Truck driver pulled over for honking horn takes trooper to task for speeding in video

A video posted to YouTube by a truck driver named Brian Miner captures an exchange between an Illinois State Police trooper and Miner that starts contentiously, and ends without Miner being issued a citation he was threatened with.

As the trooper opens the door to the cab, he tells Miner he’s been pulled over for unlawful use of a horn. Miner rebuffs him, saying he was honking at the trooper who he accused of being on a cell phone while speeding.

The two continue a frosty exchange to a point where the trooper tells Miner he’s going to be ticketed, and Miner tells the trooper he’s being recorded.

After the revelation, the trooper’s behavior changes dramatically, so far to the point that by the end of the traffic stop the trooper apologizes for speeding, saying he wasn’t paying attention. He didn’t write Miner a ticket, saying he didn’t want to hurt his record.


  • veronica figueroa

    cops will always think they are above the law no matter what. Untill they are being recorded haha xp but getting your name out there for being a smart butt with cops not a good thing to do. I’ll give some of them a shot and say some not all cops are the same but it’s like a unit of friendships they got each others back. one cop knows you they all do.

  • Nancy Gayle West

    Google Jessica and Kelli Uhl. Beautiful sisters tragically killed when an Illinois State Trooper crossed median at 120 mph while talking on his personal cell phone, radio and on his computer when responding to a call he wasn’t needed on. Enough said.

  • Pi

    Here in my state, and probably many others, when the Amber Alert signs are not being used, they put up signs like texting or talking on your phone can wait. So why does he need to be on his cell phone, speeding when it is already deemed a hazard by the state. I commend the driver. That cop could have potentially killed someone.

  • Joe cool

    Police do think they are above the law, these days.
    I passed a cop one day not going the speed limit. When he stopped me he said I was going 52 in a55. He did not care if he was doing 30 he should not be passed. I.was like, what a joke. They think they are something. Will I pass a cop again, prolly, if they are putting around like this guy was .

    • noname

      Yeh, Joe, I passed a cop one day about 30 years ago. He followed me all the way home. THEN he gave me the exact same malarky. It’s just a show of power. If it were truly illegal to pass a slow moving cop it would be in the handbook!!!

  • rayj829

    What I’m sure some of you don’t realize as well is that in our great state of Illinois, after Jan 1, 2014 it became illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving unless you’re using a hands-free or Bluetooth device – meaning it’s illegal to have your phone in your hand held to your ear like this trucker is saying he caught the officer doing.

    Just wanted to point that out ;-)

  • cjgonp

    Above the Law??maybe, who are not above the Law, The cop was wrong by using the phone when driving in Illinois, because since January 1, 2014 if is ilegal to use the cell phone when driving..speeding is ilegal for everyone unless a cop is a emergency call with the sirens on, but also I understand the we been abuse for some cops (not all of them)that think they are above the law. remember that we are not in a perfect world.we have a little bit of everithing, just because I have a few member of my family that are behaving inapropied does not mean that all my relative are bad. Just because you have a good son and a bad son do not make you a bad father. Just make sure you do the right thing. don’t judge some one because you are mad. Just remember that what go around come around.

  • Adam

    “We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.”
    -Hunter S. Thompson.

    Not sure if that is completely accurate but I hope you get the gist of it anyway.

    • Brian

      You undermine society with your twisted point of view. I am just guessing here but I bet you have had more than your fair share of run-ins with the law hence your disdain for the badge. Just sayin’…..tell me I’m wrong.

      • Dee

        How was that comment at all twisted? The fact of the matter is everybody needs to learn to respect one another, no matter how much “power ” they have..

      • Debbie

        Well, Brian. So, you dont see anything wrong with the cop the cop speeding and using phone. You’re an idiot. They should have to follow same laws as everyone else

  • Pam

    He’s a trucker not a cop, reverse the roll and see what it’s like to live in his shoes, really trucker, get a new hobby…
    Proud of you Trooper for remaining your Professionalism.. You were a real man, the trucker was a jerk…

  • frankie

    Anyone happen to notice the occupy wall street puke mask in the passenger seat?? this cop may have been in the wrong, and in being so, he corrected himself, regardless of being filmed. But the driver is part of the anarchist movement destroying this country. Where there only objective is to destroy law and order. Just like the idiot in the White House and his idiot cronies in the communist congress. EAT that pinkos!

    • B

      Why would you post an input with half assed information. Anon movement started with protest on Scientology, and wasn’t only in the US. They also helped get information out of Egypt when their government was suppressing its civilians. True anons stand for good causes, which have no ruining effect on our beloved country. However, they got a bad rap because of a few members who took matters into their own hands and committed illegal acts. They were under lulzsec not anonymous. So take your no fact bs and spew it elsewhere.

  • curtis

    I used to truck OTR with a radar gun on my dash, it ws up there for 7.5 years or from day one. I clocked a trooper at 126 MPH once. I did not think nothing of him or her doing that. I stopped leaving the gun on long ago over health concerns. I then only used it for really high rate of speed vehicles. Its also nice on snow and icey roads to see what others are driving so as to adjust my speed.

  • Peter

    The officer proved that police are not as big of bullies as many claim. He acted respectfully and within conduct. Police also have to deal with real a-holes along with the rest of us. Every traffic stop is a potential disaster waiting to happen. I commend the officer for keeping his cool and remaining professional. We give officers a certain amount of power to ENFORCE the law. You shouldn’t talk smack to cops, they are the ones who are putting thier lives on the line when you call 911 in a emergency… People like this truck driver are the ones who make officers less kind to all of us… My opinion, not a fact…

  • JR

    I had an officer that was nice enough to give me a ride home from the hospital but when we got on the highway he takes his personal cell phone out and starts checking his messages and returning a text.

  • Phillip Jones

    I think this video makes the trucker look like a jerk. You never know the reason a police officer is driving fast, or is doing something that you think might be illegal. They could be responding to a call, or something else that is important, but might not need the lights on. If a cop speeds by me, I’m just glad they aren’t behind me anymore.

  • Will

    I worry a lot about over-aggressive policing. However, this was not an example of that at all. This officer was polite, professional, kind, and really, a credit to his badge! I wish far more cops were like him. As far as alegedly changing his tune because he was being recorded, I sincerely doubt that, since the cop was recording too.

  • Dave

    Regardless of what you’re doing on the phone, you’re still on the phone. You can pull over to use it if you’re taking your eyes off of the road or use it when you’re stopped at a light or something.

  • Michael Streiff

    Actually, Andrew, you are wrong on that one. Here in the state of Illinois, if an officer is “out of uniform”, that would be missing any part of his uniform as mandated by the state. The only officers that aren’t held to the complete “uniform” are undercover officers, and detectives, neither of which do traffic stops.

  • JenLamb35

    Seriously??? He even admitted that he wasn’t paying attention to his speed AND it was evident he was on his cell phone. You want some of your family with babies in the car out there with that????

  • cms

    It is unbelievable how the cops can talk on cell phones or even operate laptops while driving. It is unsafe for us but OK for them. Why should they be held to a different standard. They should have hands free phone or radios but under no circumstance should they be able to use the laptop while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Debbie T.

    Personally the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that mask…was the movie Maximum Overdrive based on the story by Stephen King, you know the truck with the “joker” face on the front. LOL

  • duster 19

    Chris what your Cop friend did was illegal destruction of private property, depending on the cameras cost possibly a felony. What Your cop friend did is equal to the tactics of a jack boot Nazi. At the least he should be fired for misuse of authority and flagerant disreqaurd for our personal property rights. At best he should be arrested for willful destruction of private property, misuse of power, violation of the Constitution, and just being a thug with minor power. I think your cop friend is a megalomaniac with visions of God hood. Actually I think you made this senario up to try and frighten law abiding citizens from exercising there rights. Most and I do mean most Police officers I know would never pull such a vendictive stunt. They are not thugs with guns but well trained individuals serving the public good. I assure you I know many law enforcement officers and your Cop Friend is not one of those servants of the public. I hope he is fired from the police force he works for very soon.

  • CB Handle

    It depends upon which school one is attending.

    That said, Driving is actually the easiest part of the job!!! When I went to OTR driving school it was the law that a person do so just to get a Class A or B CDL, that is a Commercial Drivers License to drive anything over 27,000 pounds gross weight. We had class time, road time and yard time every day for two months. The yard time was used to learn how to do the various backing maneuvers necessary to get backed to a dock and to learn how to do a proper Pre-trip according to DOT standards. Road time was used to learn how to handle the rig in all sorts of traffic conditions in the real world. Class time was used to learn how to use the Fed DOT “Bible” to look up and learn about the thousands of regulations that affect professional drivers and we learned about other State and Local regulations, how to properly fill out a paper logbook (there were no such things as electronic log books back then ), how to make sure a load was evenly distributed in the trailer and how to calculate where the trailer axles needed to be to distribute the weight between all axles of the truck/trailer combo, Red Cross First Aid Training for Professionals and how to read a road atlas (again, there was no such thing as GPS back then). Other nuances of the profession were also learned.

  • Sam

    Personally, I actually think he has a point. First of all, the truck was going significantly below the speed limit. Even if the cop “flew” past him, I see no reason to think that the cop was going more than 5 above the speed limit – hardly dangerous driving. Secondly, this is assuming that the cop was somehow scared of the fact that he was being recorded. There is absolutely nothing incriminating the cop in this video, so I doubt he backed off from fear of repercussions. He probably just realized that they were both a bit tense in the initial meeting (because you know, cops are people too) and realized that the truck driver could have just sincerely been trying to get the cop’s attention. Perhaps the cop was in a hurry to get somewhere, which would explain the mild amount over the speed limit, and just started off a bit irritated by the truck driver’s reasons for his actions (as most people are when they’re inconvenience by someone who just wanted to slander them and accuse them of something). Then after cooling off and checking his record, realized that it wasn’t a big deal. Why do people take every possible chance to tear down police and general authority figures? Maybe if y’all weren’t such jerks to them, their job might be less stressful and make it easier to focus on the real problems that they have to deal with, as opposed to some snarky truck driver who has a beef with authority figures. But no, we shouldn’t pay attention to any of that. Let’s jump to conclusions and assume the worst of him based on prejudices against police and authority. Remember guys: police bad, truck driver good.

    P.s. Don’t be a dick to people just for having a different perspective. Seeing from only one point of view makes us all blind.

  • Brian

    You are an idiot Adam. You are a shining example of what is wrong with our society. You call cops “pigs” but I bet if you were the victim of a serious crime, they would be the ones you would call to help your dumba**!

  • Anji

    Oh and by the way it’s your*, not you’re. Don’t leave yourself open to snide, rude, or hurtful comments while trying to convince everyone you’re of higher intelligence. People might question YOUR education.

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