Joe’s Weather Blog: Time To Settle Down (TUE-10/14)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

My only question today is why it took MLB so long to decide to cancel the game last night…wow that would’ve been awful. Steady rainfall and strong winds…winds gusted to 35 MPH at KCI…just a miserable night…


Today: We’re on the backside of the storm…clearing skies have, for now, moved into NW MO and E KS and IF we can get the storm to move about another 50 miles east…we should see sunshine in the KC area. Rain will be farther east of KC. See the radar and the satellite below. Highs near 60-65° but 65°+ are likely where there is additional sunshine today. The winds today will be NW at 25-35+ MPH

Tonight: We should be clearing out and cool with lows in the 40s. It will be a cool night at the game for sure and I plan on wearing winter attire to try and stay warm. Winds will ease as the night moves along but still be 15-25+ MPH at the start of the game. So it will “feel” like temperatures in the 40-45° range by the end of the game.

Wednesday: Looking rather nice with sunshine and comfy October temperatures with highs in the 60s and winds NW 10-20 MPH.


Well the storm was pretty impressive with widespread 1-2+” of rainfall through the region. The winds were as advertised…the only “miss” to the forecast was a lack of thunderstorms in the KC area during the 1st part of the storm and lighter rain totals at the start of the storm. Aside from that it behaved pretty much as expected…if only all storms did that :)


Still looks impressive though but it is in a weakening stage…notice the dark area being sucked into and overtaking the storm…that’s the dry slot that we talked about last weekend. That slot passed SE of KC yesterday and as a result we were in the deformation part of the storm for the additional steady moderate rain last night.

Storm totals for the month are now at 8.97″ which is 7.39″ above average! For the year we’re now more than 3″ above average. This October is also the 2nd wettest in KC weather history! 11.94″ is the record…not sure IF we can get there at this rate…while there are still some 2 weeks left in the month…we’re going to dry out for awhile now as things settle down in the weather world for the KC area.

You can see the storm spinning towards the east of the KC area…

Pretty impressive line of storms in the SE part of the country where severe storms are possible today.


Tornado watches are in effect in the RED areas above…

For us the clouds will slowly work from west to east today…for some though it still may be a rather gray day.

We should be in good shape for a few days at least in the KC area and overall I don’t think we’ll see any rain at least through the weekend despite some cold frontal passages.

Finally this morning the season’s 2nd (corrected) major hurricane may form today. Already at hurricane status Gonzalo is moving north of Puerto Rico this morning…and it’s intensifying.




Winds right now are at least 110 MPH and a strengthening trend has been ongoing for the last 24 hours…Bermuda is in the path of this storm…they were just hit by Fay a few days ago. The storm should attain Major status today (111 MPH+). It’s on the cusp now.

That’s it for today and odds are I’ll take a blog day off tomorrow.

Go Royals…let’s try and finish this here in KC while we can and start looking ahead to the World Series which starts a week from today. Never thought I’d write those words connecting that to KC a couple of months ago!



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