they’re having sex. I doubt anyone in the class was shocked by the terms on the poster.

  • Rich says:

    Dufrain, no eleven or twelve year old child is ready for sex. I don’t believe that anyone here thinks they are. That does not mean, however, that eleven and twelve year old children are not having sex. If you look into the subject at all, you will quickly find out that some are. In most cases, unknown to the parent. Years ago, I read a letter online. The mother had written in because her daughter had just turned fourteen. Therefore the mother thought it was time she discussed sex with her daughter. The mother was shocked to find out that her precious baby had been enjoying sex for two years already. It happens.

    I believe the best way to protect your child is to give them all of the facts and trust them to make the right decision when the time comes. Of course, tell them what you think and believe as well, but make sure they have the facts. I personally think that kids should know about birth control and condoms. And, if one of my children had asked me to get it for them, I would have. Bringing sex into a relationship provides enough problems for teens, let alone pre-teens, without the danger, or reality of, having a baby too.

  • Sam says:

    The signed for their kids to take the sex ed class…..so they were teaching them sex ed.

  • cindy says:

    for one no not all kids know that much at 13 some adults still take the time to monitor their kids and give them a childhood, not everyone in the country lives an anything goes live style not everyone is raising ghetto rats

  • Dll says:

    I agree some of these words are not appropriate for middle school. Maybe for high school. Just because kids may be using these words or know what they mean doesn’t mean that it should be part of the school curriculum.

  • Father of three pre-teens says:

    Stacy, you must not have kids. This is inappropriate for younger kids, because they do not have the wherewithal of determining what is in context or not. This is especially concerning that the parents are unaware of what is or isn’t being taught in the classroom.

  • Lori McLiberty says:

    How about it come from the responsible parent not the Federally run schools!!!!! I know for a fact,growing up in the time I did this would never ever be an issue!!!I find it disgusting the power schools have now a days!!! I teach my children values,character and at most integrity!!!!

  • latitia says:

    My whole thing is their already talking about it amongst themselves and he needs to have this conversation with his daughter and get over it.

  • enness says:

    First of all, did you not understand by reading the story above that the daughter herself was perturbed enough to take the picture and show it to him? I was 13 not *so* terribly long ago, and I can’t even imagine this being put up in my school.

    Second, are people really incapable of conceiving of any middle ground between “teacher shows child explicit material” and “parent keeps child locked in closet for 18 years”? No. The point is that he wants to be able to introduce it himself, in his time, with his family’s values attached. We should be encouraging all parents to be so conscientious, not whining that they aren’t doing it therefore we have to push these topics on them in school.

  • Daniel says:

    I hope your children miss the day when the talk about how to reproduce……

  • Laura says:

    If your 13 year old daughter is being passed around at parties, you are a poor excuse for a parent.

  • Momma says:

    I wanted nothing and mean nothing to do with boys at 13. I didn’t give myself away til 19 and I plan on raising my babies to be innocent too. Anyone got a problem with that tough at least I’m paying attention to my kids unlike man who think this is ok. When they ask or when they are 15 16 then yes I will talk to them.

  • Stormy says:

    Who in the hell let’s their 13 year old go to parties like that anyways!?!

    It’s called “Being a Parent”!!!

    I can not believe what I am reading as far as 13 yr olds having sex!!!

    My daughter is almost 12 and doesn’t want anything to do with boys!

    Be a parent, love and cherish your child! Give them attention so they don’t go out looking for it!

  • Nicole says:

    Listen man, that’s disgusting and NO 13 year old should be at a party that is co-ed without adult supervision. The schools need to check themselves and stop just saying “here’s a condom”. Actually educate. Also, whatever ignorant person put this list together shouldn’t be a part of any curriculum formation. It goes from kissing to oral sex to hugging, as they are the same. ugh.

  • Jim says:

    What kind of deviate are you. You think passing a 13 year old girl around at a part is OK? You and other sick people like you are what’s wrong in this country.

  • Laura says:

    Then you should be educating your children. All of these people advocating this mess are interested in being the “cool parent” and abdicating their roles as parents.

  • Mom2 says:

    I agree that my children should be fully educated — by ME! Not by someone I barely know, someone who won’t have to clean up whatever mess is left if my children choose to experiment.

  • News flash, Tara: Some people parent their 13YO’s with morals and guidance so they wouldn’t THINK of having sex at that age. I can’t word how glad I am that you don’t get to set the standard for how we all parent!

  • chynadoll2276@hotmail.com says:

    Cindy, although I agreed with the fact that some people are raising children to be exposed to age-appropriate things, the last part of your comment was disrespectful and unnecessary. So many people just throw around the word “ghetto” and have no idea exactly what it means.

  • Ed says:

    Cindy, you are hateful. You comment is out of line and you are being as bad as those people that judge others. Your personal attack should be removed.

  • moose says:

    Actually Cindy is one hundred percent right and if you are offended by the t3rm “ghetto” then you must be offiliated with it and did nothing to better your situation people that live in the “ghetto” or “bad” areas that are actually doing everything they can don’t take offense to this people however that are just sitting around mooching off of the system taking handouts and living off of the hard earned money of everyone else those people take offense to that so if you don’t like it take a look at yourself and shut the hell up this is our children out country’s future and people that just let there kids do whatever and don’t monitor what’s going on in there lives are the people that are going to be the reason for our country’s failure

  • chynadoll2276@hotmail.com says:


  • Carol Williams says:

    I’m scared that a number of the home schooled are sexually or otherwise abused at home, and are kept their so they can’t tell anyone. Does anyone check-up on the home schooled?

  • Tom McKenna says:

    “They are shown “the video” in sixth grade (at least I was), and that was 15 years ago for me. A lot has changed in 15 years”.

    Yes it has, maybe that’s the problem, what’s it going to be like in another 15 yrs. ?

  • Doug says:

    How sad for you and those who care not for the innocence of our children and the fall of morality that surrounds them.

  • Stormy says:

    You apparently do not have children… My daughter is almost 12 and does not know what anything past “sex” as “to reproduce” is!!! She goes to a private school, and this is one reason why. … Also, she does NOT watch “16 & Pregnant” or any other trash show on tv. … We are raising our daughter to become a lady.

    I work hard to keep her away from people, situations and tv shows that she does not need to be around/watch. This poster, and people that approved it are part of what’s wrong with our country!

  • Amy says:

    I hope you are blessed with lots of daughters.

  • R. Nees says:

    She is his daughter and he has a right to be upset. I would be also.

  • Lori McLiberty says:


  • mommy of 3 says:

    Carl I would bet you wouldn’t mind if the school taught the kids about religion and how to pray? I’m guessing not. But sex!!!! No it is against your rights! Whatever.
    People who send their kids to public school know they can at anytime view what is going to be taught. The father should have pulled himself off of his computer and got involved in his daughters education. He could have opted out of this. Anyone knows this. But I think that clearing shows how little this father is involved with his kids education and life.

  • Lacy LaPlante says:

    Good luck with that! (Wow…people still think this way? Yikes, for her kids :( )

  • Marci says:

    Momma you are in trouble if you really believe what you are saying. Times have changed since you were a kid. You can preach to your children everything that you want them to know but they are going to do what they want. It is better to educate them now than later.

  • Sex Ed does not belong in School. This should be a Parent’s job to teach. Science is fine in teaching about the reproductive process but not sex.

  • Rachel says:

    The kids are only doing this because they have been told there is such a thing.

  • CallMeAnn says:

    I promise, that if the daughter felt free to show the pic to her dad, there is an ongoing conversation at home. What part of the story makes it sound like the teacher is of the same belief? And as for this being justified by the fact that it is consistent with national standards, how can you put up those character building motivational posters about standing for what is right in the face of others who are doing wrong (aka; resisting peer pressure) if the school is going to brush off criticism by saying ‘All the other schools do it”?

  • Phesten says:

    So, we should prepare our children for the world by highlighting and discussing every degrading and morally offensive act some (not all) teens are involved in. And in the process let’s make sure that all those kids who AREN’T involved in such acts have their minds thoroughly saturated in such filth, as well as over-ride any parental concern or preference as to how their children are raised. Yes, that’s a fine idea. …Why waste time focusing on those things that might actually steer kids into being productive, and upstanding young people, or giving them standards and models they might find aspirational? Nah, let’s focus on what is base and puts them at risk of early pregnancies, disease, emotional confusion, abuse, ridicule, and all that other good stuff that happens when children abuse themselves. Yes. A wonderful idea. (And this is reason #3,095 why I choose to homeschool my kids.)

  • enness says:

    I respect some of your points, but I don’t think there can be an open dialogue if the school does not bother to inform the parent about what is being taught. One child took a picture, brought it home, and showed it to dad — how many of them did not say a thing?

  • Gordon Kuhne says:

    Your so right Phesten, This is straight out of ” Common Core” , which is nothing but marxist propaganda. Im afraid it’s in almost every school now. Home school is the only way out of it.

  • Nancy says:

    yes…I agree with you! My daughter attends Catholic School and we are trying to get rid of Common Core.

  • Jeri says:

    WOW what a wonderful answer. and so well written.

  • Revelation 21:8, Hebrews 13:4, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

  • enness says:

    Hello Rich,

    “You may not like it or agree with it, but schools need to teach kids about preventing disease during various forms of sex. And in spite of what you may think, the better job the school does of that, the longer your child will put off having sex. That has shown statistically. Schools should not be teaching abstinence only programs, they are almost always found to not work. The results are usually the same or worse than no sex ed at all. It is up to the parents to teach the children why waiting for marriage is important.”

    I am glad we agree on that as a value. So does the CDC, actually. I personally do not see why this has to done in school when a trip to the CDC’s website is as informative as it is. I would like to see a citation of that statistical evidence, if you have it handy; my understanding is that the major studies done show that kids actually are more likely to listen to their parents than they may let on. I disagree with you totally about abstinence programs, and will explain why in a minute…

    “If you cannot provide your children with good, convincing reasons to wait. then don’t expect them to. “Because it’s the right thing to do” is NOT a valid reason in a child’s mind. It’s kind of like telling them “because I said so.” You’re just telling the child that that you want it that way, but don’t have a valid reason.”

    If what you have just described is the way abstinence programs are actually run, then I can see why they fail. The problem is that this is not the only way and definitely not the best way to run them. If the best way has not been tried, you can’t write the concept off as a failure. Also, unfortunately, we do need to look at who conducted the studies and what their motivations might be, where the funding comes from, etc. I do not share results of studies that agree with me when I know someone will just say, “Look at who paid for it.”

    “BTW, when I was young, I also knew many kids who started having sex at 14 and under. Many came from religious families who thought “My child would never do that.” They even had their children enrolled in their church’s school to teach them better.”

    I would never tell anybody to abdicate their responsibility to the school, any school, even a ‘religious’ one. In some places, that is flat-out meaningless and they can’t be trusted. Sad but true.

  • Mayzism says:

    When I was a kid, we had consent forms we took home to our parents…

  • Terry says:

    Excuse me, but aren’t you “judging” Cindy right now? Hypocrite much? Hateful much? Wow. Good parents – get your kids out of public school now while you can!

  • Terry says:

    I commend this man! This indicates to me he is, in fact, paying attention. Perhaps you should get off your computer and go see what your three children are doing right now. God help them because obviously you aren’t.

  • Rich says:

    enness, I don’t have the statistics handy anymore. I did a sociology paper on this about two years ago for a college course. Almost every published, peer reviewed study showed that “abstinence only” programs had no beneficial effect on when children started having sex. I say almost, because I did find exactly ONE program that posted results similar to the best comprehensive programs. It was a program that purposely removed ALL moral judgments from the act of sex. Which is exactly what most “abstinence only” programs are about.

  • Rich says:

    Stormy, no parent “allows” their child to go to parties like that. The child asks if they can “go to Susan’s house after school?” Since Susan’s family goes to the same church you do, you say okay. But Susan’s parents both work and so this is what happens at Susan’s house. In part, this happens because no one explained why they shouldn’t have sex, just told them it is what adults do or what married people do.

    But since most young people want to act like adults, at least in things perceived as fun, they start fooling around. They start off with kissing games, truth or dare, etc. and it progresses to sex. After all, it feels good and no one told them they could get a incurable disease from it. After all, they’re only kids, they don’t need to know about sex yet. Only, they are having sex already, while mom and dad say “My kids would never do that. They know better.”

  • jordan says:

    What a ignorant naive comment. WOW!

  • Jon Anthony says:

    Newsflash! In certain…er….urban cultures…..these youngsters are giving birth at 11 and 12 yrs old.

  • Tom Paine says:

    Yet, schools teach abstinence-only when it comes to firearms and the proper handling of them…

  • Rich says:

    And how well does that work Tom?

  • fyrantx says:

    really? Teaching abstinence has the worst record? What are you basing this off of? And exactly how is abstinence being taught to come up with this so-called ‘worst record’? I think you’re full of it.

  • Coco Lax says:

    Yep,,,this is what we deserved after taking the Bible out of the classroom in 1962 and succeeding generations with the boomer-hippies up to today.

  • Coco Lax says:

    Great comment “stormy”. I applaud you for raising your daughter to be a lady and that is how girls should be raised. Too many girls today are not being raised in this manner.

    I see 20-somethings girls come into our work with terrible character traits and it is disturbing. They have terrible language, they’re loud without shame, and have strange behavioural tendencies that I would not want my son dating them

  • Sara says:

    I don’t think the bible in the classroom is any kind of solution. That’s just a religious perspective–a lot of kids don’t even follow that religious belief.. Teen pregnancies are down. Something’s working. If it was up to the protective parents we’d still have secret abortions killing kids in back alleys. If you were talking to your kids early enough they would already know what they are being taught in public schools.

  • Sara says:

    Not true Coco Lax. I just don’t have your perspective on it.

  • Rich says:

    Jim, where did Dale say passing around young girls for sex at parties was ok? Acknowledging that something is really happening is not necessarily the same as giving approval of that activity.

  • Susan Ally says:

    Sending children to public schools is child abuse.

  • Leah Rocha says:

    Most people who homeschool their kids are not the abusers you are worrying about. Believe me! It takes a lot of guts, patience and perseverance to have your kids at home with you at all times and to teach them the things they need to learn in life. It is not for the weak at heart. You will find abuse in either camp, but to think that is the major push behind homeschooling families is SO incorrect.

  • David says:

    I am betting that most who are posting hysterically against this let their kids watch cable, satellite, TV. movies, video games, internet, etc unsupervised. How silly to think even your grade school kids don’t know about sexual practices and acts. They likely fall asleep many nights to the sound of it with the electronic equipment left on. They just know the exploitive viewpoints and religious dogma part. Not basic biology and human emotion. Hence the rise in STDs and pregnancies where sex is not taught well.

  • Jenn r says:

    Oh yes the home schooler get checked up upon….sexual abuse has no boundaries it happens at home at school at play grounds friends house…
    And no I do not home school.

  • Abstinence does not prevent broken hearts!

  • Rich says:

    Anna J, that is exactly what most of the teen parents I knew were told. They were all good kids who went to church every week. They had religious parents who tried to do a good job raising their kids right. The kids ended up pregnant anyway.

    Kids will experiment. When they do, they need to know how to prevent pregnancy as well as STDs. Unfortunately, most parents in the abstinence camp think “my kids don’t need to know that yet”. It can be a real shock to find out your child who “would never do that” is pregnant or has an STD.

  • melissa says:

    u r not in the 50s anymore

  • Giuliana says:

    Anna J you’re living in a fantasy world. It would be lovely if the world operated according to social ideals, but clearly it does not. So inform your children or leave them ignorant. But the latter is when they’ll get into trouble.

  • Not sure who you know that was homeschooled, but in my world of (un)homeschoolers, naivete and innocence are not a part of it.

  • Giuliana says:

    Amen, David. Hysterical. Right on point!

  • Giuliana says:

    What a pity it is, Susan Ally, that you made such a strong sweeping and generalized statement about a privilege granted to us in this great Republic. You have given yet more evidence that some Americans are a bit spoiled and that some have no idea how the rest of the world lives. Pity.

  • alexandria says:

    My father and mother had five daughters and supported a comprehensive sex ed program at school and at home. All of us finished college and graduate school before we were married and all of us waited until after high school to become sexually active (three of us waited until marriage). We were brought up knowing the terms, both the proper biological ones and the slang, as well as the various ways to use contraception effectively in case we made the decision to have sex. Our parents wanted us protected from the world and ourselves and they figured the way to do that was information. More than that, though, was the trust they showed for us. Dads that bond with their daughters and teach her through their actions that they respect women are more likely to have daughters who wait. But it’s more than that. If a girl has a dad who teaches her to make good decisions about all things (and talks through those decisions with her) then shows her that he trusts her decision making, she is much, much less likely to be sexually active early.
    And of course, girls who are not molested are less likely to be sexually active at an early age. The sheer numbers of girls who have been would probably shock you.

    I’ve taught for 25 years, first at the public school level and now at the university level. My husband and I also reared two boys and a girl. My kids waited. They were given age-appropriate information in an ongoing manner starting from when they first began to ask questions. We have watched as their peers as young as 10 and 11 have gotten pregnant. They have seen those lives fall apart. They also set strong goals for themselves (college, career, marriage, family) that helped them make good decisions (also an ongoing conversation).

    Don’t shield your kids from the outside world. Help them learn how to navigate it.

  • GetOverIt says:

    Have fun in church judge amy. Hope you learn all about how jesus used an ak-47 to defend america.

  • mark says:

    Look people I am gonna be straight with you. The last time I checked, when my daughter was young, the AVERAGE age at which a girl lost the big V was 11. If you as parents have not talked to them before then someone dang well needs to.

  • Giuliana says:

    Mike, I have taught sex Ed. Showing how to have sex or give head was not part of the curriculum. Get real. No one is “teaching” your child how to have sex, except maybe the kid down the street, the priest or pastor at your church, or perhaps the “family friend” you all trust. Or, even worse…. This statement is ludicrous

  • Giuliana says:

    oh my! “filth?” “Morally offensive?” “Degrading?” are you serious?!
    It’s sex! it’s not any of the aforementioned things unless it’s non-consensual, or incest, et cetera.

    Your bed must be super exciting! These views on sex suggest to me that, for you, sex is associated with shame. Or that the sexual thoughts you have are deviant. It is sex we are talking about, is it not?

    It is pure biology that humans have these desires. From a biological viewpoint, we have one purpose on Earth–to reproduce.

    Phesten, to say that oral sex is “morally offensive” made me literally laugh. Just own it, parents, your little darlings are human. Or are they?

  • Giuliana says:

    I have never EVER taught sex Ed on my knees in vinyl. What the world are you talking about?! Hahaha

  • GetOverIt says:

    Then you should home school your kids.

  • John says:

    Here is the thing, if parents are doing their job , talking to their kids about sex, drugs, drinking and other behaviors, then a 12, 13 year should already know about this type of thing. Talking with your children and having a open relationship with them will prevent them and you from being surprised with a harmless poster. It helps to be involved with the child’s school also, like going to parent teacher conferences,school activities (sports,plays). Then you are ware of whats going on on the school. Man up dad

  • Gayle, I agree with you but unfortunately there are parents out there that don’t care enough to educate their children so I believe it should be offered In schools.

  • I respectfully disagree. Not all 13 year olds are wordly, and some, like my son, are still 12 while in 7th grade. He has been blissfully innocent about much of these ‘extra’ and ‘unnecessary’ sexual abutments until recently, when, much to my chagrin, I had to explain something to him. He has since then been much distressed and sees sex as repulsive. The same happened with my teenage daughter who is now a young adult. She, like him, wasn’t ready and now considers herself asexual. The whole idea of sex with this ‘too much information’ has harmed my children. Any ideas? And as for me, most of this type of curriculum is disgusting. I don’t do it. I never intend to. It is sexual deviancy in some cases, and goes against my beliefs. And my children, without ever knowing the reasons why, or the religious reasons, have their God given grace to recognize that some things are not quite right….. that some things go beyond decency…… and that some things are too embarrassing to discuss, contemplate, or ever involve themselves in. They have morals, as do I. And my morals always existed before they were ever spoken by anyone outside of me. They are God given.

  • You have got to be kidding. Man up? Let’s face it. Some things just AREN’T right, no matter what some people would like to extol as “natural.” That blissfully unaware, uninitiated, children “naturally” feel that some types of sex is repulsive should be an indicator for you…it is “unnatural.” Purposely excluding parents and denying them the option to expose their children to this teaching is wrong. This is a delicate matter that many parents are simply unable to broach, and a school function…away from the classroom where parents can decide whether or not to accompany the child…is appropriate. In any case, this poster lists images that are purely pornographic. Would you show this list to grandma? This isn’t appropriate language for polite adults of any age. Harmless? Maintaining a perception of authority is a trust parents grant to educators. For the school to abuse that trust and serve this list up as if all adults practice, speak or behave in this manner is tantamount to child abuse.

  • alexandria says:

    Respectfully, no one’s morals are developed without socialization. Yes, a religious community has a lot to do with how your values and morals are shaped but those morals aren’t present at birth. If they were, your job as a parent wouldn’t be as important. What you’re basically saying, probably without intent, is that you are better than others because no matter what socialization you had gotten (or your kids, for that matter), you would always be morally upright. But, you see, that’s disingenuous. The reason we have problems in society is because so many parents have abdicated their roles as teachers and shapers of their children’s values. Kids aren’t born bad; they are made that way by the choices they are given. You obviously take your role seriously and I’ll bet you have nice kids. The problem is that so many parents do not that schools have to give kids information to help them be safe. Our kids got that information from us before they were told at school. They still chose to wait. They weren’t traumatized because we were open about this subject from the time they were old enough to ask questions. They got age-appropriate information. Yes, middle school kids are doing things we all wish they weren’t. I wanted my kids to understand the import of the slang being used so they were able to know what to ignore and what to come home to discuss. They are adults now, two in medicine (trauma surgery and a pediatrician) and one is working professional musician. We had no pregnancies, no venereal diseases, and our kids understood that sex of any sort had consequences. Two are married and we have grandkids on the way. Education, marriage, family: we think we got it in the right order with our choices. For kids of parents who don’t think about their own choices, teachers have to be the ones who help them see what’s going on and how to protect themselves.

  • Clay says:

    Lots of kids “instinctively know” that kids of the other gender are “icky”, that babies’ diapers are “gross”, that seeing two hetero, married adults kiss (closed-mouth) is “REALLY gross” that worms are yucky, and that unicorns and Superman are real. Should we take all of this as gospel too?

  • burrrobson says:

    Unfortunately that’s a typical and trite liberal reply. We can’t trust the citizens to do what is right their lives so government must step in and run all aspects. And unfortunately for the libs, it is blarney. People are smart. People can raise their kids. We are giving the government the right to act like Putin. Shame on lemmings like you Marci. We are a nation that was formed by capable and independent and responsible people. We are not sheeple. And we do not need worthless bureaucrats deciding when and how our children learn about sex. As far as I can see, with the growing population, we are doing quite well with the sexual act.

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