Teacher responds brilliantly to student’s profane letter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: Reddit

An English teacher used the best weapon she has, a red marker, after she found a nasty and ridiculous note from a student who is obviously tired of her class.

Full of profanity, the letter was taped to the door of the classroom, according to a posting on Reddit.

The 101-word letter is full of grammatical and spelling errors.

The teacher corrected every one of them, slicing and dicing the letter with the red marker.

And at the bottom, the teacher had one last smack down for the student by writing: “*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”

See the letter below. Note: Some readers might find some of the language offensive.

letter from student

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  • Lora

    I have to disagree with those of you that think that people don’t deserve a living wage just because they work for a fast food joint. Have you never worked fast food? I have, and I can tell you that there is a lot more to it than “handing burgers out a window.” Do they deserve to make more than those of is with an education and greater skills? No. But their pay should reflect a living wage for the cost of living in their area. If more people made a living wage we wouldn’t see so many on welfare. You do know that your tax dollars pay to bridge the gap between their bills and their refrigerator, do you not? Think before you post a comment stating that somebody doesn’t deserve a living wage because they aren’t educated beyond high school. That is what is wrong with our country. People are way to concerned with themselves and have next to no humanity left. How cruel are you to say well for whatever reason you didn’t go to college so you don’t deserve to be able to support yourself? I had to wait nearly ten years to finish school, and not because I was lazy or didn’t want to do the work. Because sometimes, regardless of what you may think, people truly cannot afford to go to school. There is more to it than pell grants and student loans. There is making sure you can still work to live and do well in school. And sometimes that job to support yourself means you make too much for a pell grant. And the loans you are offered don’t cover all of your cost. Then what do you do? I had to wait until I worked for a company that was willing to pay my schooling up front for me. Don’t judge people you don’t know and do not ever say somebody deserves less than you, especially when you don’t know their story.

    • Chad R

      Everybody should get a ribbon, right? A company’s compensation plan is what is agreed on for services of the employee. If they’re not enough to live on then find another job. If that is the limit of a person’s potential then they’d better be doing something to improve their situation at every possible moment. It’s all of our responsibility to live within out means.

    • mo'

      yes, i worked fast food. for many years i lived off of minimum wage. this was back when it was under $6 an hour. and i wasn’t living with mom and dad at the time. what college are you attending? i was offered financial aid equivalant to THREE TIMES what was necessary to pay for all my classes and books. and i have to buy brand new books because i can’t take the smell peoples’ air fresheners leave in their books. minimum wage is NOT MEANT to be a livable wage. it is meant for starting out, not making a career. but spending 4 years+ at an overpriced university for a degree in liberal arts isn’t going to help you out of fast food as a career, so now you’ve got an inflated sense of self that believes your “work” is worth all the education you have purchased. I now work two jobs and i’m in college again, and neither job truly pays what my real-world skills are worth because i had to start over from scratch when the company i’d been with 15 years moved to another state and i didn’t want to, but i’m grateful to have both so i can pay my mortgage and not have to live with my parents or a roommate. and, as i always do, i excel, get raises and get promotions, so i’ll be be back to my more comfortable wage soon, without having to protest and force legislation to prove i’m worth it.

      • Tammy (@PLady100)

        I’m in shock at the people on this board who profess to have gone to college and can’t post with correct spelling and sentence structure. I just HAVE to stop reading now. It just deepens my fear of depending on the younger generations to be able to maintain the viable life that we have sustained.

    • Jim

      Idiot! I go to McDonalds or Wendys. I order a mean and at yeast 1/3 of the time the order is wrong. Last night I went to McD’s drive through and ordered 4 large unsweetened ice teas. I go and pay. Ok. Pick up window the kid wants to hand me a sack of food (obviously for the car behind me). I didn’t say anything, I just shook my head no. He then said – “unsweet”? And I nodded yes. At least he asked about unsweet as we normally get “sweet” tea. Another McDonalds I ordered a quarter pounder with only cheese and pickle. So what did I get? A quarter pounder with no cheese and pickle. Of course it had the onions, mustard and ketchup that I didn’t want. Once I ordered a sausage mcmuffin and got one without cheese, another time I got one without egg and that was before the $1.00 menu. Nope, they DON’T deserve $10.00 or $15.00 per hour when they can’t do the simple tasks of reading the receipt and getting the correct food to the customer. It’s sad. And yet I read a lot of comments on here that are so grammatically incorrect or words spelled wrong. At times you can tell when it’s simply a typo but most often it’s poor grammar.

      • Jim

        Darn, that “to” should have been two. I need to proof read better. I really did get an education. And I try not to make too many mistrakes!

      • M. Knepper

        You have a right to complain, sure. I’m really disappointed with how poorly you view your fellow man. Shame on you, Jim. I really liked your comments until the blatant hatred.

        I hope you were just having a bad day or something. You can’t assume that person’s life is as happy as your own – what if something terrible is happening to them?

        You seem like a pretty decent guy. And no, I don’t agree they should get paid something insane like 15.00$ an hour but 7.50$ isn’t enough for anyone, no matter what profession, to make a living (even with roommates!).

        There’s enough hate in the world, man. I wish you the best.

    • Keith

      Lora, I believe you could benefit from the advice given by the teacher at the end of the letter. Either your lack of education in proper sentence structure and use of punctuation is showing or you need to proofread your work.

  • Business English Teacher

    As a Business English teacher, it is not necessary to put a comma after the salutation and complimentary closing. You just need to be consistent with 2 commas or no commas.

  • Ron

    What is a living wage? I have found that in some people the amount of money they need to make is just under what they spend. They make 30,000 a year but spend 40K. Credit and the incorrect use of it what gets most people into trouble. The “I want it NOW” people, the people who want to be the Jones’ so others will envy them and try to keep up are the ones who will end up needing more money to live. All people who have money learned to balance a checkbook, live below their means, save money from each paycheck no matter how little. There are wage chart that give salary ranges for functions performed. These salaries usually represent what someone is will to pay for a service to be performed and those available to perform those tasks. Gold is a substance that is fairly rare and therefore more expensive than sand. If there are more people who are willing and able to work in fast food establishments then it follows that competition for that job allows the payers to pay less. If we need a brain surgen and there are less people qualified to do brain surgery we will pay more for their skill set. I know you are thinking “everyone knows this” but do you ever really think about salaries as a supply and demand function? If you want a higher salary learn waht you can to make you stand out from the crowd. Before we get into the value of a human life and if they have a right to get paid. I agree everyone should get paid according to what they do to earn that money and how many people will step in to do their job for less money than we pay them. Working in fast food is an honorable job and gives many a young person the skills to get and more importantly hold a job. so is working in the grocery business. Sorry for the long post but I think we got off the subject of what a great teacher did not for one student but for all students.

  • Arnie

    When McDonald’s pays a living wage, a Big Mac will necessarily be exponentially more expensive. Then those calling for a living wage for a non career type job will be the first ones to complain about the rise of consumer prices.

  • Jason Shubert

    If McDonald’s and other restaurants paid higher wages, we would see the price of everything else go up. Lets say the average minimum wage for a fast food restaurant becomes $15. The value menu would end up being closer to $3 for a small cheeseburger. It would also have a chain effect on everything else you spend money on. If your rent for your house is $800 a month you might be paying $1300 a month instead. Utility bills would also go up so the employees can afford to eat at a restaurant. Car insurance and everything else would go up too. A higher minimum wage for fast food restaurants will only make the cost of living go up for everyone. Commercial industries that specialize in fast food products would also increase their prices because the fast food restaurants would be able to afford it.

    Basically it would be a big chain of events that leads to a higher cost of living for everyone if fast food restaurants increased their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Other businesses will have to increase their prices so their employees can afford to eat at a restaurant.

  • Matt

    If there was a perfect fit or perfect answer to everything written above, choice comes to mind. Has everyone missed the simple fact, this student chose to write the letter? Secondly, choosing to live below your means is not promoted in our society or lifestyles. If everyone did, nobody would be in debt, nor would this student wouldn’t show ignorance, but anyone choosing to be would. This student chose to write below his character and means.

    Living wage is relative to your needs and choices. Choose to have a car, live alone, go to school, eat out, have “stuff” and retire with or without.

    Health is also a choice that burdens society. If we all chose to ignore the garbage we invite into our mouth and environment, cancer treatment wouldn’t cost a million. It’s all relative to choice.

    Live with the consequence or make better/different choices. Teach your kids well, don’t treat them as a burden, live healthy, live below your means, don’t expect, deserves are rewards, don’t burden society or government with your ego or situation, get off your soapbox or couch and just “do”. An A is deserved with A effort. The world is what you put in, not what you can pull out.

    The teacher also chose to respond with an act that doesn’t reflect someone willing to really make a difference. It placated the real issue, the choice the student made to write it. Secondly, the teacher used the same means to respond, a written act devoid of direct involvement. I feel a teacher should take a more direct approach if they want a true result based on their true calling as an educator/mentor. This is more like a juvenile response to name calling. And so it keeps moving in a negative spiral, although I imagine the intent was otherwise.

    As Americans, we have these choices, thank goodness. I hope we make better ones more often than not. I also hope we don’t spend too much time arguing over who made a “worse” choice.

  • mary l. stone

    She is still trying to teach this ungrateful student. Even though we do have some poor instructors, we also have some GREAT ones and this one is a GREAT TEACHER. Student should be glad she cares.

  • Darlee Carter

    Everyone deserves a chance at a good life. Obviously this kid has not been exposed to many good role models. The language and the punctuation is terrible but the whole message should make us sad. Let’s not judge this kid but instead think of better ways to educate and bring up worthy respectable citizens in our American society. I am sorry if I spelled things incorrectly or had incorrect punctuation. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses!

  • Evie

    You have to give the kid one thing that apparently he did learn – the PROPER use of “your/you’re” and “a lot”. It would have been hilarious for the teacher to circle this with green and say, “Good Job!” Bravo Teach, Bravo!

  • acole15

    Both me and my husband have a college degree and have applied for jobs and schools and have no success. We are currently jobless. It is not because I failed at school either. I never partied and had a 3.98 in high school and 3.5 in college. I cannot get anything but a minimum wage job after being turned down by two graduate schools and two jobs. We both have had two jobs while in college so we have job experience as well. What is the solution to that? I do not believe a minimum wage job will do any help. My older sister is attempting on making a living off of a minimum wage job currently because after college she could not get a job and she had applied to at least five different places. I just do not know why neither an English, biology, nor computer science major cannot find a job other than those minimum wages. I read how some say they are well off after going to college but I would have to say you are lucky as all get out. I am just lucky I have parents that are willing to let me move back in with them in order to live. All I can do is keep applying to these jobs and colleges that are no guaranteed help.