Winter Storm 2014 Photo Gallery

Posted on: 10:52 pm, February 3, 2014, by , updated on: 08:35am, February 6, 2014

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  • We brought the snow inside.

  • Kimberly Rice Grain Valley MO it's not easy to get a clear shot of a drop of water dripping from an icicle. This is my best attempt while being snowed in. thanks to snow plows creating a snow hill in our cul-de-sac that my car could not drive get past to get to the nicely plowed road. taking pictures is more fun.

  • Hawthorn Bank parking lot

  • snow storm pic

  • This is my 9 year old son making a snow angel.

  • Rock Climbing anyone?

  • my girls getting ready to ride daughters horse

  • I think my mom might have sent this in yesterday. But here you go!

  • Owen, 17 months played in the snow

  • Wyandotte County Style...

  • Team USA bring back the Gold for Old Glory!

  • Fairway 2014

  • boot, gloves, hat and beer in snow

  • This little chickadee is sitting on the lantern waiting to get to the feeder.

  • Lovin' the sunshine & the 12+" of snow!

  • Braymer, mo Husky

  • My son helping me clean the car off by climbing on top.

  • Edwardsville, Kansas icicles

  • Mind over matter

  • Maybe you should lower the price.

  • Trying to make the most out of the winter.

  • A gentleman and a scholar

  • But you can't take Hawaii out of the girl.

  • out using the the snowblower on the drive for the third time

  • My Attempt At Olympic Style "Snow Angeling"

  • Lazy

  • Big brother gets in way of snow shovel and Little sister gets Big laugh

  • bird at feeder

  • cardinal ,sitting in a milk jug feeder

  • I took this this morning around 7:30 am, I have never seen anything like it before. It was absolutely beautiful!!!

  • We visited the Overland Park Arboretum on 02/04/2014. The only creatures crazier than we are happened to be Cardinals!

  • Lauren and Bailey braving the cold at the Overland Park Arboretum!

  • Squirrel chowing down

  • The gnome loves his newly made friend and hopes the snow never melts.

  • Facebook fan Jaciel Caballero's dogs Kaiser and Ally getting a little more playful in the snow.

  • From Facebook fan Jaciel Caballero. Her dogs Kaiser and Ally enjoying the snow.

  • Peggy Independence

  • Kayleigh 1st time in snow

  • Trixie

  • Brody

  • Bentley

  • Cameron snow from A Stebbins

  • Garden City lab

  • From Ottawa, Kan. Carlitos, 3, playing in the snow.

  • Rufus snow day in Lee's Summit

  • Courtesy: Bobby Scott

  • Debra & Bri Liberty MO

  • Courtesy: Brandon Beatty Sent through fox4kc app

  • No matter where you are in the metro, it's likely that flakes will fall. So send us your pictures!

  • The probability for snow picks up through the morning hours, by 3 p.m. the heaviest will fall

  • While it won't be excessively cold, it will certainly be cold enough for a winter storm.

  • I'm sure you've heard by now, we are in the middle of a winter storm warning.

  • Bread aisle at Walmart . Courtesy: Drew Cavender

  • City plow out on side streets

  • Loving the snow here in marshall mo

  • Babygurl out enjoying the snow in marshall missouri :)

  • Our horses with mother natures style of winter blanket.

  • Our park in the backyard..Jim and it comes!

  • 02/04 -

  • Our lab, Kimball in the snow this morning. From Olathe, KS

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’re expecting a significant winter storm on Tuesday in the metro and hope you’ll share what you’re seeing with us. Pictures of your patios are great, but we also want to see the fun you’re having, the snowmen you’re building and the hills you’re sledding down. We want to see the best snow pictures that Kansas Citians have to offer.

Send us your pictures by clicking on the ‘Submit Your Photo’ button below or you can do it through the FOX 4 app.

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