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Local artist uses moments of impact to draw out emotion of sports

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping the team creates a masterpiece that ends in a Super Bowl victory! The Chiefs began its preseason Thursday, hoping to turn the 2014 regular season into a work of art. One lifelong Chiefs fan is doing just that, putting his football fandom in galleries for all to appreciate.

Pro football and art don't often cross paths, unless Chris Sembower's visions are on the gallery wall. Sembower is a designer and illustrator -- with roots taking him back to Raytown South High School. His posterized series of digital paintings shows his love for the Kansas City Chiefs and his work focuses on the moments of impact that make fans love the game.

"There's always this energy. This energy within every hit or every play or action," Sembower said. "Whether it's the impact the bat makes against the ball as it cracks for a home run. We feel the shockwave. We have a sense of what that is, but we don't get to see that in traditional photography."

Sembower says each of his paintings took over a week to complete -- and he loves showing perspectives of Kansas City sports the average fan can't see.

"I want it to have an impact on them somehow. Even if it's that they don't like them necessarily," he said.

Judith Deacon owns an Independence gallery where Sembower's work is being shown. She wasn't sure sports themes would fit into her fine art landscape -- but he has proven her wrong.

"It's like the fire and the energy of the moment that we don't actually see. We feel them. He's actually put that in this venue, and it's a miracle," she said.

"I want to solicit an emotional response from these people, and more often than not, that works in my favor," he said.

Sembower's football-related work is currently showing in two galleries in the metro. To see more of his work, click on this link.