Thunderstorms rolling through metro

Cell phone video captures moments when shots were fired at Kansas City Zoo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are investigating after shots were fired in a parking lot outside the Kansas City Zoo on Tuesday afternoon. Police said 10 people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but police were unable to locate the person responsible for firing a weapon.

Police said no injuries were reported. As for witnesses, they said at least four shots were fired.

"We heard a couple gunshots and people were running around," said Ashley Hull, who went to the zoo to take advantage of the free admission on Tuesday.

Another person at the zoo, 18-year-old Robert, who didn't want to give his last name, said it was a hectic few minutes.

"I guess people was shooting," he said. "I guess people was fighting the police. Came down on us. A lot of stuff happening."

According to authorities, the shooting happened just before 4 p.m., which was when the zoo was closing for the day. About 19,000 people were leaving when fights broke out among two large groups of people.

"The pathways got full," said Randy Wistoff, Zoo Director. "We had a little pushing and shoving inside. The police asked some people to move outside and we had some issues out in our parking lot."

The majority of people seen coming out of the zoo were kids ranging from elementary school to high school -- many without parental supervision. Witnesses said police used mace to break up the unruly crowd.

"When they started fighting the police pepper sprayed in the air and kids was chocking and what not," said Breonna Henry, 18. "We don't need no more free days. Everybody need to pay their amount to get it."

Wistoff said they'll re-examine how the zoo operates to ensure next year's free day is safer.



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  • Darron

    As a black man in the inner city of KC, I for one am very embarrassed of my race. The last “2” generations have lost touch with reality and have settled for the “give me more for FREE” mentality, “Stop the Snitch-En” mentality, and “It’s Everyone Else’s Fault” mentality. The sad thing is that our so called community leaders will not speak up of the truth and a majority want to use the race card. Before you start bashing on me, I was in the community and tried to speak the truth but realized it was getting me nowhere, so I stepped down several years ago. Things will not change, unless a united front comes together. The “TRUTH” hurts folks!!!

    The “THUG” mentality needs to be addressed sooner than later!!!!!!

  • icemike

    Look here white folks. Yah amimals too. Our pastors don’t fundle kids, we don’t cut and steal babys from people stomachs, we don’t make out with cats, dogs, sheeps, and horses. WE DON’T PERFORM CANNIBALISMS! C himpOBAMO, Bush has monkey ears too. Last I checked so do Wally, Joey, and Brad………Maybe we all saw our relatives at that zoo
    Here is the solutions. It’s time for the school boards across every major cities across U.S to start a new program in our urban schools. As a former gang member/drug dealer, I have been paying attention to how my community has fallen apart. I started out my former bad life as soon as I hit 5 grd. Moma couldn’t afford the nice things I wanted like after school activities or family day outs. #1. GANG AWARENESS CLASSES / DRUG AWARENESS CLASSES between 5-9 grd.students. (have visitors of former past life experiences to step in those classes and share the mishaps and instill wisdom. #2. Seriously the truth. I was blessed to astray from that lifesyle, today with 4 trades under my belt. The first two trades no one would hire me. The 3rd (construction) i was the only blackman on the crew. I got hire their threw my trade school. So they didnt know what color I was…………….3 weeks. It got to painful for me. That needs to stop as well. Their need to be more better jobs handed over for opportunity. Those are most of the stresses that one may bare and our kids become effected by that emotionally. Lets start somewhere. GOD BLESS

    • Linda Mendoza

      I don’t think “awareness” classes would help. It sure hasn’t helped the drug use in this country by having DARE. If the opportunity is there to make money, some people are going to do it regardless of the consequences. What the black community needs is more black men being mentors. Or how about more black men taking responsibility for their own children??
      BTW, you would have more credibility if you used proper grammar and spelling in your comments.

    • Adam

      IceMike – Be that change. Become active in your community. Teach/Show the “at-risk-youth” what you learned the hard way.

      And yes jobs are harder to get with gang, violence, and drug convictions (jail/prison time)… Common sense

      • icemike

        I’m blessed to have made it out with it with a clean record. As far as grammer. I’m not the issue. The awarness classes will work. In the hood no one cares about dare, because the police always profile even the hard working citizens and at times make cases up
        …. More fathers would be the home as long as more betyer paying jobs would hire them. Frustrations and stress leads to gang violence and drug use

  • Ruth

    Why not do a half price day? Seems like only those who would want to be at the zoo would pay to go in. Then no loitering allowed at the entrance. Can’t be that hard to figure out a compromise.

  • Linda Mendoza

    I agree that the zoo should be keeping out any minors without parents. Period. They shouldn’t be allowed to hang out in the parking lots or out front either. All they do is cause trouble, just like on the Plaza. Oh, are they mostly black? Who cares what color they are if all they are going to do is cause trouble, then keep them out. Responsibility needs to be shifted back onto those that CAUSE the problems and not making the law=abiding, tax paying, citizens suffer for it.

  • Adam

    But hey, at least Mayor Sly is doing his “Happy” dance… Attention whores are not those that want to make a difference. True Difference makers don’t care who gets the glory as long as the goal gets accomplished.

  • Richard

    Shut the place down as nobody feels safe with their kids in that area and ship the animals to a better place and save the tax payers money. I have lived in KC for 17 years and the first time I visited the zoo was robbed. Bad area….stay away and keep your families safe.

  • Curry

    This is not about free stuff or zoo security. It’s about one group of people not behaving responsibly. The government and media make excuses for them, and that’s prejudiced, isn’t it? Everyone can take responsibility for their own lives, but we have to hold them to the same standards and not give one group a free pass to act crazy. It’s time to stop looking the other way, stop making excuses, and stop voting for Presidents and Mayors who encourage irresponsibility and low standards. For every hooligan running wild, there is a politician, teacher, or “community organizer” encouraging it.

  • RoccoB

    Around blacks- never relax.
    You non-blacks should have known this so called “FREE DAY” was a recipe for disaster. Shame.
    I’ts basically a free call to all the Section 8 dwelling leaches to come out and annoy the rest of us, commit crime, thieve, and destroy.
    You non-blacks can only blame yourselves for being around these sub-humans and putting you and your families in danger.


    • shannon

      I was unaware it was free day. I was taking my kids for part of thier b day I can not believe the racist comments people are making..It makes me sick.. The zoo should have.. had more rules in place.. since there is a history of this happening….teenagers will be teenagers.. they want a place to go and hang out w friends..should thier parents discourage them from violance .. yes…. of course they should.. It sounds like most people are unaware that .. The gov incourages single parent holmes.. by offering more assistance to those w out a father in the picture.. This is a ccompletely different argument..My point is.. wouldn’t you be an angry violent person too if people talked about you like that.. people need to walk a mile in someone elses shoes .before they pass judgement.