Your kiddos at play in the February snow

Posted on: 4:46 pm, February 4, 2014, by , updated on: 12:50pm, February 26, 2014

While many of us grumble, kids seem to find the delight in a big snowfall! Share the pictures you took of your happy (albeit cold!) kids !

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  • Aurora loves playing in the snow!

  • He came home from working out in the gym and decided to snow blow the driveway still wearing his gym clothes. A little snow and cold doesnt scare him!

  • Our first snow day! Enjoying the snow... and the day off of school!

  • Bundled up, but having FUN!!!

  • Sam didn't quite get to making the snow angel.

  • husband doing a handstand in the snow

  • David thanking MODOT for the great job on our roads

  • Snow can make an awesome backdrop, if you can handle to chill.

  • husbands in the snow

  • Husbands in the snow

  • Christian & Eddie proud of their short lived driveway cleaning in Lansing!!!!

  • Concordia, Mo

  • Snow wont keep Ryder from playing out in the yard! (Wearing sisters old pink snow boots)

  • In Hamilton, MO. Just keeps getting brighter

  • Feb 2014

  • Lauren, Bailey and Brenna- We braved the snow and had the Overland Park Arboretum all to ourselves on 02/04/2014

  • I'm outta here!

  • Stetson, a rescue pet enjoys his first experience in the snow! He took a great nap by the fire after playing in the snow.

  • An hour filled with tons of deep belly laughs as Ruger, a 3 year old Lab mix pulls his 5 year old human across the yard.

  • Kathy Plant & her horse Sonny romp in the snow


  • Okay so I couldn't let go of my pacifier! Louis Jr. 3 months

  • An hour filled with deep belly laughs as Ruger pulls his five year old human Brady around the back yard

  • ready for sledding

  • Snow fort built for 5/o Audri

  • With this equipment, cleaning the driveway is going to be one long day! From Cale Elkinton in Spring Hill.

  • My daughter Kalea pretending to be Elsa from the movie Frozen:) She is climbing the "mountain" and singing Let It Go!

  • Prairie Village

  • My daughter's bundled up head-to-toe...but those cheeks!

  • My daughter having fun in the snow this afternoon!!!

  • Fun day at daycare!!!

  • Elia Martinez

  • Kayleigh 1st time in snow

  • Piper practicing her ballet dance on our backyard ice skating rink.

  • Debra & Bri Liberty MO

  • Their snow slide ♥ cayla sorrentino North kansas city, mo

  • Tayvin, 1, and Ivorii, 12 getting attacked by mom in snow in Overland Park.

  • I'm making an igloo at the Maag resident Kansas City Missouri . Heidi, Mallory, Gordon and Veronica enjoying the snow day! !

  • Madi watching Karli

  • Clara of Olathe

  • Rake shoveling

  • Patricia Nigro swing

  • Carmen Rodriguez

  • touching snow for the 1st time at 7 months

  • Danielle

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