‘Ghost’ attacks news photographer inside haunted Pennsylvania home

HANOVER, Penn. — A local Pennsylvania news crew went to do a report on a so called “haunted” house which was to be featured this weekend on a national TV show, and ended up getting much more than they bargained for.

A local news station in Central Pennsylvania, FOX 43, , went inside the home in Hanover, York County, which homeowner DeAnna Simpson and her family have lived in for seven years. This home however, is different from others on the block because the people who live there say it is severely haunted, with multiple entities, including ghosts and something Simpson refers to as the “Shadow man.”

The family didn’t realize the house was haunted until after they moved in and say it will be difficult for them to move when the time comes because of the stigma that surrounds it.

“We put everything into this house,” Simpson told FOX 43. “And we do want to move, but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”

The house was to be featured on the Travel Channel Saturday on a show called, “The Dead Files.” Simpson says the crew turned up evidence of many “grisly” deaths which took place in the home.

CLICK HERE to read more from FOX 43.


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  • Tessla

    You’d think in this era of HD cameras we would have undeniable proof if such a thing actually existed. It doesn’t. Bigfoot doesn’t exist either until someone can show it does. When I die there will be absolutely nothing, and it will be glorious.

    • Damon

      It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you stand on. To be adamant about life after death or lack thereof is ridiculous. Because no one knows.

      However I will say this; it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for an emotionally driven, independent thinking species to spring from nothingness.

      • Muoncrazy

        We did not spring from nothingness, thats the whole point, there was an incredibly long period of time in which nature with the laws of physics slowly built up the complexity of creatures and thier neural networks. Anybody who owns a dog or cat knows they have personalities and has no doubt seen them capable of working out simple problems. Our abilities are just a step beyond this. The next step will presumably be when we develop enough intelligence to stop saying, ‘if I cant see it and have no evidence for it that must mean it exists’

  • Harold Connors

    This story has inconsistencies…… Obviously Dead Files came at an earlier time and did their investigation because the episode was on last night (Sat.7/26)….At the end of the episode it stated that the owners followed the advise of Amy and Steve and that activity had stopped…..If the camera man got scratched and the reported got pinched, things are still going on there….

    • TabooV

      Well at the end of the episode it says that the activity ‘subsided’, which means that they still have paranormal activity going on. Which means the witch/priest they got did the best he could, but just wasn’t enough. If anything the activity can get worse…

  • Bob Davis

    There is no such thing as ‘ghost’. God’s Word tells us, to be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord. So no dead people are haunting anything. The only possibility is demons but they are not normally this playful they are destructive.

    • SaraK

      You’re clueless. The human spirit has free will and doesn’t always choose to go directly to ‘The Lord’ you speak of, immediately after exiting the deceased body. Some are fearful of judgement, and some are confused by the traumatic passing of their physical body. Demons are NOT the only possibility, in fact true demon hauntings are uncommon. Whitney, however, is right to warn about Ouija boards. They are NOT harmless. To use a Ouija board is to turn on a porch light in darkness, and you will have NO control over who comes through the door.

  • Whitney

    Please do not mess around with Ouija boards. They are very bad and will bring evil into your homes. It is a gateway and I am not playing around. Do your research. My professor has his PhD in Anthropology and teaches a class about the paranormal and supernatural. I have seen and heard things you can not explain and if you don’t know what you’re doing then please stay away from this stuff and again do not play with Ouija boards. Because of Ouija boards people have died and are becoming possessed by entities. I know how this sounds, but I am a very logical, skeptical person who would never post this unless I knew it to be true. Please listen to my warning and be smart.

    • Free Thinker

      A piece of wood made by Milton Bradley will not bring “evil” into your house.. when will people start living in the 21st century and stop buying into these make believe cash crops.

      • feedmefabulous

        Wrong! The Ouija board itself is only the vessel, and the danger comes with human interaction. You can make one yourself that’s equally dangerous. When a person uses a Ouija board, it’s like turning on a porch light in darkness and you have no control over who you invite in.

  • Deano

    I drove by this house last Friday. Looks like a peaceful home in a peaceful neighborhood. I can’t imagine anything like this happening there. Put it this way: If I lived there, none of these events would happen
    Maryland Man

  • Peter

    My wife, son and myself have experienced pokes on and off throughout the years in our home in Boston. I’ve witnessed a silhouette of a woman sitting at the kitchen table one evening as well…most things take place after 2am. The most freightening thing that happened was randomly waking up from a sleep (2:37am) and feeling something about 20 lbs walking on foot of the bed taking about 4 steps, including between my legs. We did call a paranormal investigation team as clearly something is going on…and there were dozens of voices caught on audio recordings…many direct answers to specific questions. We have never felt “threatened” by whatever it is in the house as it seems playful and not malicious although the main reason we have not moved is this entity(s) is very intermittent with activity. One thing I have learned is do not instigate or antagonize these entities. I would occasionally joke and tease them (being funny to spook my wife) and like clockwork, they respond that very night letting us know they were acknowledged earlier. I wouldn’t believe any of this if I didn’t experience it myself…dead people? Dimensional? I have no idea, but what I do know is something is in our home that science does not have an answer for, and science at one time thought the sun revolved around earth…aka..science is always learning.

  • Avis

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