Fall Back into Fitness: Focus on water consumption

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Here we go! Fitness guru Liz Kampschroeder shares 12 weeks of challenges, motivation, guidance and fun along the way to reaching SMART goals.

Week 2 challenge:  Water!!!!

Wrapping up week one of the Fall back into Fitness challenge saw lots of food being logged!!!  And the start of an awareness of what we are putting on our plates and feeding our bodies with each day.  Some of our participants discovered they were under eating, others over eating on empty calories.  Tracking the emotions linked to food is also important to start to understand why we are eating what is on our plate and when we eat it....

As we move into week 2 the goal is to build on week one and continue with food logging and focus on how much water we drink each day.  Water is a natural fat burner, helps hydrate muscles and flushes impurities out if our bodies.  The challenge this week is to aim for 80oz a day.  For some this may seem daunting, however adding in a little more each day will help you get to this goal over time.  Whatever you are drinking this week in the form of water try to double that amount.  And whatever you are drinking in soda or energy drinks cut it in half and replace with water.  Easy ways to track are placing disposable bottles in your fridge at home or at work each day so you can grab and go.  (These can also be refilled so you are not filling up a landfill).  Or get a 16-20oz reusable bottle and with a sharpie draw a star on it for each time you drink it all the way.  And just like the food log that water!!!  In looking at Kristin Millions log this past week we noticed how she is drinking eAch day, but only about half of what she needs.  She puts hash marks in her food log each time she finishes a bottle.

Small changes over time lead to big results...log your food, drink your water and have a great week!!!!

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