WATCH: Kids react to interracial Cheerios family and ugly comments made about them

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Kids React to YouTube comments on the Cheerios commercial showing a mix-race family.

Popular YouTube content creators, The Find Bros., have amused millions with their video series that features America’s kids reacting to viral videos.

The newest installment in the ‘Kids React’ series is the now-viral Cheerios commercial that features an interracial family.

“I know that there’s still like, some racism in other parts of the world. I didn’t think that it would, you know, still be here,” said one child.

Another expressed empathy for children of mixed races who read the racist comments before they were removed from the YouTube page. People began commenting in YouTube’s comment section, critical of the mixed-race family and making references to ‘Nazis’, ‘troglodytes’ and ‘racial genocide’.

“Think about those people who are like of mixed races and stuff, they probably feel horrible,” she said.

The latest Cheerios starring the bi-racial family debuted during the Super Bowl, and shows the mother pregnant with a little boy.

Watch the viral ‘Kids React’ video above to hear the kids’ statements about racism in our society and on social media.

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    • Blackdelia

      On the face of it, one would think that when you’re dating or attracted to someone, love conquers all. But do we consciously or unconsciously eliminate people who are not from the same race or skin color as ourselves when we seek to date or are even attracted to someone? You can see my name

  • Ashley

    I think that the video you made was excellent. It gets to the core of issues of discrimination. However, I wish you hadn’t put girls in front of a pink background and boys in front of a blue background. This actually works to reinforce the stereotypes that you are fighting against. This is just something to keep in mind for next time. Good work overall.

  • Liz

    To tell you the truth, It didn’t even cross my mind. I’m in my 50’s and had no qualms about it….so what generation is objecting. I probably never would have thought twice about the commercial, except for the fact that little girl is adorable. Someone had to bring it to my attention. Quit picking things apart and enjoy things for what they are.

  • jen

    everyone that has a problem with that needs to just worry about what is going on in your own household……i think that is was very cute…..if we had to cut our own skin we all will bleed the same color…..there is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone that is different from you……

  • Mandy

    In response to the comment “nancy” left! Seeing the difference in race is something that is taught!! We have all seen sad comments from people kinda of like yours from families that are not blended!! Last I checked we are all from the human species!! The birds you mentioned above…well there are over 10,000 differnt species! So your comment makes no sense! As far as interacial families go as long as there is LOVE and God that is all that matters…everything else will fall into place! I will be praying for you and all the other people who have hate in their heart and ignorance in their mind!

  • Lindsey

    While I don’t condone it I my self will never marry a different race I sure don’t judge it I have friends that have and it. I sure don’t think they are bad for it. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t see no color as long as they love each other.

  • Charles Wakes

    Toni Shelton, I think it is YOU that live in the “bubble”. I have a brother in a interracial marriage and I have seen and heard alot of the cruel things that were done to their children as they grew up. Racism is alive and well here in America. Just look at the names that the president and his wife were called before they even got to the white house! Oprah made the comment that those kind of people will just have to “die off” for things to get better. Well, there are those that continue to teach that mentality in their homes. Although I realize that hearing it is a bitter pill to swallow, the fact still remains that it’s still here and we still have work to do!

  • Leah Russell

    It’s sad that this commercial has gotten so much negativity. Even sadder is that racism still exists. Good job cheerio’s for being the voice to all the mixed couples that are out there. I have 4 mixed race children & have zero tolerance for anyone that uses racist remarks. Love has no color. And seriously if you look back in history Thomas Jefferson is said to have children of mixed race. So really there is nothing you can do about it. We have bigger problems in this world & you’re mad because of someone’s skin color. You could learn a lot from the children that are in this video.

  • Janice Morales

    I am so impressed with the kids on this interview regarding feedback on the Cheerios commercial, as they are wonderful good educated kids without any racist attitudes and they are so varied and matured on their views regarding mixed families, and cultures!! I believe the “people” with these erroneous ideas, will slowly disappear, as their generation die, so will their negative view will be forgotten. The new generations will bring strong views of diverse origins, as they are children of mixed cultures. our America is changing and is becoming a stronger diverse, group of new adults!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful reaction and views from all of the kids interviewed.

  • Deborah

    It is a charming commercial, and kudos to Cheerios for posting it. As to the negativity? Those that posted ugly comments have a lot of growing up to do…and shame on them for subjecting a family and a child to such cruelty

  • Robert Mallette

    I think we as a nation need to be re educated on issues like these. We need to brace the time we have here on earth. We may not all have the same color of skin but we all bleed the same. I was married to an African American woman. The stereo types are far from the truth. We as a nation are all mixed with something we are never 100% pure because of our heritage. Our job is not to judge people but embrace each other for the future to make a change that is what freedom is for. So be a little less ignorant and be more understanding because that could be you.

  • Brie

    I love seeing this commercial. It reflects my household, with exception I have all boys. I don’t see why people have problems with other races. I will tell you in a heartbeat I’m white, husband is Black and our two handsome little men did not ask to be brought in this world and they did not ask for us as their parents. So what does their color of skin have to do with why you don’t like them, what did they ever do to you?

  • MaryO76

    I cannot believe these awful people. Twenty years ago I saw interracial dating and marriage and it thrilled me! As I was growing up there was terrible racial relations in my town and I would think, wow, what a long way we’ve come.

    I guess not, huh?

  • Wonderfully Made

    Many people do not wish to acknowledge the fact that there’s an elephant in the room of America. They close their eyes, cover their ears, & shout childish songs hoping not to see, drown-out, & ignore what is overwhelmingly evident: This nation was established by racism, & continues its disgrace & demise with systemic racism. So, for they whom think a finger can block the sun, or the elephant will leave the room; as they shout insidious folk songs, GROW UP! You’re perpetuating a racist ideal, which YOU claim does not exist!