Joe’s Weather Blog: Rain For Some…Dry For Many (WED-9/24)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good morning…depending on where you live or where you’re going today, you;’ll either be totally dry or be fighting occasional sprinkles or some light rain. Radar will be in the discussion part of the blog as will the satellite pictures. Temperatures will struggle today because of the clouds in place.


Rest of today: Occasional showers for some, dry for many…especially farther SE/E away from I-35. Lots of clouds all day with highs near 70°

Tonight: Cloudy skies again with lows near 60°

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy skies with highs near 75°


Looking at the radar this morning…and it’s the case of the “have-a-littles” and the have-nots. There there is some rain, amounts are light as are the intensities…there there is no rain…well odds favor little to no rain for the rest of the day. Here is the radar from the NWS in Pleasant Hill.


As of this writing there is a weak spin noticeable in the echoes SW of Ottawa that is moving slowly NE. So the threat of at least some rain will stay around through lunch or so.

Rain amounts have not exactly been overwhelming in the area…mostly .05″ or less with some areas getting a bit more than that. N MO again was the jackpot for the rain totals will in excess of 1″ up there…



The reason why I think today is around 70° for highs is that yesterday we were near 75° with some decent intervals of sunshine…today that sunshine may be tricky to get…



Sure seems like a lot of clouds will be around for awhile today.

Aloft there is a noticeable dip in the jetstream at about 18,000′ or so…it’s not strong really but it’s enough to saturate the atmosphere and allow what’s falling to reach the ground in spots.

This dip will slowly move away over the next 48+ hours or so. It should give us, if nothing else, cloud issues through tomorrow though.

The end result of all of this should mean temperatures struggling to get above 80° for awhile. Although that would still be slightly above average since now we average about 75° for highs. Speaking of averages we’re running about 4° below average so far this month.

There are actually 3 areas of rain out there of significance…1) is the area I wrote about yesterday on the NW coast of the US…2) is the area in the Plains/Upper Midwest and 3) is in the SE part of the country moving up the coast slowly there…


That’s it for today…have a great Wednesday.






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