Missing persons report leads to discovery of more than 100 people in home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police say authorities have found more than 100 people presumed to be in the U.S. illegally in a suspected stash house.

Police tell the Houston Chronicle the discovery was made Wednesday morning. Five men suspected of running the operation were detained at the scene in southeast Houston.

Authorities say the investigation started when a Houston family called police to report a woman and her children missing. They said a planned coyote drop of the mother and children did not happen. Investigators then were led to the house and set up surveillance.

Officers found 94 men and 15 women inside.

The house is in an industrial area with a number of fabricating and machining warehouses nearby.

Houston police say U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is taking over the investigation.

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  • Diana

    They are all trying to get in to the States in time for AMNESTY. Hope amnesty NEVER happens. They need to come to this country the legal way. Enforcement of our laws is necessary!

    • Joe

      Diana: It is already too late for those who are now arriving to qualify for amnesty. As for those who have grown up in the US and received the benefits of our educational system, they should be given amnesty so they stay here, work, and pay taxes. We have already educated the person. It is stupid to send them home.

      • Adam

        Joe – They should still have to go through a process regardless of how long they have been here ILLEGALLY.

        My process would be a transitional process w/ a checklist that follows you for a year Learn English, Register and pay taxes, Learning culture/history/LAWS, Obtain driver’s license (and actually learning to drive), Car registration… (i’ll think of more). If you are convicted of a crime during the process*->GO HOME/Deportation

        Only accelerated process would be Military Enlistment-PERIOD.

        And I am equal opportunity, so it applies to ALL Nationalities.

        *Terror Suspect/Criminal (the Boston Marathon bombing), Revoked citizenship -> Body (dead) goes to homeland. Alive and covicted, death penalty, the body goes to homeland. NO IF, AND, OR BUTs.

  • for all you racist p.o.s f*off

    Sounds like we got some JEALOUS racist P.O.S!! Js !! I think all you ppl are jyst pissed cause they come here and work harder than you and have betterthings than you, and you probably have a high paying job and dont have shit while they come here and work the small trash jobs that you dont want and still live better than you… Adam as for you your a fucking joke!! Haha

  • sandi

    If anyone wants to come here, let them come in the legal way. I am not for the illegals stealing our jobs, and other things and getting away with it. The ones here without any documentation need to head back to where they came from, and come the legal way, and for Heaven’s sake LEARN ENGLISH, both understanding it, and speaking it. This is America, and we speak English here!