Brothers plan to “Shave to Save” in honor of their mother

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The annual Shave to Save event, benefiting the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Kansas City, is coming up on April 25th. This year, brothers are shaving their heads to honor the woman they barely got to know, still they think about her every day.

Chris and Brad Meehan love, joke, and disagree like most brothers.

"I'm kind of excited to shave my head, in fact, I'm kind of excited to see what I look like," Chris said.

"I'm less excited about that," Brad joked.

The two are growing out their hair, then shaving their heads as part of the Shave to Save fundraiser for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, a place that allows cancer patients and caregivers to stay for free while receiving treatment.

The Hope Lodge wasn't around when Chris and Brad's mom was battling breast cancer.

"I can remember her telling me stories at night and doing the voices, Br'er Rabbit was one of my favorite books, and she would do all the voices in the book, and she was just real creative," Chris said.

She died when she was 28 years old, Chris was six, Brad, only nine months old. Their lives changed even more when the brothers were separated to live with other family members.

"I can still remember waving goodbye to my dad as we left. It was devastating. It really changed who I was," Chris recalled.

The impact so strong- the brothers want to help other families, and in the process make their mother proud.

"I've always felt like Mom's been like right there, you know?  Behind you?  So I might get that feeling that night, so if there's tears, it would be because I know my mom is there with us," Chris explained.

If you want to help the Meehans or find out more about Shave to Save, the following are sites to get you there online.

To contribute to Chris, click here.
For Brad's fund, click here.

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