Puppy named “Bridget” defies odds, survives abusive chemical burns

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- (Warning: This story and video has imagery that some may find difficult to look at. Viewer discretion is recommended.)

Rescuers say it's one of the worst cases of abuse they've ever seen. A dog with chemical burns on her face and inside her throat is now struggling to survive. A Craigslist ad may have been the one thing that saved her.

Gidget and Fidget happily play around and get lots of cuddles from the rescuers at Unleashed Pet Rescue.

They're the lucky puppies. Bridget, another puppy in their litter, is in bad shape.

"They found it to have chemical burns all over its head, face, and inside of its mouth, throat, and down to its stomach," said Danielle Reno, of Unleashed Pet Rescue

Vets say the chemical burns could be caused by bleach. Rescuers say they found out about Bridget and her sisters from a Craigslist ad, offering free puppies that had been abused.

Someone who knew the owner turned the labs over to Unleashed. While rescuers can't say for sure, they believe Bridget was indeed abused.

"I don't know a dog that would voluntarily put its face in some bleach and then drink some," Reno said.

The rescuers say, other puppies may not have been lucky enough to survive.

"Three is awfully small for a lab to have, so it's horrifying to think of what could have happened to the others in the litter," Reno said.

Bridget is recovering from surgery to remove a piece of metal from her stomach, and she's taking nourishment through a feeding tube.

"I'm just glad we got little Bridget when we did and could get her the care she needs," Reno explained.

Information about the owner has been given to police and they are investigating.  Meantime, an ophthalmologist will examine Bridget Tuesday to determine if she'll be able to see again. The medical bills for Bridget's care are already over $5,000.

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  • leesa bowman

    Time for people who abuse animals to serve real jail time and fines. Not the slap on the wrist they have been getting. Also an animal abuse regivery good idea, with a map for where they are in our neighborhoods. Also people should not be allowed to advertise pets/animals for sale on any website, such as Craigslist. This cruelty has to stop. As long as there are no stiff penalties, it will continue.

    • Isa

      This is a sick f#!k .They don’t need “some” time in jail. That is why this abuse continues to happen. These monsters who abuse animals do not get severely punished. Whoever did this needs to be in jail for at least 20 years, and pay all of the medical bills. I’m sick of people abusing innocent animals and getting away with it. It needs to stop!!!

  • Mary

    Thank God channel 4 put this story as a highlight investigation, by making serve abuse of animals and children a priority the solutions may occur sooner than much later..the public will demand it! “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

  • Susan Medley

    I am reading this on the internet – thru a cascade of tears. What abuse this poor little puppy recieved from a demon. I truly hope that the police have made an arrest, that this person is sent to prison for a long time and has to make resitution. What I really want to say can not be posted here. – In Texas you go to jail – fo along, long, long time – and might get the same treatment in jail.

    Please keep this abuse updated. Laws need to be made to protect the innocent.

  • Debra Shultz

    These people must be put in jail and put in jail NOW, for a very long time…. If they abuse innocent and helpless puppies and other aninmals what would/will they do to innocent and helpless children.

  • leesa bowman

    Unleashed can be found at 5918 Broadmoor, Mission, KS 66202. I’m sure they could use donations to go towards medical expenses to help this puppy. I hope the mother of these puppies was removed from the home as well. As citizens we need to request from our elected officials to bring about stiffer penalties for animal abuse. The people who.do this, need counseling and prayers.

  • Wendy Darling

    The only thing that mitigates my anger for the abusers is knowing that they were likely abused themselves. I am disgusted by what they did, but also sad for their lives. In addition to punishment, they also need help. I wish I could adopt that puppy and give her a good life, but she’s already found a home. Unfortunately, there are many more like her.

    • PC

      I flag every free animal ad I see on Craigslist and send letters to them outlining what horrors these poor babies could suffer if given to the wrong person. This is truly sickening and I would only ask that I be given a few minutes alone in a room with the scum who did this and I would bring more than bleach with me. I am sure there are others who would happily join me.

  • Isa

    Who does this kind of sick $h!t to a defenseless little puppy? Pour bleach down the throat of whoever did this and leave him/her to die. This monster is obviously very demented and cruel and makes no contribution to this world, other than to torture innocent animals, This makes me very angry!

  • Karen

    This is horrendous. I know this might not be popular opinion…but I think it would be more humane to put this/these pups down. An avid dog lover, I don’t understand why so much money is put towards rehabbing dogs that will have life long health issues while thousands (I think the current figure is almost 6000 a day) of healthy dogs are put down every day for lack of space. It’s not the pups fault, and it’s not that healthy pups are “more deserving” of life…I guess there is no easy answer.