Two Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies killed in the line of duty honored

Man gets front row seat as bank robbery suspects crash, ending high speed chase

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Robert Pence, 87, Liberty, Mo.

police cars

LIBERTY, Mo. — An 87-year-old Liberty man was gardening in his front yard when a police chase came to a crashing halt just a few feet away.

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“I’ve come up on accidents but I’ve never actually seen it happen,” Robert Pence said.

Robert Pence, 87, Liberty, Mo.

Robert Pence, 87, Liberty, Mo.

But little did Pence know he’d have a front row seat. He was in his front yard with a friend when he heard sirens from every direction.

“We heard the sirens, we heard sirens for 15 or 20 minutes. They sounded like they were all over the place. I never heard so many sirens in all my life,” he said.

All of the sudden he saw a Lincoln continental speeding towards him. His friend took cover.

“They were probably going 70 or 80 miles an hour when he went by. He got to that corner and burned rubber for a few feet. He couldn’t make it,” said Pence.

The suspects crashed into this tree.

Investigators say the two males and female had just robbed a bank in Excelsior Springs. Neighbors say the three fell out of the car and were on the ground, not moving, after the crash.

“Me and my son came running out the door and the police had guns drawn so we ran back in the house,” neighbor Pamela Teater said.

“They had them in the stretcher and put them in the ambulance,” Pence said. “They said they didn’t know whether the driver would make it or not. But the other two were apparently ok.”

The suspects are in police custody.

“Well, I would say that he got what he deserved,” Pence said.

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