Video: Missouri couple suddenly attacked from behind in alley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield, Mo.,  Police Department posted a video to their YouTube page that appears to show a man and woman being attacked in an alley, and they’re asking the public to help them identify suspects and witnesses.

The Springfield News Leaders reports that the male victim was upset with a group of males who he thought had disrespected his girlfriend at a bar.

According to Lisa Cox, a police spokesperson, the man confronted the group outside the bar.  It is unclear what happened from there, but the assault happened as the victims walked alone.

They were suddenly attacked from behind and for about 45 seconds they are pushed to the ground, smacked and swung around, even kicked in the head.

Crime Stoppers is specifically looking for the name of the person shown assaulting the victim with apparent kicks to the head — the person with the red shoes.

The assault occurred on Aug. 22.

Police asked for tips at 417-864-1835 or by clicking here.


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  • John

    Where is this artical on CNN? Why isn’t this on every news station broadcasted in this Country? It’s never racist if its black on white. This liberal BS has to stop. It is killing our country!

  • JohnK

    Any more objections to conceal and carry here in Missouri are now moot. I hope this couple has learned a valuable lesson about our right in Missouri to defend ourselves from hood rat punks and wanna be’s.

  • Allen Pouratian

    “Have you seen this, son of man?” he asked. “Is it nothing to the people of Judah that they commit these detestable sins, LEADING THE WHOLE NATION INTO VIOLENCE, thumbing their noses at me, and provoking my anger?” -Ezekiel 8:17

    Sounds like the USA! Violence blooming like weeds, per the tragedy that happened to this couple.

    Fortunately, there is a Godly strategy we can employ to defeat racism and mistrust from all sides, and have the peaceful prosperous country we had in the good old days: repentance and fasting and prayer per Matthew 6:18 and James 5:16 and John 14:13-14. God will do it if we believe.

    The “Osteenification” (yes, him) of American Christianity has allowed USA Christians to slumber into being abominably evil! USA Christians fornicate, get drunk, do drugs and lust over “pictures or videos of women”, love money, and we curse our leaders (President Obama should be prayed for, not cursed!!) instead of praying for them. Instead, Jesus must curse and destroy the USA, because USA Christians are drowning in sin, and God is holy.

    But, instead of the USA being destroyed, GOD could fix the USA per 2 Chronicles 7:14 if we:

    1) repent of your sins, all of them
    2) earnestly pray with faith (not doubting God exists, and that God rewards sincere prayer) for other Christians to stop sinning. If I could quit lusting over “pictures or videos of women” by believing and saying Romans 6:2,3,4,18,21, Colossians 2:11, and 2 Corinthians 5:17 whenever I was tempted, then you can also. I haven’t lusted over “pictures or videos of women” since late 2009.
    3) hold meetings where you invite Christians to pray with faith with you for the USA, our leaders, and for a Christian revival to sweep the USA of sin and hate and disease.
    4) tell everyone, “A Christian revival has started, pray for it to grow.”

    If we don’t have a Christian revival, God will destroy the USA. Google “Dumitru Duduman” if you don’t believe me. God won’t fail, IF we trust Him.

  • WG

    And this is why you should always be aware of your surroundings. I’m not saying what those cowards did was in any shape right. It seems these thugs are only tough when they outnumber their victims 4-5+ to 1 or are packing heat.
    If the single guy and his gf had been packing and dropped a few of them, you can bet your last dollar the race baiters Al and Jessie would be up in arms and staging “peaceful protests” like in Ferguson, MO.

  • Ben

    Ferguson erupted into chaos and looting after the police shot a thug who stole and assaulted an officer. You mean the white people didn’t loot all the stores because of this? What is going on? One group seems to behave reasonable under pressure and the other group behaves like they have never been taught how to act civilized.