Video: Woman kicks off high heels, strips off dress in ‘Girl Power’ speech

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Society expects women to look good. Makeup. Mascara. High heels. But one woman wants to shed those expectations, and to drive her point home, she shimmied out of her dress while giving a TEDx talk. See the video below.

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  • D

    This is great, as a young woman in this generation and society, there is so much pressure and expectation on how I should present my self. Over the years this unattainable level of perfection has led to me now being in treatment for an eating disorder. I don’t wear makeup very often and I am much more comfortable in jeans and a t shirt. But I hear all the time how I should dress nicer, be more confident, etc. Why is wearing a pair of nice dark skinny jeans and a well fitting t shirt with a cute pair of boots not enough. I get judged all the time for not wearing make up, but the thing is its very hard for me. I was born with a birth defect in my eye, which took several surgeries to repair, so its almost impossible to get eye shadow to look right because of all the scars. So why is the girl I am not enough, why am I not concidered beautiful as I am! I want to believe I’m beautiful but I don’t. Society never tells me I am. And all I can see are my flaws.

    • Nik

      Don’t feel pressured. If someone tells you that you don’t look nice then find new people to hang out with. When I am home I wear men’s basketball shorts and an over sized t-shirt. When I go out into public I wear loose jeans, and a fitted t-shirt or hoody. If I go out to eat with my husband I wear fitted jeans and a dress shirt. Dress so you are comfortable, and don’t worry about everyone else. As I said if someone you are friends with put you down then you need new ones. Btw I never wear make-up its just to much work.

  • Ann McConnell

    Who says “looking your best” Means make up, dresses, high heels, etc.. That is a societal restraint. Something imposed by beliefs that are backed up by not much more that proving women inferior. We are not inferior, and do not need to “falsely represent ourselves” to be at our best. Makeup and the like is false advertisement. When I am the best of me, I am me. No make up, comfortable shoes and clothing. If I feel good I look good. Anyone whose opinion is different from mine doesn’t matter. I am the one person I have to look at every morning in the mirror. I enjoy being happy with that person.