Ferguson grand jury decision expected to be announced at 8 p.m. Monday

Home invasion, shooting in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Police blocked off the area near McHenry Ave. and Truman Rd. Wednesday morning to investigate a home invasion in which someone was shot.

According to police, the homeowner reported a person broke into their home and they shot the person. That person then ran across the street and someone in the area reportedly took the person to the hospital.

Police did not say how severe the injuries were to the person who was shot, but the suspect was in the custody of police.

FOX 4′s Kathy Quinn is at the scene. She spoke to another neighbor who saw the commotion of police cars and immediately wanted to find her twin boys, who were spending the night at a friend’s house.

She said the neighborhood is normally quiet and they don’t see a lot of crime.

“Especially for a shooting. I know a couple of years ago something weird happened down the road where a woman’s husband or boyfriend got stabbed or something a couple summers ago but again, that was like a personal issue that happened, nothing within the neighborhood. This… shootings and everything, that’s very, very uncommon here. Very,” said Becca.

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independence invasion

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  • JT

    Came here expecting a lot of ‘anti-gun’ comments. Very surprised and glad to see people supporting the legal and justified use of a firearm. The Castle Doctrine exists for a good reason, and that reason was exercised by this home owner.

  • t3mp

    i live off of truman n blue ridge the night before 8th at 3:00 am i had 3 people try invading my home i was awake on the couch watching tv 2 stayed hiding behind my vehicles they sent a female to the door i seen the door handle move and jumped up and confronted her when i seen it was a girl i put my gauge down she said she needed directions @ 3am gtfo i told her to leave and started to shut my door she then tryed getting me outside asked if i would give her a ride i have a camera on my house and seen the guys hiding i believe the one had a shotgun they all had duffle bags she was trying to get me outside to put me at gun point i guess the point in all that is im a big guy that can handle my own but if i wouldnt of watched out and seen the other 2 this kinda sceniero could work on somebody just thought id share keep ur doors locked and gauges loaded this girl was in mid to late 20 tweaker scabs on her face big one on left forehead had a hoodie up that night couldnt really tell hair color but shes been seen alot in this area heard she pan handles at truman n 435