Golf course withdraws lawsuit against 86-year-old WWII vet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Family members of an 86-year-old World War II veteran complained he was being harassed by a well-known golf course, and on Thursday, after FOX 4 reported Virgil Wesley's story, the golf course changed its mind about suing Wesley.

Virgil Wesley has lived in his home since 1995. Family members say Brookridge Country Club, 8223 West 103rd St., was suing Wesley for $75,000, because they allege 60 square feet of his garage is on country club property, according to a survey.

"I thought somebody was crazy!" Wesley said, "I've been maintaining it all these years!"

"He's a WWII veteran, he's 86 years old, he's wheelchair bound, he has no money, no ability to hire an attorney, and they know that!" said Virgil's daughter, Louanna Davis.

She said the country club asked him to tear the garage down back in 2011. Virgil's family offered $2,000 for the 60 square feet. Davis says they didn't hear back from Brookridge until this lawsuit, last week.

"Stating that they had been harmed, they've been kept from the use of the land, and they want $75,000," Davis said.

FOX 4's Melissa Stern called Brookridge's media relations number on Wednesday and when her call was returned, they said everything could be found in the lawsuit and that they had no further comment. The attorney for Brookridge did not return a call.

Then, on Thursday, Brookridge Golf and Fitness posted the following on its facebook page:

"Brookridge Golf & Fitness has announced today that it will voluntarily dismiss its suit against Mr. Wesley and all other defendants. The dismissal will occur at no cost to Mr. Wesley or any other party. The portrayals of the suit by the news media, and the reactions from many concerned citizens, do not accurately reflect the relief that was sought. Brookridge never intended to recover damages of $75,000 or more from Mr. Wesley or any other defendant. The suit was filed pursuant to Kansas law that requires parties to include specific jurisdictional language. Furthermore, Brookridge never intended to remove Mr. Wesley from his property or otherwise interfere with his property rights. The suit was field merely to protect Brookridge's property rights that are verifiable and recorded with the Johnson County Register of Deeds office. Brookridge regrets any misunderstanding or hardship that may have occurred from its actions." (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

At attorney FOX 4 called on to give his opinion on the case says Wesley could have raised as a defense the concept of 'adverse possession.'

"He would defend this case upon the claim that he has openly and exclusively and continuously possessed the property for 15 years, under the knowledge that and belief that he owned it, or that he was actually possessing it against the interests of the golf course," said property law attorney Doug Patterson.

He says if the building permit shows that Wesley built the garage in 1998, that would be in excess of 15 years.

"They want the ground for some reason or another," added Wesley. "The lot next door is vacant, because the house burned down, so they want the whole corner."

Wesley was served with papers last week. He had 21 days to respond, but because of finances he was not sure he'd be able to meet that deadline.

Now, according to the facebook post, Wesley no longer has to worry about it.


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  • Maryellen Parks

    Let’s see if the 60 sq. ft. is worth $75,000, then the corner lot must be worth at least $500,000. Why not offer to sell! They will probably back off but may want to buy. I think that they are trying to steal your property!

  • Tom Griffin

    If the land is NOT his they should send the old man a letter letting his next of kin know the property belongs to them and they intend on taking possession when he passes away. Make everyone aware of the letter by certified mail. What’s the PROBLEM ??

  • Morrie Mills

    I believe Mr. Wesley should go forward to acquire the property in question due to the fact he has maintained it for over 15 years, the country club has filled the suit to recover the property that was lost due to their lack of attention to the placement of the garage. Going forward would insure the garage and the property would stay in his estate. It seems to me is that the CC wants to get the corner in question as their end game. Hang in there my brother in arms, I’m a vet to, and the words “Thank You for your Service” are starting to sound pretty plastic when used by those folks who are less than sincere.

  • louanna

    I was told that yesterday on the Dana and Parks radio station they said the Mr. Wesley was offered a large sum of money from the Golf Course. Whey and how much? How come Mr. Wesley never saw that offer to purchase. Show us the money!

  • Curious

    How was he issued a building permit without a survey showing the location of property lines. Most cities have set back requirements that state how far from the property line all structures have to be. I am not bashing him – I am asking a question. Thank you.

  • Mark

    Brookridge Country Club is, has been sold to an investment company in the last few months. Being that this lawsuit came just before it’s sale tells me they were going back over their property lines before sale of the club and noticed this mistake or they simply wanted to try and make a last ditch effort at some easy cash to keep the club afloat. Either way it was a very unprofessional way of both addressing the issue as well as closing it. Facebook, really? This only goes to show what kind of people were in charge of running this facility into the ground. Further more, the club that has now been purchased may not be a golf course anymore which is sad. You have to adapt intelligibly and appreciate your community these days when it comes to running a golf course. Not charge, $400 a month + for little more than a decent golf course and an aging clubhouse.