Police confirm that woman found dead on playground was a victim of foul play

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police say a woman found dead on a Kansas City playground was a victim of foul play. Thirty-five-year-old Shaundra Thomas was found dead near Eastwood Trafficway and I-435 last Wednesday.

Police at the time called it a "suspicious death." But with the release of Thomas' identity Wednesday, police are saying her death is being investigated as a homicide. Social media messages show young children forced to write messages of goodbye to a mother taken from their lives.

“You will not get away with killing these children's mother and that woman’s daughter. That was rotten. You're a rotten individual to do that,” said neighbor Sandra Thompson.

Thomas was found dead after police were called to an east side apartment complex to check the welfare of a woman seen laying in the playground area.

Thomas leaves behind four children.

"Hold them and hug them and make them feel loved. And reiterate the fact that their mother loved them. She worked every day for them. Went to work, came home, brought what they needed," Thompson said.

Neighbors remember a striking, well-mannered woman who worked hard and loved her kids.

"But to think she’s here one moment and then not here the next and she’s got these children," said Thompson.

Neighbors at Thomas' home on Winchester Ave. say they knew something was amiss when two weeks ago they overheard a fight. That same night, they say someone fired shots at Thomas' home. Less than a week later Thomas was found dead miles from her home.

“There's a Lord reciprocity. What goes up comes down. What goes around comes around. What you did to her will be replenished unto you, or your near loved one. The law and rules of God, they are just, they are true, they fail not." Thompson said.

Family members have set up a fund for Thomas' four kids. Police have not released any details about how Thomas was killed or if police have any suspects in the case.

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  • Cassidy

    Hoping they catch this monster soon! I worked with her for 6+ years. She was a great employee, friend, and Mother. Her boys were her life and she would do anything to protect them! She was a bright light and she had so much passion! Please donate some money to the fund for her boys. They have been through a lot and need support.