Little girl leaves adorable letter addressed to her ‘overly strict’ parents

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A little girl put a hold on story time with her parents, unless they decided to “change their attitude” first.

According to Metro, a nine-year-old girl named Chloe wrote a very stern letter to her parents, saying she was upset with their “overly strict” behavior.

The amusing letter reads:

“Dear Parents, It seems you are both a little overly strict tonight, therefore I do not wish to read with you tonight. But if you change your attitude, I will be glad to. Goodnight. From Chloe L. Smith.”

The note was posted to Reddit by the girl’s uncle, who described the 9-year-old as “very bright,” Metro reports.

It’s still unclear what Chloe’s parents did to cause her to write the letter.

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit