Students file lawsuit against Wright Career College

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Former and current students at Wright Career College are suing Wright, accusing the college of providing a sub-standard education that’s left them with massive debt. Four students claim the college deceived them about their education and offers degrees with no value in the workplace.

John Mucci, the president of Wright Career College, said the institution has served Kansas City for 30 years and hundreds of graduates have received degrees here that have led to successful careers.

“We want them to succeed, I’d love to see everybody succeed,” Mucci said. “By giving them an opportunity to get an education in areas where there is employment and they can begin their careers and we believe we’ve done a real good job at that.”

Attorney Kenneth McClain is representing several students who say Wright Career College misrepresented its programs and charged more than they were originally told.

“The colleges are more concerned about the profits that they make than the education that they provide, McClain said. “These students enrolled in a course of study that they were told could be completed in a period of time, all of them took longer to complete their course of study then it was represented to them.”

President Mucci disputed that.

“If a student fails a course they have to take it over, if they fail that course it may also put them in a situation where they are going to be here longer,” he said.

Mucci said it is no different than any other college. As for the student’s claims of not getting a good education, he said most of the professors at Wright have master’s degrees and experience in their field. In addition to that, Mucci said all of the college’s programs are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents, just like Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.

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      • deontay sanders

        How do i go about getting me and my girlfriend on the suit we there ans was told alotbof nonsense they gave courses we disnt need and change our course when a teacher quit we had extra loans taking out in our names and i was told i could get a job but my program got canceled i went tod the one in tulsa you can email me at

  • barbara walker

    how can I get involve in the lawsuit the college is a taken a lot of money from me and is not helping us find a job and they have not giving me all my money that is suppose to be awarded to me

  • Ericka Bulock

    I graduated last year in my field, I filled out numerous apps for employment was never hired, I was referred to a job by Wright and still work there, but what I don’t understand is why I never received my laptop that I signed for in the recruiters office, I was told that I had to pay $500 before I would receive my laptop. This was told to me after graduating.

  • Terry

    I left Wright due to the fact that teachers were having to teach classes they were not qualified to teach and I had several former students in the same class, the same career choice, but the cost was dramatically different from mine and theirs, same career choice. most students stay due to the fact that they cant afford to go anywhere else, they already paid so they stayed. I think it is very wrong to mess with those who want to change their lives for the better, and not give them a proper education. Wright career college is the wrong college. plus they tell students that their credits transfer, the only one in Nebraska that does is Bellevue University. not metro, not UNO not UNL. so why are they lying to people and most of all, why are they still open.

  • John Hunkler

    Well folks…It’s been almost a year and no one has got rich off of this lawsuit yet (except maybe the lawyers)

    Has anyone followed up? Has your lawyers told you how you don’t have a leg to stand on? What gives?

  • Lisa

    Not sure who you are..but yes there are plenty of legs to stand on. If there wasnt then the courts wouldn’t have allowed this lawsuit or for the number of people involved to keep growing. If your not part of it then don’t worry about it.

  • Socorro

    Someone please tell me I can still sue them i was a student there and got a few question myself I believe I was schamed as well now I’m in debt thousands of dollars now and in struggling to pay it i have these people calling my house herrassing me about how I. In so much debt but I have no idea where they are getting my information. Please help

  • ldjones1963

    Wish I would have known this. I attended WCC in Tulsa 2010-2011 I went to the BBB But no help through there. I now have a $17,000 debt and pay 10 to $20 a month that’s all I can afford. I did get hired right out of school, the job did not work I had no idea what I was doing. I was on the President’s Honor Roll the whole time I was attending.

  • Tamika young

    I was kicked out because i had to take time out to take care of my kids then was told it was because i didn’t have my ged but they knew this. They told me all I had to do was past a test to get in. They cut me a small check then told me to not come back. I have been trying to go back to school but cant because of the loan. I never had the chance to go back to school they also told me my grant would take care of most of it.

  • stephanie richardson

    Can i get a number or sonething also…im tryin to see what i can do anout concorde fareer class was 8 months…and no job placement nothing…i owed 4 thousand on a student loan that is now 13 thousand dollars i owe…was making paymnts as i could..but with thst interest that i keep getting

  • Deirdr Fields

    I attened Wright Career College for Medical assistant program in Wichita Kansas,and then went back to continue towards the Rn program I currently owe over 20,000 dollars in student loans from Wright.

  • Stephanie L. Watley

    I am pissed !!! I am in my 3rd week of internship for medical assisting and the school just closed its doors today! I was due a check in 2 weeks !! What the hell am I supposed to do now ! I need to really file a lawsuit, they promised me the school was not shutting down until everyone that was there completed their course! I feel betrayed and ripped off ! Now I have to pay back all this money for what? I will be contacting a attorney immediately!!!

    • Patricia Kelley

      Hey I went to Wright in Tulsa. Started in August 2015 but then they shut the doors in April. Just wondering what’s going on or if anyone has heard anything. I talked to a lawyer representing students but haven’t heard anything is my number someone please let me know if they have heard anything. 918 617-5028.

  • Marquis Byrd

    I was a student of WCC, Overland Park as of Friday when they changed the locks. We got a message about a month ago stating that the rumors are not true and that Wright was not closing but speaking with my professor that was a lie. It was told to us students that the school will stay open for at least a year so we can finish but that I guess was a lie since I seen on the news Friday morning that they have changed the locks and the school is closed. It was stated that they emailed all the students which this was a lie as well. I didn’t get any emails from Wright at all. I just reached out the Kenneth McCain the Lawyer that did the case in 2014. I will wait for him call but if enough of us reach out I belive we have a case.

      • sharon bruner

        I went to Wright in Tulsa, talking about unorganized, man they are very greedy I graduated in 2014 went back for associates degree found out about lawsuit, I don’t do online courses they threw me in online course it should of been optional was told at first I would not be taking any online courses and it was horrific, they didn’t know up from down. Big joke they had me go on leave I argued with them about online courses and that I wasn’t able to do it they worked with me in the beginning since I had to take some courses over with a real live teacher. Then when I went back they informed me I had to take online course again I said no I don’t do online which you already know. I was almost finished, and she said the only other way is to put me in another program without associates degree. I said bye I won’t be back. I sent all my information to the lawyer for the lawsuit. I spoke with him 2 months ago and was informed that Wright Career College PROFITED 39 MILLION FOR THE YEAR 2014. HERE IS MY QUESTION WHY ARE THEY FILING BANKRUPTSY WHERE ARE THEY HIDING THIS MONEY!!??

  • jalisha Danner

    I was a former student of. Wright Career College back in 2011 I post a graduated and I can not still use the degree that Wright Career College said it was accredited every place I go to try to get a job they always turn me down because I went to Wright Career College and they say the degree you have is not credited. I would like to file a lawsuit against Wright Career College

  • jalisha Danner

    I was a former student of. Wright Career College back in 2011 I post a graduated and I can not still use the degree that Wright Career College said it was accredited every place I go to try to get a job they always turn me down because I went to Wright Career College and they say the degree you have is not credited. I would like to file a lawsuit against Wright Career College