Mo. lawmakers approve bill allowing educators to carry concealed weapons in schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Missouri lawmakers passed a bill that would let teachers and administrators carry concealed weapons in your child's school. The Missouri Legislature has signed off on this bill and it now goes to Governor Jay Nixon’s desk for approval or veto.

FOX 4 attempted to speak with administrators in many area school districts about the legislation, and most preferred to save comment until the governor takes action. But parents on both sides of the issue are fired up about it.

The fight to try and keep guns out of our schools seems never ending. But now, Missouri lawmakers hope to stop the violence by putting guns in the hands of educators.

The bill awaiting the governor’s signature would allow school districts to train and designate specific teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons in classrooms.

Some parents say it's the best way to protect their kids.

“I think teachers need to be able to defend the students. They need to be able to protect themselves and we`ve had enough sacrifice from stupidity," said KC mom Misty Norris.

But others worry teachers toting guns would create a dangerous environment.

“They`re teachers, they`re not state troopers. They`re not KCPD," said another KC parent named Reggie Brown. “To me, honestly, you got a bunch Barney Fifes that are wanting to carry guns and don`t know jack about them.”

The bill requires school districts to hold hearings on the decision, but lets them decide which teachers can carry guns in closed session. Most districts told FOX 4 it's too soon to say how they would implement it.

But Andrea Flinders of the Kansas City Federation of Teachers said most educators think it's a bad idea.

“Even with training, I think there`s too many things that could happen that could go wrong. Whether a student finds the gun in a teacher`s purse or the teacher leaves it somewhere. I just think too many bad things can happen,” Flinders said.

The bill also lowers the age requirement for a concealed carry permit from 21 years old to 19. It also outlaws cities from barring people with a permit from openly carrying their weapon. Governor Nixon has until mid-July to decide whether or not to sign the bill into law.

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    • Wayne

      Yes, play to the fear factor the liberals want you to. These are the same people that already have permits walking around Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, eating at the same restaurants that you do with their weapons. It’s concealed carry, or of sight but there if needed. I guess you would rather be scared, locked in a room just waiting for the crazy person to shoot or stab up the school. How fast could these things be stopped? If people know there are people there to defend and protect it might not happen and if it does it won’t be as tragic. I’m all for this. I carry a firearm to protect my family but then drop off a defenseless child into a gun free target zone where no one can defend them.

  • Duke

    Keep the guns out of our schools. Just lock the school doors after the kids arrive and have the entrance/exit manned by a security guard, who is allowed to carry a weapon and has the proper training to do so.

  • Duke

    The conservative red necks of the NRA will never grasp the idea of kids being able to go to school and parents not having to worry about some teacher who is off his/her meds or is having a domestic dispute. We have had cases of teachers molesting kids so it isn’t a stretch to understand that a teacher could also go off on a group of kids. Should we also arm all the kids in case they need to defend themselves against a teacher or an agitated spouse.

    • Scott

      Duke, If someone gets of their meds and is going to shoot someone do you think they are going to care about getting having to pay a fine for carrying a gun in a “gun free” zone? Considering they don’t seem to worried about a murder charge, life in prison and possibly of a penalty of death? I just haven’t seen where “gun free” zones keep bad guys out. Have you?

    • JoseyWales

      Right, Duke. Because conservative red necks in the NRA are the ones doing the killing. Yeah, that’s it.

      Just maybe it’s elitist progressives, and other non-thinking wimps who don’t understand the basic human right of self-defense

      Duke will YOU ever grasp the idea (Scott already asked). that up to this point, gun free zones haven’t worked out so well for anyone involved. We can playing the “what if” game, cross our fingers, and leave our kids safety to chance, or we can take proactive measures in ensuring it. I guess we know which one you pick. Fine. But don’t expect us to agree.

    • steve clark

      So you jump and blame NRA and redneck’s. Both teach children how to handle firearms the proper way and with respect on exactly what their used for. Protect you’re family and feed you’re family. I have FIVE kid’s youngest one 8. They all have been taught what and how to and be respectful. You sound like someone that has NOT done research of any kind. Plus to those who say just lock the door’s and put and armed guard. Who pay’s for those and you’ll need more than one in some school’s. Some school’s are poor by other standard’s. We have two school’s here that due to lack of room and funding to add on we have mobile office’s that many use. I am not a big fan of arming teacher’s ether. Take some time and really look at most teacher’s. Do they look like they could pull the trigger. I’m going to use a big word. Mindset. LEO’S, military and very few have it. At time’s you may have a split second to KILL, maybe a student, someone you know. Could you? The professional’s have been trained for this, kill or be killed. Good thing about this IS some school’s do have retired military or law enforcement. As there are many living right there in that community too. I say use them, put vet to work to do what they know best. I am a desert storm vet and I and friend’s of mine put our lives’ one the line DAILY. As I think back “For what”? Myself and friend’s I served with around here think that putting our lives’ again on the line for children is one of the most honorable thing we could do. To US this is worthwhile saving children.

  • Calm Down

    The next thing you know they will be adding courses in college for teacher education on gun safety, how to have them in your classroom. As a teacher who has her conceal and carry permit, I would NEVER agree to have my gun in my classroom. Talk about liability issues. This is stupid.

    • JoseyWales

      Calm Down,

      Great idea. There SHOULD be mandatory gun safety and self defense training for teachers.

      Just because you are wimp, don’t criticize those who would rather not be victims. And don’t project your irresponsibility on everyone else.

      • Calm Down

        I am not a wimp, nor irresponsible. I’m not criticizing anyone. I am saying from a teachers point of view, I will NOT have a gun in my classroom. As a mother, I will not allow my kids in a classroom with a gun. There has to be better answers. No, I am not saying I have them, but we have to figure something out. If Steve Clark is correct, not questioning him, I have not read all of the report… then I would be fine with one person that is properly trained, with ongoing training, being armed. But a gun in every classroom is silliness. JoseyWales, I am not being irresponsible, in today’s sue happy society I am covering my backside. If you think schools are that bad, what are you doing about them?

  • steve clark

    First this site needs to report the WHOLE story. It’s only going to be one person designated and there is mandintory training involved. Most already lock door’s but that didn’t stop sandy hook,did it. Lot’s of school’s have retired military already theaching there. Plus it’s not a have to deal schools can opt out. Read the whole law first.Security gaurd’s? Who’s going to pay for these,YOU. First time they throw a new bond up to vote people freak out,tight wads. Guard’s arn’t cheap not real one’s. Schools due to funding cuts already have a hard time keeping tteachers paid let alone this. Spme smal town’s like the one i live in have class’s not all in one building. To get all doors locked mean’s you have to have somebody there at that door all the time.

    • steve clark

      Read the whole bill IF IT PASS”S it has to have nixons signeture. It only allows ONE person in the school to carry cocealed WITH proper training. NOT teachers just one.

  • Robert

    God Bless them, I hope it is sighned off on.

    They teach the children about the constitution, now they can see it in action. Every citizen has the right to protect themselves, their loved ones and thier community from harm, not just the police who only respond to an incident and have no real way of preventing one.

    And gunmen target “gun free” zones for a reason, the fact schools will be taken off that list will deter gunmen without ever having to fire a shot.