Police identify man found in trunk, rule death a suicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The man whose body was found inside the trunk of a car by his 12-year-old son died as the result of suicide, police said on Tuesday. Police identified him as 50-year-old Hitch Nelson.

Police were called to a parking garage in the downtown area on Friday, April 4, after Nelson’s 12-year-old son located the body.

Just before 3 p.m. Kansas City, Mo., police officers responded to a parking garage at 612 Central where Nelson was located inside of a silver sedan’s trunk. Police said Nelson had been missing for a couple of days.

Police said Nelson’s son, who was looking for a set of car keys, popped the trunk of the vehicle and discovered the body of his father inside.

A person inside the garage when the body was discovered called 911. People who live at nearby lofts say that the parking garage where the body was found is a private one and only residents of the two neighboring loft buildings can get in. They say that it takes a garage door opener to open the gate in order to get inside. They also said the area is typically pretty secure.

“It’s horrible. It’s, it’s terrible. I, you know, obviously I feel horrible that there’s a dead body in there. But, you know, it’s shocking. It’s in our parking garage,” said Josh Evans, who lives nearby.

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  • Sue

    This report really bothers me because the people were much more concerned about a body found in their garage. Nothing was said about the 12 year old who found his dad’s body. Shouldn’t that be the first concern? Where is the compassion?

    • Joe

      Sue: You can have compassion for the boy while the residents worry about if they are safe or going to be killed and stuffed in their trunk. As usual, most of these stories are very limited on info. and have very little ink for compassion.

    • Doris Casey

      well, I assume they were there looking for him , , since he had been missing , and trying to find keys to his apt maybe ,, who knows ,,but very sad that the Son had to find his Fathers body ,,how hearbreaking . , but , Im a little skecptible as to it being a homicide , I think he might have had a little help. who in the heck crawls in a trunk and commits sicide??

  • Melinda AidensMama Harrell

    Why and how would a 12 year old boy search for a set of car keys in the trunk? That makes no sense whatsoever. On top of that, only residents have access. Sounds to me like the 12 year old boy is in need of more questioning. With how kids are these days, you can’t be so quick to cross them off because they’re a kid.

  • Joe

    What evidence makes the police conclude that it was suicide? It seems unlikely that someone would crawl into a trunk and wait to die. There has to be more to this story because it still looks like foul play to the casual observer.

  • Joe

    Why would a 12 year old boy be looking for the keys and what would make him want to look in the trunk for the keys? If someone at Fox really wants to write a good story, this is your opportunity.