Charge filed against mom after strangers save Kansas City child from hot car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are investigating after a child was found inside an unlocked car around 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 4 in Kansas City, Mo. On Tuesday afternoon Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd filed a class A misdemeanor charge of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child against Tiquana Pasco, 29, of Kansas City, Mo.

According to a report filed by police, witnesses noticed a two-year-old girl sitting in an unlocked vehicle with its windows partly down in the 8600 block of Boardwalk in Kansas City, Mo. The girl was in a car seat and was wet with perspiration, according to witnesses. Jeremy Welch said after his family finished having dinner at Chipotle, he saw the girl in the backseat, and when he looked for a parent, he couldn't find one.

"We had dinner, we came out, and I noticed as I passed a car parked in a handicapped spot that there was a child in the backseat, she was unattended, the windows were cracked, it was 91 degrees out and she was sweating profusely," witness Jeremy Welch said. "Finally my wife said, 'the little girl can't stay in there.' She opened the car and pulled the child out. The woman with the car next door, she got a bottle of water and was giving the little girl some water."

The witnesses then took the child inside Chipotle to cool off. While walking to the restaurant, Pasco emerged from a Game Stop and began yelling at the people to return her child. They didn't.

"She's like, 'why are you touching my child, why do you have my child?' She (Welch's wife) explained, 'well, you left your child unattended in this hot car, so I took her out,'" Welch explained.

They waited inside Chipotle for police while fending off Pasco, who by this time was allegedly hitting Welch. In the process his shirt was torn.

"She became extremely irate and ran over and grabbed her child and yanked on her. The child then began crying and my wife said, 'no, I am not giving you your child back. You need to wait for police,'" Welch said. "She continued to shove at me and slap me and push me to try and get around me, and I just stood in her way and told her she couldn't have her child back until the police got there," Welch said.

When responding to the call, the reporting officer noticed the temperature inside his vehicle was 89 degrees. When the officer arrived, Pasco was insistent about her daughter being returned to her.

She told police she left her daughter inside the car because she was asleep. In the process of the commotion the child vomited four times. Witnesses told police they removed the child's shirt because "it was wet." She was later placed in the care of a family member.

According to a probable cause statement, Pasco told police she was inside the Game Stop to return a cord and was inside for three-to-four minutes before coming out and seeing a stranger holding her child. She told police she "scuffled" with one of the witnesses who was standing between her and the witness holding her child. After she was detained she told police, "I was totally wrong for leaving her in the car." She also said she was aware of the recent cases where children died as a result of being left in a hot car according to the court document.

Online records show Pasco is still in police custody, being held on a $1,500 cash or surety bond. If convicted she faces up to a year in jail.

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  • Megan

    I’ve recently begun having car troubles to where my van won’t start. Yesterday I sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes in the heat trying to get it to start. I was sweating profusely, had to keep taking deep breathes and my tongue and lips felt swollen/thick. I’m a 27 year old woman. I could have gotten out of my car had I not been trying to start it. This was a child who could not remove themselves from the seat and exit the car. You do not leave your kids in the car no matter what. It’s sheer laziness to not take your child in the store because they are sleeping. Wake them up, carry them or don’t go to to the store. Also for those of you okay with the mom leaving her kid and making excuses, not only did she leave her child in the car she left it unlocked giving any child predator an open invitation to take her kid! She’s very lucky. Lucky that someone saw her kid and got him or her out of the car and lucky that it was a Good Samaritan who did so. Also, I live in missouri so the “89” degree weather is extremely hot in a car.

  • Tina

    I dont care if it was fair, to partly cloudy, and 60 degrees outside, no one confined to a carseat , or, unable to yell for help, or get out of a car by their own means, should not be left in a vehicle alone.

  • Mrs Gillette

    My opinion .. The people getting offended that someone had the decency to save a child from a hot car are guilty of doing the same thing the mom at fault is. I take my son in with me no matter where I go. If he’s sleeping, his butt wakes up and goes in. If your child is asleep, you dont want to wake them, and you just want to run in real quick and there isn’t someone to sit in the car with them, ya don’t go in. Simple as that. Do it another time/day.

  • KLS

    So far in 2014 there have been at least twenty-one heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles;
    seventeen confirmed as heatstroke and four are still pending official findings by the medical examiner.

    Last year, 2013, there were at least forty-four deaths of children in vehicles; thirty-nine which has been confirmed as heatstroke and five which, based upon the known circumstances, are most likely heatstroke (2013 list).

    In 2012 there were 34 deaths of children due to hyperthermia (heatstroke) after being left in or having gained access to hot cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s.

    Since 1998 there have been at least 627 documented cases of heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles.

    This data and study shows that these incidents can occur on days with relatively mild (i.e., ~ 70 degrees F) temperatures and that vehicles can reach life-threatening temperatures very rapidly.

    There are also far too many “close calls” that fortunately do not result in a tragic death. Some of those are documented here.


    Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2014: 21
    Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2013: 44
    Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 1998-present: 627
    Average number of U.S. child heatstroke fatalities per year since 1998: 38

    Heatstroke Deaths of
    Children in Vehicles
    by Jan Null, CCM
    Department of Earth & Climate Sciences
    San Francisco State University
    Updated August 4, 2014

  • Carrie

    stupid POS mother. God Bless the people that were aware of their surroundings and took notice of the child in the car. Most people dont look around, or ignore what they see. Mom should not get the child back until she goes through some serioius parenting education classes and serves a little time. Family services monitoring is called for afterwards. I hope the “family members” that took custody of the child got her some medical attention. Dead kids in cars has been a problem as long as i can remember. No way that this mother was not aware of its dangers. She just didnt care about anything but herself.

  • Charlotte

    Because going to Gamestop is super important! This dumb lady needs to be made an example of. A child doesn’t need to die for the law to punish these people to the fullest extent possible.

  • Ari

    Time flies while waiting in line! I don’t care how backed up the store is or isn’t, take your sleeping child out of the car. Your so called three minute adventure could’ve well been 15 minutes, enough time to cause heat exhaustion. But, hey, maybe this is a way to keep ignorant people from repopulating.

  • sandi

    That woman should be arrested for assault on the people who rescued the child! She had no right to attack someone who was concerned enough to care for the child. Those people probably saved that child’s life! The mother should appreciate that, instead of going ballistic like she did. It is totally stupid to leave a small child in a hot car for ANY length of time, knowing what can happen to them, and besides, there is the possibly of that child being kidnapped by some weirdo who preys on young kids. I hope that mother really pays for what she did!

  • Jon Anthony

    There’s been far too many incidents involving kids in hot cars this year…black kids, white kids, green kids, some w tragic consequences, most with well-meaning, but still devastated parents.

    But the actions of this unwashed savage AFTER THE INCIDENT put her in a different category altogether.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that people actually forget they have a child. I’m sure they don’t forget to feed or change the baby that they had in the hospital and carried for 9 months. I think it is and was pure laziness on the parents part.

  • Just me

    Every person that has attacked her and has NOT walked a mile in her shoes needs to suffer the consequence they have recommended for her. You were not there, you do not know all of the circumstances, I am certain she is not perfect and neither are you; apparently you have no sense of compassion.

  • julie denmark

    You’re kidding right? People need to wake up, Kids die in hot cars, why don’t you go sit in a hot car for a couple hours locked in a car seat and then you can get back to me… Busybody my a$$

  • KB

    The story clearly states the child was strapped into a car seat, so we’re taking about a baby or a toddler. There is no reason this child should have been left in the car under ANY circumstances, let alone on a hot summer day.

  • echo

    I know the couple who rescued this child. The kid was only one year old, was sweating profusely and vomiting! They had the child out of the vehicle for SEVERAL minutes and the mother was still nowhere to be found. You are right, you do not have the whole story, but now you have more of it.

  • GoodbyeApartments

    It was 89 degrees in the car of the officer that had been either driving around with his air on or windows down either way it is going to cool the temperature inside of his car.

  • echo

    If either of you would consider leaving your one year olds in the car when its this hot, you should have your kids taken away and have YOUR head examined. Its people like you with no common since that put your child’s life in danger and defend it like its normal, well its not normal, its negligent.

  • echo

    OK Craig, sorry but you will look like an idiot. I posted on kmbc 9 news Facebook page last night, BEFORE this story was posted!!! Asking for an update. And if you go there and look it up, fact check it!! I did tag my friend Alissa in the comments because she IS the one that saved this child and called 911 and kmbc wanted to talk to her about it. I love your speculation, but you sir are WRONG!

  • Becky

    Chelsie!! What is wrong with YOU! A child should never be left in a car! The mother was nowhere around, no telling how long the child was in there before these people found her. The child was 1 years old, still a baby…so now you know! Excessive sweating and vomiting!!!! That is not from sitting in a car for 20 seconds; and for you to condone this just makes me SICK.

  • Tiffany

    are you the mother that did this because you sure seem to be defending to the end. Do you listen to the news? Do you see all the stories about little children being left in cars and DYING. You ignorant twit. This mother was clearly in the wrong. Do not leave your child in a car in this heat for no reason! Geez i leave my ac going when im out of the car for my dog!! You are only making yourself sound dumb. Let’s hope you dont have kids because God be with them if you do!

  • anonymous

    Because even though state law requires any person below 4 foot nine or 90 lbs to be in a car seat of some kind, complying means only infants and toddlers fit into this category, right? Its not like there are adults so short they need booster seats, right? So, its obviously an indicator of age, despite the fact that adhering to the law means most kids will need some sort of car seat until practically middle school. Oh, and on that note, how many parents should be charged with abuse or neglect for not complying with car seat laws beyond the toddler years? Just curious….I bet no one would say not making a seven yr old sit in a booster seat is abuse, despite the fact that booster seats are proven to minimize damage in the event of a crash, and not using one could actually lead to the death of the kid…

  • KB

    @Anonymous – this is the car seat law in MO:
    A new Missouri law,effective August 28,2006, says your child must be in a booster seat if they are ages 4 through 7 who weigh at least 40 pounds, unless they are 80 pounds or 4’9” tall.


    This means an adult under 4’9″ is NOT required to be in a booster seat. We are clearly talking about a small child here. Your argument is fundamentally incorrect.

    So in this case, we’re clearly talking about a young child who was left in a car seat on a hot day while she was in a game store. She was in the wrong and the witnesses were right to remove the chld from that situation.

  • anonymous

    Wow, so you leave your dog in a closed car, with windows up? What an awesome person you must be! Oh but its totally cool everyone, she leaves the ac on! Its not like someone could get in your running vehicle and steal it, right? Or take your dog…but its just an animal, right, I mean its not like you’d care if someone took your dog or your car, but god forbid you leave the stupid cur at home. Also, if someone has even a modicum of logic it equals defending? You are the idiot here.

  • Tiffany

    lol nope you are still the idiot. i lock my doors. the point is a child should be so much more important then an animal. Stop defending someone that was careless and left their child in a car in the middle of summer! Thank GOD someone took control of the situation or this could have been a whole lot different of a story!

  • KB

    Oh look….the story has been updated to show that the child is 2 years old and that the mother admitted that she was in the wrong. Hmmmmm….guess that means I was right to infer that the child in the CAR SEAT was probably a baby or toddler despite your attempt at straw man arguments. Imagine that – reading comprehension for the win! Oh well…at least now you are free to go troll somewhere else.

  • KB

    PS – the car seat law actually states that children between 4 and 8 who are over 40 pounds must be in a appropriate safety seat or booster seat, so you could theoretically see a 5 year old in a front facing car seat that is designed for kids up to 50 pounds. Maybe you should actually read this law that you love to quote so much. The law is very clear on what type of seat a child should use. If fox4 uses a vague term (which in this case they didn’t) then that’s on them. I digest information based on what’s reported instead of playing guessing games. :D

  • KB

    Yes, 7 is a young child. Actually, by definition, a “kid” is a young child! Are u really this dense?! And I never said you couldn’t leave them alone at all; but leaving a young child in the car alone is a bad idea. Your stupid is showing….kindly tuck it in and have a seat.