Cell phone video captures moments when shots were fired at Kansas City Zoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are investigating after shots were fired in a parking lot outside the Kansas City Zoo on Tuesday afternoon. Police said 10 people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but police were unable to locate the person responsible for firing a weapon.

Police said no injuries were reported. As for witnesses, they said at least four shots were fired.

"We heard a couple gunshots and people were running around," said Ashley Hull, who went to the zoo to take advantage of the free admission on Tuesday.

Another person at the zoo, 18-year-old Robert, who didn't want to give his last name, said it was a hectic few minutes.

"I guess people was shooting," he said. "I guess people was fighting the police. Came down on us. A lot of stuff happening."

According to authorities, the shooting happened just before 4 p.m., which was when the zoo was closing for the day. About 19,000 people were leaving when fights broke out among two large groups of people.

"The pathways got full," said Randy Wistoff, Zoo Director. "We had a little pushing and shoving inside. The police asked some people to move outside and we had some issues out in our parking lot."

The majority of people seen coming out of the zoo were kids ranging from elementary school to high school -- many without parental supervision. Witnesses said police used mace to break up the unruly crowd.

"When they started fighting the police pepper sprayed in the air and kids was chocking and what not," said Breonna Henry, 18. "We don't need no more free days. Everybody need to pay their amount to get it."

Wistoff said they'll re-examine how the zoo operates to ensure next year's free day is safer.



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