Leawood 10-year-old talks about meeting his idol, Judge Judy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- While most kids watch cartoons, a metro grade school lad is hooked on a FOX 4 courtroom show!

Elijah Nessel loves Judge Judy, and recently won a trip where he and his family traveled to Los Angeles to meet the judge and watch a taping of a show.

"I met Judge Judy!" said Elijah Nessel, who watches the show with his dad, Jeff, after school religiously.

"He just fell in love with that voice," said Jeff.

"Umm is not an answer!" said Elijah in the Judge Judy's famous New York accent. "The educational system is going in the toilet, you're being ridiculous!"

"He'll go grab the remote control, and if she throws someone out of the court room, he stops it and rewinds it and has to watch it again!" added Elijah's dad.

One day while watching, Jeff saw a banner at the bottom of the TV to enter a contest about a chance to win a trip to la to meet Judge Judy. So he submitted an essay to win.

"I sent it in, then forgot about it!" Jeff said.

Sure enough, they ended up winning! But there was just one problem: The winner had to be 16. Elijah is 10.

"I understand fully, can you just have the judge send an autographed picture?" Jeff recalled asking.

The show's staff called back the next day:

"The judge wants to meet Elijah!" he said.

Jeff was named the winner and his wife was his guest in order to adhere to contest guidelines.

"I was a little nervous about meeting her," said Elijah.

They flew out to Los Angeles and watched the taping of two cases.

"We ate lunch with her after we did cases in the court room!" exclaimed Elijah.

"We've been to Disney, we've been on cruises, nothing brought as much joy to his face," said his dad.

"I wish I could go back to LA again and meet her!" added Elijah.

The episode of the taping the Nessels attended will air in the next few months. And the verdict is in, this year's Christmas card will be of the Nessels sitting behind Judge Judy's desk.

Elijah made a booklet of all Judge Judy's sayings and brought it with him to show her.
He even got to meet Officer Byrd, the bailiff in Judge Judy's court room.

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