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Campers anxiously await IKEA’s grand opening in Merriam

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MERRIAM, Kan. -- Shopping at IKEA Merriam requires a little coordination. You can touch, sit and lay on furniture – but if you like what you see, don’t grab, jot it down instead.

"You'll see a tag on a couch that you want. you'll write down that information. As you go through the shop, you'll keep writing down the things that you want," said Annie Crandall of IKEA.

That’s only for the red ticket items. The aisle and bin number is most important. Scribble it down so you can find it in the warehouse.

"You can do it all yourself if you want to," she explained.

There’s 359,000 square feet to walk through, but don’t let the size scare you. If you get lost, make your way to one of the blue pillars with maps. It actually shows you where you are in the store. On the other side, you'll find a tape measure, pencil, and paper to write down your shopping list

The aisle and bin number will direct you to the furniture you picked out in the showroom. The piece you picked out is broken down and packed into boxes making it easier to handle and transport.

"You can take it home and build it that day. We offer services where you can have us pick and deliver and assemble things for you," said Crandall.

There’s also a market place for shoppers who need smaller appliances. Walk through, pick out what you need, and check out.